Schuster: Derrick Rose Named NBA MVP

By David Schuster–

CHICAGO (WSCR) In just his third season in the NBA, Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose, according to sources, will be named the league’s Most Valuable Player.

The Bulls are expected to make the announcement official on Tuesday.

At 22 years old, Rose will be the youngest MVP in the history of the league.

Born and raised in Chicago, Rose took an almost unbelievable jump this season to average 25 points, 7.7 assists and 4.1 rebounds per game while leading the Bulls to a league-best 62-20 record.

After spending one season at the University of Memphis, Rose was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft, the same season he was named the league’s Rookie of the Year.

By the time the 2010-11 regular season came to a close, Rose was the clear favorite to win the MVP Award. But at the beginning of the season no one really considered him a candidate for the league’s most prestigious award, no one except for Rose that is.

“The way I look at it, within myself, why can’t I be the MVP of the league?” Rose said back in September. “Why can’t I be the best player in the league? Why? Why can’t I do that?”

Rose isn’t be the only member of the Bulls organization who will take home some person hardware this season. On Sunday, first-year head coach Tom Thibodeau was named the league’s Coach of the Year.

On Monday, Rose, Thibodeau and the Bulls began their Eastern Conference semifinals matchup with the Atlanta Hawks. This is the first time the Bulls have reached the second round of the playoffs since the 2006-07 season.

  • Jon, Montgomery

    The MVP award should’ve gone to Dwight Howard.

    • joseflanders

      love Rose, but jon is right.

    • jack

      you are a idiot

      • Jon, Montgomery

        Oooo, Low blow Buddy… I’m really hurting.

    • Mark, Sterling

      Oh, you mean the one who disappeared at the end of game 6 and let the Hawks advance to play the Bulls? THAT Dwight Howard?

      • Jon, Montgomery

        I really don’t understand what the playoffs has to do with what we are discussing, a regular season award… but disappear? did you even watch the game? try again buddy.

    • who mad

      idiot!!!!!!!!!!!! dwight howard?? no! do your research before you say idiotic things!

      • Jon, Montgomery

        Why are you calling me names? I presented my argument for why Dwight should be MVP, I did my research, And most people outside of Chicago agree with me, So saying Howard should be MVP is hardly “idiotic”.

        How about your argument? Or are you just going to attack what i said without presenting your own opinion?

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  • andrew

    i agree with jack

    • Jon, Montgomery

      Funny, You couldn’t come up with anything thoughtful to say either.

      • andrew

        sorry jon, still agree with Jack.

        BTW- you stated that everyone outside of chicago agrees with you that Dwight Howard should be MVP. Apparently, everyone that votes for MVP resides in Chicago. They should probably look into that.

      • Jon, Montgomery

        You, are both a homer, And basketball stupid.

        I, am neither.

        And i can’t help you.

      • Adam Zach

        So how does a hot head, on at beast a middle of the pack team, deserve MVP??

      • Jon, Montgomery

        Are you kidding me? He is not a hot-head. Who told you he is? ESPN? The Score? They don’t know anything about him, I do. And if you’re basing it off his technical count, Do you think Kobe is a hot-head too? Because he has nearly as many as Howard does. Bottom line is that he is not a hot-head.

        His team is middle of the pack, Yes, But his value to the Magic FAR exceeds the value of Derrick Rose to the Bulls. That cannot be denied. If you take Howard off Orlando, The Magic would be one of the worst teams in the NBA. If you take Rose off Chicago, The Bulls would still make the playoffs.

        Look, What Rose has done is impressive, But Howard still is the most valuable person to his team. Plus the fact that Howard is a better player.

        It doesn’t really matter anyway, Both players’ teams will be knocked out of the playoffs by the Hawks. Regular season awards don’t mean much in the end, But i’m just telling you, Dwight should’ve gotten it.

      • Jon, Montgomery

        No, I did not, I said “most people outside of Chicago agree with me”. referring to the people that I’ve had conversations with about this topic.

        So, Continue to just agree with people who call other people names and run away while I continue to present facts.

      • andrew

        lol- if you are referring to a particular group of people (i.e people you have talked to outside of chicago) dont you need to…you know…refer to them in the sentence.

        For example take this sentence….

        I did my research, And most people outside of Chicago agree with me. ( you said this)

        what you really meant to say

        I did my research, And most people outside of Chicago that I talk to who are idiots like myself agree with me.

        This qualifies you incredibly stupid statement, to avoid any confusion.

      • Bulls Fan

        Jon – You do have some valid points, but I have to go with Derrick Rose. Also, the Bulls will beat the Hawks.

      • Jon, Montgomery

        I don’t have to refer to it, You should be able to comprehend that all by yourself. Because when i say “most people outside of Chicago agree with me”, That would automatically mean the people that i have talked to, Otherwise how could i know that people outside of Chicago agree with me?

        Anyway, Keep nit-picking sentences and calling people names, It’s probably all you can do, Since you still haven’t told me who think should be MVP.

      • Jon, Montgomery

        *who you think*

      • andrew

        I, like 113 of 121 of the MVP voters, think D rose deserved the award. The 8 that didnt give their 1st place votes to derrick are either homers, or basketball stupid. I let you figure our which catagory you fall in…..

  • Adam Zach


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  • krista_three_stars_and_a_sun

    yeah.. DERRICK ROSE deserves to win the MVP AWARD.. after era of MICHAEL JORDAN and scottie Pippen,, they suffered long tough years.. but NOW era of DERRICK ROSE has arrived.. together with Carlos Boozer.. LETS GO BULLS.. Im so excited..

  • John Paul Jones

    We in Englewood are extremely happy with the NBA and our fan base for selecting Derrick Rose as the 2011 MVP. In the beginning of the season, Derrick Rose made the statement “It’s no reason I too can be this year’s MVP”.

    We will be celebrating this award on Wednesday afternoon at the park Derrick Rose grew his skills at Murray Park on West 74th in West Englewood.

  • andrew

    lol- Maybe you should go into broadcasting because apparently you know something more about basketball than practically everyone that voted for the award.

    • Jon, Montgomery

      Yes, I do. Those people that voted for the award were sucked in by the glamour of Derrick Rose. When you get down to the straight numbers and you see who is really most valuable to his team, It’s Dwight Howard they should be voting for.

      Unfortunately, They voted for Rose due to his team’s record.

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