Expert: Political Boost For Obama, But Will It Last?

CHICAGO (WBBM) — An expert on presidential politics says the killing of Osama bin Laden on President Obama’s watch will help the president politically.

University of Chicago professor William Howell says the success of the mission to get Osama bin Laden shores up Obama’s foreign policy credentials.

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Howell says that even though the work that led to yesterday’s killing of bin Laden happened over years, the president is sure to receive the “disproportionate benefits of that.”

But, Howell points out, the president “acted deliberately…..and pulled it off,” unlike some risky military missions that were failures under previous presidents, most notably under Presidents Carter and Clinton.

Howell says Republicans will still have issues to raise against Obama in 2012, including questions about the United States’ relationship with Pakistan and how long American forces are going to remain in Afghanistan.

  • You fail at life

    Oh shut up.

  • Ellen

    Yes, Eric, I agree. It’s along way to 2012……..he still has a lot of work to do to make me change my mind about him. I did not vote for him before and won’t vote for him in 2012.

  • V

    Obama did what Bush couldn’t do: Capture Bin Laden. Say what you want about him, he made the critical decision to strike at the right time & now a mass murderer is dead. He already has my vote.

  • john

    Obama is a loser. He was a “community organizer from my home town of Chicago. HIs area (and it’s surroundings areas) of the city is so scarey, and unsafe, it blows my my how the people in those areas voted for him. Shocking.

    • Lemont

      We voted for him because the idiot that preceded him and the idiots that ran against him obviously have the same intelligence level as you: NONE. Deuces A-hole

      • Chicagogal

        I have a college degree in business. I think I have some intelligence at least more than you since you voted for a community organizer. What has Obama done for you? Is your life any better now that he is in office? I doubt it. Go on and finish your drug deal.

    • Chicagogal

      At the last election I was living in Charlotte, N.C. There was bus after bus filled with Black people being bussed into vote. Guess who they voted for? These folks probably have never voted in their life. They were ignorant of the issues and some were interviewed on TV. Didn’t even know who the VP candidate was. Some said Obama’s running mate was Palin!!!!! God people, get the facts before you vote……don’t just vote for a person because his skin color is the same as yours. Hope and change is coming in 2012.

      • Lemont


  • Special Forces

    Becareful giving OBAMA praise,because one day you will find out who and what you were really supporting ,OBAMA is evil himself.


    HEY V, Obama did not capture BIN LADEN get your facts straight,others did OBama did not,you brained washed POS.

  • TheYoungLibertarian

    You people are all blind. Dems and Rupubs are just different sides of the same coin. Ron Paul would have my vote in 2012 if he runs independent. But guess what? He will not. He will run Republican. Americans should stop voting all these liars in office. They all promise change but there hasn’t been any. We are still in multiple wars because the elected government officials have to do what their political affiliation side tells them to. Or, they wont get fundraising money. Also, we should audit the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury already.

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