U.S. Marshals Shoot Man In Logan Square

CHICAGO (WBBM) – Two off-duty U.S. marshals shot a man in the northwest side Logan Square neighborhood Friday night.

The shooting, at about 7:25 p.m., occurred on the 2100 block of N. Milwaukee Av., according to Chicago Fire Dept. spokesman Larry Langford.

Chicago Police News Affairs Officer Veejay Zala said that two off-duty U.S. marshals first spotted a man with a gun running after several other people on the 2100 block of North Bingham Street. Zala said the marshals also gave chase, and said that when the marshals announced who they were, the man allegedly turned and pointed the gun at them. At that point, fearing for their safety, the marshals fired on the gunman.

Langford said the gunman was wounded in the upper right leg. Paramedics stabilized him and transported him in serious to critical condition to Illinois Masonic Hospital.

No other shots were fired, Zala said.

U.S. Marshal’s Service Chicago district spokesperson Belkis Cantor said when a U.S. marshal is involved in a shooting, a supervisor is called to the scene to take possession of the weapon that was fired, and a full investigation is mounted. Unlike Chicago Police-involved shootings, the marshal in question is not necessarily reassigned pending completion of the investigation.

Zala said Chicago Police will conduct the criminal aspect of the investigation to determine what charges are warranted.

The age of the gunman is unclear. Langford said the wounded gunman is 18; Zala said he is 20.

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  • Sue

    Hard to believe if these slugs actually even had a weapon. Guess they have more credentials than some group of youths walking the streets though.

    • Bob Hamilton

      Sue, the punk had a weapon because the U.S. Marshals said he did. Or maybe they just decided to chase and shoot a guy for the heck of it. They assumed that all the witnesses on the street would back them up. Either that, or you are a thug too. Remember one thing Sue, and this will help you out, Chicago Cops and law enforcement officials are the best in the world! Say it with me…

  • Janet Nisbett

    good for them

    • Joann Butkus


  • Tim

    Sue, what are you talking about?

  • Marc

    Ditto that Tim…no idea what she’s talking about. These brave guys probably saved a few lives.

  • Gerald Spencer

    Better wounded than shot to death. Too often an armed person/suspect is killed as opposed to incapacitated.

    • Joann Butkus

      Why ? so they can live to sue? HECK NO ! SHOOT TO KILL IS WHAT THEY TEACH! AND IT’S FOR A GOOD REASON!

    • Todd

      @Gerald, What are you talking about? Someone like this should have received an extra hole in th side of his head. It’s much better if they are killed.

  • Joe

    Sue – what is your point? Guess you like people running around with guns in your neighborhood. The marshals are to be commended.

  • B-Chi

    I guess the US Marshalls are better shots that CPD. The Marshalls shoot in the leg, CPD, well, they shoot to kill more than often.

    • Joann Butkus


      • Alvin

        Shoot for the center of mass. Deadly force is just that. If you don’t want to kill, use non-lethal force. The only good black homie is a dead black homie.

      • Tom

        Not all of the Law Enforcement Teach that I Know Of 1 That Teache’s Shoot to Injure……. But Don’t Leave any Witnesses!

      • Kevin

        They don’t teach, shoot to kill you idiot!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Todd

      What is wrong with you people? These little black gangsters serve no good purpose in society. I for one would like to see more of them killed in the process of committing crimes. They are worthless losers.

      • Todd

        @Jill, sorry, I guess I just assumed, considering over 90% of criminal gangsters in the city are black, and most violent crimes are commited by blacks. It was an easy mistake to make.

      • Jill

        @Todd- You’re right. Gangsters serve no good purpose in society. And I agree there needs to be stricter punishment for those committing these types of crimes. But no where in the report does it say that the man was black. Why would you make an assumption like that?? Maybe you are a worthless loser for assuming that only black males carry guns and are in gangs. Ever think of it that way? That’s the impression I got..

  • Woody

    Good Guys Win!

  • Officer Sean

    @ B-Chi and @ Joann Butkus…..

    I am a law enforcement officer, and we are not trained, taught, instructed, suggested, etc. to SHOOT TO KILL!!! We are trained to stop the threat! We are trained to shoot for center mass, (the largest target possible). We are also trained to shoot for the head if the previous fails. It is very difficult to shoot a moving target, also while running yourself. It is also difficult to shoot any target if you have been involved in an activity such as running or fighting just prior to taking that shot. The Mashall was doing their best to stop the threat as they were trained, and were a credit to their training for hitting a moving subject while running and moving themself!!! Job well done….

    • Native Chicagoan

      Thanks for this clarification.

  • Marlin Jones

    Raylan Givens is disappointed in their aim.

  • Candi

    Sorry to dissapoint all of you, but these thugs were not Black. They were Latinos

  • banz zolo

    just shoot the jack a$$ till he stops moving, what do you think he’ll be doing once he gets released from prision, go back to working at burger king?

  • Michael E Janssen

    he was chasing yhe guys who just raped and murdered his MOM! and the marshals shot him, and the bad guys got away.

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