Gammons: White Sox Are ‘Most Inexplicable Team’ In MLB

CHICAGO (WSCR) It’s has been a tough season so far for the Chicago White Sox and their fans. Both thought the team would have a good chance to win the division and make a deep run into the playoffs, but through 32 games Chicago is stuck in last place.

“This is the most inexplicable team in the Major Leagues right now, I really believe that,” Peter Gammons, of the MLB Network, said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “Talking to other managers and general managers in the Central Division, they’re completely perplexed. They still think the White Sox are the best team in the division.

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“But the bullpen failed them early, and then they’ve gone in this stretch where they haven’t hit. I mean, .202 [batting average] for 20 games, I mean that’s really hard to fathom. I realize [Adam] Dunn was sick and so forth, and he hasn’t started to hit, but its really hard to understand with [Gordon] Beckham and [Paul] Konerko and all the guys that they have, it’s tough to figure.”

But despite all the team’s struggles, there remains a glimmer of hope that the White Sox can pull off a similar comeback to what they did last season.

“Every passing week is another week,” Gammons said. “You take it off the schedule and you go ‘OK White Sox, when is this push going to start to come?'”

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    • Helloseekers

      Ozzie doesn’t support Chanves, you ding bat. And what if he did? What’s that got to do with White Sox baseball? Its the players. It’s the players. It’s the players. Ozzie didn’t tell Beckham to play like a little leaguer last night. That was the player’s decision to forget 20 years of coaching.

  • Tom

    I have been a white sox fan for many many years, but now i open the sports page and if the headlines doesnt read “guillen fired” i just turn over ot he bulls page. i no longer care about the sox!!!!! get rid of guileen and williams, there luck ended in 2005.

    • Helloseekers

      Do what I did – quit reading the papers, learn to spell, and remember that the players are playing, not Ozzie. Perhaps there are issues in the clubhouse, but these are supposed to be grown men. They need to work it out and do the jobs they’re paid to do.

  • Steve from Rockford

    Actually “Steve Stone” Ozzie is not a supporter of Chavez. Mags is, but Chavez is not. I don’t understand why idiots cannot understand this is the players not performing. Doesn’t matter who the manager is, you have to hit the baseball to win games.

  • Toon

    Ozzie will get the ax if this doesn’t turn around in the next two weeks. There’s too much money on the table for this team to quit, and the way they are playing, it looks as if they have. In every season since Ozzie has managed the Sox, the team has gone through terrible losing streaks, including the one in 2005 which almost cost them the division title. This is the Ozzeroo’s last chance, last losing streak. He doesn’t have what it takes to straighten out an infected and sick clubhouse. It’s just a matter of time.

  • StupidPeopleFTW

    It’s not hard to figure out, they’re simply not nearly as good as people dreamed they would be. This frequently happens in sports. It doesn’t take a PhD.

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