Roaches, Mold Lead To Eviction Notice At Harvey Apartment Complex

HARVEY (CBS) — There was a knock on their door, a quick inspection and then they were told to get out in 72 hours.

That’s what dozens of people at a Harvey apartment complex say happened to them without notice, CBS 2’s Mai Martinez reports.

The families are paying about $500 to live in the RJ Harvey Management Apartments, 305 W 154th Place, with roaches running all over the kitchens, including right next to baby bottles.

The city of Harvey says the inspections were prompted by complaints about the living conditions, and that the tenants misunderstood what was said about the 72-hour notice.

However, the residents say the inspectors made it clear they had to go.

“They came upstairs, inspected our apartments and said we got three days to evacuate our premises,” said Martha Mauriy.

And Mauriy wasn’t alone. Several residents told Martinez their apartments were inspected and were told they needed to leave.

Eric Simmons says his apartment is infested with mice and roaches. Mold covers his bathroom. He says he isn’t waiting three days to get out because he has a one-month-old daughter

“Everybody else got three days, but being that she’s one-month old, she can get sick off that mold, we got a day to move,” Simmons said. “I never brought her in [the bathroom] because I’m scared of her getting sick.

“Everywhere you look, everywhere you turn, you can’t open nothing without roaches falling out. You’ve got to be careful with your food.”

Sandra Alvarado, a spokeswoman for the city of Harvey, says those kinds of problems prompted the city inspections, and several violations were found.

She said the landlord was given 72 hours to fix those violations, but residents were never in danger of being kicked out.

“They’re not being evicted.” she said. “They’re not being thrown out. We are just simply trying to improve the living standards here.”

But residents say that’s hard to believe given the signs posted on many of their doors.

“People on oxygen tanks, we got kids,” Mauriy said. “They telling us we have to move. Where we going to get the money at?”

The building’s owner met with the city’s planning department today and promised to begin the needed repairs tomorrow. If he can’t get them done in 72 hours, city officials say he can file an extension.

  • Leroy Goldberg

    Blame it on the landlord?? Were the roaches there before these tenants moved in?

  • TheseRatsEatCats

    You could knock the building down and build a new one, but the roaches and rats would be there in short order to resume their easy living. If you can’t clean up after yourselves, you can be sure that the vermin will.


    And yet another shining example of what welfare and section 8 have brought to the Chicago area. Harvey,once, a long time ago was a nice community to live in and raise a family. Today it looks like a war zone from a third world country. Does any one really think the mice and roaches might be due to the fact the tenants live like rodents and don’t clean up after themselves? They don’t own any thing so they don’t take care of anything. Just trash a building,a street,a neighborhood,a town,and when it’s a wasteland,move on to the next area to destroy. And the wheel goes round and round.

  • Kat

    ok, so why did this one guy say that he’s got a 1 month old baby so he’s gonna move in 1 day, weren’t the roaches and mold and mice there b4 his baby was born, didnt he know this prior??? why is he moving only after the inspection said that the place was infested ???? mind bogling, people start using your brains!!!! that’s what makes us different from animals, but obviously not all of us huh? as for the landfilllord, they should be ordered to live for at least a month in those conditions, see how they fare out…

  • Elizabeth1972

    I hear “LAW SUIT” just another way to make a quick buck! If u don’t like the mice and roaches then MOVE. Don’t keep paying the rent. Go! Leave! Get off ur lazy azzes and make a better life for yourself instead waitn for shyt to just be given to u. Homless shelters are WAY cleaner. It must not be that bad if u put up with it. But I bet u rock a nice “fit” and ur “heir’s & nails r did” every day!

  • Amber fallins

    Ok im havin the same promble,here at pullman point in richmond ca I have a mold and a very serious serious roach promble and my son as ashma my draughter is havin a baby I have alot of iprombles and nothing is been done I also have pictuers can somebody helP me and my three kids

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