BGA: Corruption Tarnishes Mayor Daley’s Reign As Great American Mayor

CHICAGO (WBBM) — Mayor Richard Daley is presiding over his final City council meeting. His legacy was the topic of this week’s Watchdog Wednesday segment on Newsradio 780 with Andy Shaw of the Better Government Association.

Shaw, the BGA’s Executive Director, says Daley’s biggest Achilles’ heel will be several scandals, from Hired Trucks to patronage hiring issues. Shaw says transparency and accountability have been done half-heartedly under his administration. On the upside, Shaw points to how Chicago is much better as a world-class city after 20 plus years of Daley rule.

LISTEN: Better Government Association Executive Director Andy Shaw On Mayor Daley’s Legacy

“We’re on the map,” Shaw said.

Shaw said Daley tackled schools, housing and race relations. Environments around downtown have boomed.

“Navy Pier and Millennium Park are gems,” Shaw said. “On balance, he will go down as one of America’s greatest mayors, but there’ll be that asterisk, and the word corruption will be there. That’s something you can’t really block from the record.”

  • Gee-reg

    Daley tackled schools (hahahahahahahahahaha) Shaw must have never had to send his kids to any Chicago public school where 8th graders graduate without being able to read. And as for housing, well lets see, section 8 gets to live in condos for almost free where it would cost the normal working citizen up to $ 2000 a month to live. And race relations is the media always saying the white is a racist and the black is a victim of misunderstanding

    • Pothead

      Not a problem with the schools in the white neighborhoods but, the white parents get involved. They do homework with their kids. They teach them how to read. They don’t just send them to school and say “hey ! THESE TEACHERS IS BAD, MY KID AIN’T LEARNIN SHEEEE-IT”.

    • Jim

      Daley tackled schools by throwing a ton of taxpayer money at them. Money does not equal quality. Daley will always be remembered by me as the man who sold out the future of the city for today. Anyone have some money for the meters?

  • Da Mare

    But I told you I didn know nuttin bout dat.

  • tom Sharp

    Shaw should be fired immediately since it is obvious he wouldn’t recognize “better government” if it bit him on the ass! How many scandals directly related to the Daley family and/or his closest friends has Shaw over-looked to come to that false conclusion. Typical Chicago ex-media bum; overlook the schools, the budget, the taxes, the sewer deals, the wrought iron fences, no bid contracts at O’Hare, etc.


    Corruption,scandals,patronage,world class city? This can’t possibly be Chicago they are talking about! And the wheel goes round and round. And for your viewing pleasure,next up will be Rhammy boy and all his politically connected millionaire cronies. And the wheel goes round and round,where it will stop nobody knows.

    • Pothead

      I prefer Rhamulus.


        Yea,that that’s the ticket,Rhamulus ! It has a certain note of royalty to it. I’m sure he,Mr. Obama, and the other Chicago elite will like that title for his Majesty. I can see it all now,we will no longer have a Grant Park,it will be Rahmulus Park. Next will be Obama Field, The Axlerod Aquarium, Jarret Field,and on and on and on.

      • Pothead

        Rhamulus will rule the great city of Chicago that sits on the shore of Lake Obama.

  • boardandplunder

    Time for him to stuff his carpet bag full of cash and get the * out!

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