No Breakfast For Kids Wearing ‘Wrong’ Shoes At Grade School

CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago Public Schools is apologizing to a Chicago mother and her two young sons, ages 5 and 6, after they were denied breakfast because they came to schools wearing the wrong kind of shoes.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports.

The Nicholson brothers only grab a quick snack before heading to class because they qualify for a full free breakfast at Adam Powell Grade School. It’s something they look forward to every day, and it hurt when they were recently turned away. 

They were wearing black athletic shoes. The boys told their mom that the assistant principal, Angela Peagler wouldn’t let them eat because their shoes didn’t fit the school uniform, which calls for a regular black dress shoe.

“I felt sad. We’re always supposed to have breakfast,” first-grader Noah Nicholson says.

Noah and his brother Niko, who is in kindergarten, went to class hungry and didn’t eat until lunch. 

“It hasn’t been a problem all this time and all of a sudden they can’t have breakfast because of their shoes,” Kahlia Edwards, the boys’ mother, says.

Edwards says the boys have been wearing the shoes all year and administrators never complained. She’s confused.

The boy’s great aunt is livid.

“I don’t care if they had on orange shoes, they were in line to eat,” Robin Price  says. “I’m not going to feed you because you have the wrong shoes? Shoes? No, no.”

CBS 2 tried to ask both the assistant principal and Principal Derek Jordan to explain what happened. They wouldn’t. However, a manager at the CPS regional office spoke with reporter Tucker.

Area 17 Management Support Director Darryl Earl says Peagler told him she thought the boys had returned to the breakfast but he acknowledged she was wrong.

“Regardless of what shoes they were wearing, obviously the children should have been allowed the opportunity to merge into breakfast,” he says.

Monday afternoon, the principal and the assistant principal apologized to the boys and their mother.

They went on to explain that they were reacting to an increase in students violating the school dress code. The principal even offered to buy the boys new black shoes.

But here’s the kicker: The school’s dress code does not say the shoes have to be black dress shoes.

The boys’ mother says the principal obviously needs to make the rules clearer.

  • Lil miss

    I feel just awful that your nephews were made to go hungry. I hope that their mother does not just let this go. A slap on the wrist just adds insult to injury. The free breakfast program was started because children were not eating and could not concentrate on school work. Her message seems to be that conforming to HER rules is more important than education. Sounds like a power trip to me. A letter home about the shoes or a phone call to the mother about the shoes is the response that a NORMAL person would give to a rule infraction. This woman is just a control freak hiding behind some vague policy.


    My God,This is pathetic. Please good Lord help us all.

    • jacquelyn scott

      I keep dog food and i don’t have a dog, but when i see a dog wandering the area i will feed the dog. and yet this person wouldn’t feed a child. i think she should be fired. with the world the way it is today, how did she know the parent even had money for the “proper shoes”? chicago i hope your new mayor can address this.everbody has a right to food. how can you learn on a empty belly? how would she feel if it was her child/grandchild>

    • meg

      Hi, I’m a student in northern indiana. Guess what? The school is doing something like that at our school! They make us wait TEN MINUTES after EVERYONE IS IN THE CAFETERIA to get our food. And get this- every time ONE STUDENT gets up from their seat, the ten minutes start over! They’re doing this because kids go around the cafeteria to talk to friends. We need to talk to our friends once in a while. They can’t just expect us to sit in our seat all lunch period! They shouldn’t punish us for one kid’s decision to misbehave! If one kid keeps getting up, we won’t get our lunch! It’s so unfair. Thursday, we propose to have a lunch strike. None of us will buy school food. If they’ll make us wait for our food, we just won’t get it.

    • ronjon

      the schools are not providing free breakfast, the TAXPAYERS are buying breakfast. I’m sorry the boys missed a meal…………..but it is not the end of the world……….if you’ve never been really hungry……. how can you appreciate the food that you have…..


      That’s just how we roll @

  • Ronald A Brice

    I sure hope there is a lawyer out there that would like to speak for those two children, I don,t want to get on a soap box but the day you deny children food because of policy is the day you need to look deep in your soul.

    • bunky

      you have got to be an idiot.
      The constitution limits government. Consequently this means no taxpayer paid breakfasts for your idiot kids.
      You want breakfast; pay for it jacka&&.

    • Marie

      Well then maybe the lawyers should go after the MOTHER who seems to be doing a fine job herself at denying them a meal since she gladly accepts the handouts…Last I checked it’s the PARENTS who are responsible for feeding and providing for their children…I just hope this woman isn’t breeding anymore…

      • Mz.Lady

        With your reply, I hope you havn’t “breed” ANY!!!!! How about you read all the comments BEFORE you make one……then you will see the mothers situation instead of taking the racist, hoyti-toyti, your better than everyone commenting on this issue approach! WATCH the video,the boys ARE eating breakfast at home. You, Marie, along with several other people commenting on this issue, must really feel good putting someone else down. You guys live a sorry exsistance. Get to know the Lord before it’s too late.

      • smartalek

        @Sensai_Ryan: “Stop using my tax money to feed/cloth/house people not willing to get up, get out, and get a job!”

        How very Christian of you.
        That would no doubt be one of the famous Lost Beatitudes: “Blessed are the welfare-cutters, that the Word may be fulfilled, that the poor always ye have with you.”
        (Of course, this entirely begs the question of just how “saved” someone can be who so blithely breaks the 9th Commandment — you know, the one that forbids bearing false witness? Unless you know from other sources the employment status of the mother & the great-aunt; there’s nothing in this article providing that info. Plus, of course, there’s the fact that unemployment, though dropping, is still very high, and there are still at least six times as many unemployed seeking jobs as there are jobs to be had. But that’s a whole different discussion. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.)

      • Sensei_Ryan


        I know the Lord, I am a saved, blood bought born again believer.
        And I say that it’s the parents responsibility to provide for their children…not mine.

        Stop using my tax money to feed/cloth/house people not willing to get up, get out, and get a job!

        I feed my kids, send them to a private school, and provide for their every need, and I am FAR from being rich. It’s call a JOB. Something most people don’t know anything about because we get into this “gimme gimme gimme, YOU OWE ME” mentality.

      • Matt

        You guys are for the most part hearless. No matter what reason that kid should get some food. Worried about your precious constitution more than people. I wish there was a hell for you people to go to. I bet you call yourselves christians too.

      • RufusVonDufus

        Yea, her name is Honey Bunny and she is just like a rabbit!

      • doodlebug

        That is what I do not get… why is my tax $$$ going to pay for children to eat that are not mine? If people have a child, they should be able to care for them financially or give them to someone that can. This argument really is stupid and I agree with the poster above, what parent DEPENDS on the school system to both educate and feed their kids for free? I have FIVE children and managed to care for them alone after my divorce. (that is 100% alone).

    • Robbob

      If the mother could afford Nikes, she can afford to fix her kids breakfast and buy dress shoes (although apparently not required).

      • trussel5

        And how much were those Nikes $85 or more? A box of cereal and a gallon of milk are around $5. It seems like we are placing the blame on the wrong person. Those children knew the dress code when they put on the black Nikes.

      • KipNoxzema

        Very good point.

        I’ll bet the parent watches the news about this on a dish, too.

        A visit by the state should be in order here.

      • doodlebug

        .. and buy the way I am not rich, do not get support from my ex or any $$$ (he is a deadbeat). I am working my way through school also, but honestly – they are my children, and my responsiblity. Why should I made people of the state, of the country pay for them? Pay for their food?

    • Anon

      I’d love to hear your logic behind this, and how you think this could possibly be an issue that violates the Constitution.

    • Michael

      What do you want to bet that momma looks like she has never missed a meal, but won’t prepare meals for her kids!!

    • ronjon

      yep, thats the answer for this TRAGEDY……….A lawyer……… if I pass out drunk and the kids don’t get supper……… are they going to sue me?????

      Yeah, sue the school district because the Boys didnt get food for 3 or 4 hours…..

    • Aksarben

      Right on. Most logical comment on this board.

    • paco

      Be a liottle more disingenuous. They missed one breakfast. I’ve only forgotten to give my kid lunch, oh I don’t know, a htousand times…when we are playing or distractted.

      Yeah, one missed taxpayer funded breakfast is certainly worth a lawsuit.

      This state may be beyond salvage.

    • Marcella Maynard Thomason

      Amen Ron!!

    • eryy

      Anon you ass there is no provision in the Consitution for any education, nor is there one for feeding anyone, nor is there one for compassion or charity or another thign the imaginative liberals have come up with over time – all of which shoudl eb thrown out if we have a deficit AKA can’t fund it without incurring more irresponsible debt, since it wasn’t a legal expenditure in the first place!. Better yet tell us your reasonign for how it is Constitutional to raise tax money to feed a kid in school…

    • george

      @Finally, boy are you a moron or what? Go starve your dog too while you are at it – since you so obviously have NO SOUL to speak of. Kids do better in school when they have had breakfast, you moron. Go crawl back under your rock…

    • pats2000

      really Ronald?? you are exactly what’s wrong with this country currently…. let’s bring in a lawyer because 2 kids – who’s parents obviously can’t support them on their own, which is a whole different issue in today’s society – didn’t get their publicly funded breakfast at school. How about instead of your lawyer collecting a fee for this he volunteers to make breakfast for these kids for a few weeks…. or how about you do it. Good luck to ya dude

    • jerri

      i agree completely.something else was going on here,in light of the school reps comment.why didnt the principal return to make sure that the boys were fed.this idiot needs to reevaluate her sense of humanity especially when she makes an objection to small children receiving a meal at school over a uniform policy.the actions here are wrong,end of story…

    • Dave F

      Kids do better when their parents care for them. Parents do worse when the government cares for their children. Anyone think that there is no relationship between the breakdown of the urban black family and the 5 varieties of welfare we have. When a man is not responsible for his children, what is his function in the world. Elements have castrated a class of males in America, and they think it is a good thing.

    • marlene klim

      The responsibility to feed children lies with the parents, not with the school, ie., not with the neighbors/taxpayers. It’s time for a real reality check. You want kids to grow up to be responsibility. Teach them responsibility from the getgo.

      • Me

        It is time our public schools STOPPED being social service agencies, and STARTED doing what they were meant to do, educating our youth. If we worried more about academics, and less about sports, and social services, perhaps our kids might actually learn something. If you can’t take care of your own kids, DON’T HAVE THEM!!!

    • Phil in Oregon

      The Preamble to the Constitution says it’s purpose is to “promote the general welfare” of the people. Feeding children breakfast promotes the welfare of all of us, in many ways. Suddenly kicking them out for the same shoes they were wearing all year is like the IRS suddenly showing up at your house demanding more tax money

    • Stephanie

      Oh thats a great idea, get Lawyers into it. Isn’t that partly why this country is in the shape its in-Litigation happy. With the economy the way it is, there are a TON of people who now must get help to enable their kids to eat. Yes, there are a lot of people taking all they can get from the system who don’t even try to find jobs; but there are just as many if not more who genuinly need the help and only need it temporarilly. Welfare was never meant to last as a solution to poverty, but it has quickly become the solution for many who cannot live on a small salary so its more financially viable to live on the systems. There needs to be a solution that will not deprive children of life sustaining food, clothing and shelter. Lets work on solutions instead of throwing accusations and just depending on government to fix everything.

    • Samsam

      It makes me so sad that anyone would care about the money behind feeding kids. Yep, some parents are poor. It’s part of society. It’s shocking that THIS is what you got out of a story like this. I guess there is no cap on the greed in the country, is there?

  • prudent pondering

    they gotta have something better to do……………really!?

    • Mz.Lady

      I agree with you…..

  • Rhonda Capriece Lewis

    I am the grandmother of these little boys and live out of State and to think that adults would mistreat babies is unthinkable in my mind and I would like to demand that the powers that be not be able to eat, that they have a uniform they have to wear, that their grandchildren and or children are not allowed to eat and then I want them to publiclly not just one on one say more then just they are sorry. How dare they treat chiildren like that… what is their salary…well it is way too much and I am not done with this …. It is all that I can do not to get on a plane and come to meet face to face the people that mistreated my grandchildren…and I am not done thinking about it I am furious and you can fry fish on my skin right now…,,No one mistreats my children…did this make your day to not let two little boys ot eat. I want to meet and talk to you …you need to know how a grandparent feels about what you have done…and how damaging this could be to them….how many other children have been refused meals……My name is Rhonda Capriece…when do you want to meet?

    • wjg

      How sad. How cruel. These ugly angry comments about children bring me to tears. All the things I thought I knew about good kind Americans appear to be not true.

      62 yr old white woman still working & paying all kinds of taxes after 40 years

      • Mike

        People are tired of supporting others who really don’t need it. Not to mention that many are black and they still complain.

    • Tricia

      We all pay taxes that go to things we may not support. I do not agree with the war but I do not get a tax break for it. I do not have children but I pay into our school system and parks and rec dept. I prefer to buy books but my taxes still go to the library. You claim to take care of your own children, does that mean they attend private school? Do they play at the town park, go to the library or attend festivities like 4th of July fireworks that are paid for with tax dollars? If so then I also take care of your kids. Many families are having a tough time with job loss and foreclosures and natural disasters and they need a little help. I support my tax dollars helping children and families in need survive and I support my tax dollars helping your children as well. In the big picture it is better for society for me to pay for things that I may not personally benefit from.

    • Billy Collins

      Maybe you or your daughter should stop taking gubment hand outs and feed your kids your damn self.

      • Billy Collins


        Mr. Billy Collins….that comment was more than rude AND uncalled for. No one said anything about her mother accepting government hand outs. Over 50% of those children eat breakfast/lunch at school for free. That doesn’t mean that the mother is on wealfare. If it bothers you so much…log off this site. It appears you have deeper issues than this.

        Mz Lady,
        I have free speech and FREE SCHOOL MEALS is welfare, don’t put out to the world that you sent your kids to school to get free meals if you don’t want to be criticized for it.

      • Mz.Lady

        Mr. Billy Collins….that comment was more than rude AND uncalled for. No one said anything about her mother accepting government hand outs. Over 50% of those children eat breakfast/lunch at school for free. That doesn’t mean that the mother is on wealfare. If it bothers you so much…log off this site. It appears you have deeper issues than this.

      • Rvww

        Anem mr collins

    • Marie

      @Dreamtime…It’s expensive raising children? Really? You don’t say…Gee no wonder so many see them as a form of income…Here’s a clue…If you can’t afford them then stop popping them out! But why would that make ANY sense when you have $$$ from gov’t assistance that will provide everything you need? Please stop multiplying…Enough of my taxes go towards ones like the mother mentioned in this article…When really I feel the schools are much more deserving than the breeders.

    • Mike

      You are right. Too many blacks on public aid and not enough paying their fair share. It is one of the reasons our state is broke.

    • Dreamtime

      BTW: If not for Democrats wanting to get involved in everyones lives, the program would not exist. Do not blame Mom’s for taking advantage of a program that helps her manage the household, and its budget. IT is expensive raising children, I applaude her for making sure they get to school, are dressed, and have enough time to get a quick bite before class. These kids should not have been restricted from a meal that is just malicious and dispicable on the part of the school. What beasts to deny children food. Also any parents out there knows that many kids prefer to eat at school with their friends instead of at home, so do not assume Mom is negligent. You guys are just being ignorant. And stop name calling it just makes you look like a big meanies.

    • KeepUp

      Instead of buying a plane ticket, why don’t you send the money to your grand-babies so they can eat at home.

      • Francesca Falconi

        KeepUp and Ron, I totally agree with you both. I’m a divorced single mother of three kids, after a long drawn out and divorce and sporadic child support payments, I had no choice but to work two jobs to make ends meet, I worked hard to send my kids to private schools also for their sports programs and music lessons. I didn’t receive help from the Government in any way, my kids ate cereal for breakfast every day an I packed lunches for them to eat at school. I may have gone without for small things I wish I could buy,but I always made sure that m kids had what they needed for school. The only help I received was from my parents and that was for babysitting, other than that it was me and my kids. Seventeen years later and two college students and one prep student, I can almost rest, but I was brought up to work and take care of mine and earn what I needed and not depend on others to provide. So grandmother if you are really as upset as you claim to be then tell your daughter to be a woman and mother and take care of hers. My children and I can hold our heads up high and know that what we have was earned by the sweat on my brow and not sitting at the Public Assistance office waiting for a handout.

      • Barb

        That’s a very good idea!

    • Dreamtime

      @Rick, That is just a mean thing to say. The school gets money from the government for other programs that all children benefit from based on the free lunch program. Look into that. My daughters distinguished school was denied funding for after school programs because their were not enough kids on the free lunch program, go figure. But let me ask you…would you deny any child food? Based on their apperance? If you would you are inhuman. I often feed my “wealthy” neighbor’s 2 daughters, because their single mom who cruises in an H2, is just too darn busy to make them lunch, frequently locks them out of the house, and they come to my house to hang out and eat. Yeah I have thought about reporting her to child services, but I know she loves them and our CPS would not the these kids any favors. Where is the love and sympathy here for the kids? Yes Rick you sound harsh, insensitive, and like a big jerk!

    • taylor

      Rhonda, tell your daughter to get up and cook for her kids like mothers did when I went to school. It should not be the place of the goverment to take money from me to feed her kids. If the kid has on parents living then I have no problem with them getting free (paid with tax money) meals.


      Hey Dreamtime, come out of Laa Laa Land, and get back to reality. Your logic seems to be that the federal government offers the money, so take it. Your logic seems to be if you don’t take the free money from the federal government, then other free money from the federal government will be denied as well. You make your argument, then hide behind a story about a neglected kid.

      Money ain’t free. It comes from the taxpayer. And that money is insufficient to pay for the ‘free’ programs you squishily advocate.

      Why is the federal government taking care of kids at school?

      You see one poor child being neglected. I see all future generations of Americans subjected to a 67% income tax rate (or more) in the game of never-catch-up tax revenues to entitlement expenses.

      Stop being soft, start being real.

    • Rick

      Dreamtime, The schools get money from the government and the government takes my money from me and gives it to these leeches. My family is over the government help limit because I work 2 jobs and my wife works. we pay or way and our childrens way. The government steals $3000.00 dollars a month from me to feed this entitlement sociaty and I am sick of it. If i dont pay the money the government steals my house and sells it and then gives the money to these leeches. I guess I should give up and be a leech. it sure would make my life easyer but then I couldnt live with my self for being a begger and a leech!

    • Anon

      I hope no one in your family takes a cent from Medicare or Social Security…

    • Rick

      My mother takes social security only becuase she worked her whole life and put money into that system as well as other retirement investments. She and my Dad taught me to never take anything I didnt earn and take pride in earning it!. We can take care of our own and that is exactly what the rest of the US should be doing.

    • hadonlyone smarter than you

      Frank Johnson I am in love with you. What a novel concept? Feed your kids before they leave for school – and if they are supposed to wear a uniform make sure they are wearing it. We need more men like you in the world.

    • Anon

      That may be, but I am still paying into a system that, in effect, takes care of others. There’s a promise being made to me that the system will “pay me back” later, but considering how crippled the system is, can I really believe that? And why should I have to pay into the system, at all? Can’t I opt out? Isn’t it detrimental to me, right now, to pay into a system from which I may not even live to benefit? The reason why I have to pay in now is because of people like your mother, who, as you said ‘earned her dues’ for working her entire life… but aren’t I essentially paying into the system to cover your mom for not working in her later years? Couldn’t you say Social Security is essentially a Pyramid Scheme payout system, because the pay-as-you-go system is unstable due to population fluctuation and could bottom out?

      (The above paragraph was not actually intended to be directed specifically at your mother, nor do I truly mean to disparage her for retiring or collecting on social security. I only meant to being up those questions and points within the context of this conversation, and do not harbour any ill-will towards you or your mother.)

      Anyway, as fascinating as this conversation is, and I’m sure it will continue to be, your real problem lies with the school board that enacted this program, as it is the reason why those tax dollars are being allocated to fund these “handouts.”

    • JustMary

      Rhonda, if you can afford a plane ticket, perhaps you can afford to send some money to your grandchildren so they can eat before they leave for school. Why is it someone else’s responsibility to make sure they are fed? Next time, instead of Nikes, tell their Mom to purchase Payless shoes. They can have a pair of athletic shoes, and a pair of dress shoes, for the same price as just the one pair of Nikes. This way, the taxpayers can continue feeding the children that Mom won’t feed. OR- take a little responsibility for your life, and for the life of your family, and you won’t have to worry about situations like this one in the future. The entitlement mentality of this country SUCKS.

    • Dodie Pettipas

      My daughter’s bus comes at 6:45am in order for her to get to school by 7:30am. If she wants to eat at home, she would need to get up at 5:30. I get her up at 6:15am. She goes to bed at 8pm (she is 11 yrs old and has high functioning autism). She gets to school at 7:30 am and has breakfast with her classmates. I cannot put my child to bed earlier than 8pm or she wouldn’t even get dinner on nights where she has a late therapy appointment.

      We get free breakfast and reduced lunches. It is all I can do to pay $.40 per day for each of my 3 children. We barely make ends meet and have very little in the way of luxuries. We don’t wear designer clothes. Almost everything my children own comes from thrift stores and usually when they have a half off sale.

      If the dress code doesn’t specify black dress shoes, who would know that is what the kids should be wearing. Plus the kids have worn these same shoes all year (so the article states). Why wait until almost the end of the year to enforce the dress code????? Ridiculous.

      • Buddy Lee

        You need to stop having kids and keep your legs together… Do you expect the world to believe that you could take care of the first kid without being on welfare? Or the Second and then you only had problems with number 3. Sorry… but you are the problem. and the best solution would be to take ALL your kids and put them in an orphanage and sterilize you before you go squirt out another mouth you can’t feed.

      • Buddy Lee

        You need to stop having kids and keep your legs together… Do you expect the world to believe that you could take care of the first kid without being on welfare? Or the Second and then you only had problems with number 3. Sorry… but you are the problem. and the best solution would be to take ALL your kids and put them in an orphanage and sterilize you before you go squirt out another mouth you can’t feed.

    • Captain Incredulous

      Yeah Dreamtime, wake up. These kids get free lunches paid for by us taxpayers, and God only know what other handouts as well. In fact, they will probably get a free ride to a really good college too on a full ride scholarship or grants. We have a 14 year-old daughter who is an AP student and very talented academically. We try to save money each month for her college fund because my wife and I make too much in the eyes of the government for our daughter to ever be considered for scholarships or grants. It’s difficult finding much to sock away after taking care of our own bills and getting socked with high taxes that are used to subsidize people that can’t seem to carry their own weight. We only had one child because we knew that was what we could afford. Not sure why others can’t demonstrate the same discipline. Like someone said earlier in the thread…”if you can’t feed ’em, then don’t breed ’em”. It’s not our responsibility to take care of other families.

    • ubuibi

      Hey grandma, I grew up poor too, with 5 children and my father passed, my mother worked 2 sometimes 3 jobs to keep a roof over our heads, food in our stomachs, and clothes on our back. There were times when we ran out of oil, (living in New England) and all had to crawl into one bed to stay warm, there were times when the eletric got shut off. We got reduced lunches back then and that was it……YET MY MOTHER ALWAYS GOT UP WITH US AND MADE US BREAKFAST!!!!! Sometimes it was boiled rice w/milk and sugar, sometimes it was actually some eggs and bacon, and sometimes it was just cheerios or cornflakes, but she always made sure we had breakfast!
      To Dodie, did you ever think that maybe a bowl of instant oatmeal would be good in the morning? Or maybe take your kids to school yourself, so they have enough time to eat…no of course not, why should you take care of your kids yourself when you can have the taxpayer take care of them! I have been there, after growing up poor, I haven’t put myself in a place where I was financially anymore successful. However, my kids never suffered because we were poor, they may have had to do without, cable, a phone, playstations, Nike shoes, and most everything their friends had, but they NEVER had to do without love, attention, or food. You people really need to learn to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELVES AND THE LIVES YOU BRING INTO THIS WORLD! If you cannot do either of these things, maybe you should think about sterilizing yourselves!
      Back to Grandma, did you raise your daughter to not feed her kids? Did you feed your daughter breakfast every morning, or is she a generational welfare slave?

    • rhonda

      Rhonda this is Rhonda saying you are right. I didn’t see anything wrong with thier shoes. None the less – the bottom line. Feed those kids. If they are suppose to get breakfast-then they didn’t get anything at home. Feed those kids. Talk about the shoes later.

    • anon

      @MIKE, race has absolutely nothing to do with this situation. I have seen people of all races/colors/creeds/religions take handouts. I am fed up with my tax dollars funding those who feel they are entitled to take what I have earned. Whatever your opinion on the matter may be, please do not pollute this issue by injecting racist comments. I, for one, am disinclined to place any merit in your argument when it becomes tainted by racism.

    • jerri

      what a senseless,beyond stupid comment to make.

    • jerri

      this was wrong,plain and deny these children a meal over shoes.the majority of comments on here are posts that want to mock the situation and make this an issue about free lunches/welfare/Govt.programs,and such.but those of us who have common sense are able to see beyond the rhetoric,and i fully support your position.apologies are obsolete,because the damage has already been done,treating these children like this.there needs to be an investigation,im sure that your grandsons were not the only students treated as such in the past.shameful actions by an educator,plain and simple.

    • jhmc212

      Sounds perhaps someone in your family is mistreating your babies if they have to depend on the school to provide daily breakfasts. Why aren’t they getting their nourishment at home Grandma?

    • RufusVonDufus

      Are you 18 or 19 yet grandmama?

    • Robert

      If you truly are their grandparent, then you failed raising your child. I work to feed my kids. If all were as you, we would truly be doomed as a country. What are the requirements to qualify, well primarily being a bum probably born from bum parent(s). If your darling grandbabies never again consume a meal, that the TAXPAYER is forced to provide, I would be so happy. I doubt you can fly on a plane unless there is a free flight program for bums as well.

    • geneva

      Instead of buying an airplane ticket, why don’t you use the money to: a. provide breakfast for your own babies and b. buy them a pair of dress shoes? As for the salary of the authorities, how does that fit in this scenario? Most importantly, why do you automatically ASSUME that the US taxpayer is responsible for your own family’s needs? Do you pay taxes, Rhonda Capriece? What government benefits are you receiving? Are you able-bodied and employed?

    • fran

      totally agree with rick – if you can’t afford to feed your kids – STOP HAVING KIDS!! as far as the grandmother of these kids – if you are so concerned, take these kids to live with you – YOU feed them – I work hard for my money and put my two kids through school without having to depend on the taxpayer dollar and I don’t think I should have to pay to feed other people’s kids. free breakfast is a privilege for these kids – if they want it they need to follow the rules – and by the way, my kids never wore nike sneakers at that age!!

    • Me

      Everyone is acting like these kids were starved to death. They missed a meal, one that SHOULD have been provided AT HOME. My guess is that they miss plenty of meals at home. Go ahead and buy that plane ticket. Use it to visit your daughter and teach her how to be a MOTHER. Feed her own kids, and teach those kids to FOLLOW THE RULES!!! I AM a parent, and I feed my own children, I AM a grandparent, and my daughter feeds hers! She was brought up to understand that she needed to work for what she and the kids have, not expect the government to hand it to her.

  • Mz.Lady

    Soooooo……”SNOWBALL” what are you really saying???? Who are “THEM PEOPLE” you’re referring to?? If your dumb behind would’ve actually watched the video, you would’ve seen that the staff was black! Those 2 little boys are my nephews, and like Obama, I with handle the opposition if need be! You need to get your life together and recieve God!

    • Juan Soto

      If you love your nephews so much, maybe YOU should feed them breakfast? When did that automatically get to be someone else’s responsibility? And that picture of them at the table… is that a Happy Meal?

      A guy is sitting on the curb with a sign, asking for money for food. A man passing by says, “If I give you money, you’ll just go and spend it on wine.” The begger replied, “Oh, no. I already HAVE money for wine.”

      • pontiff_of_truth

        I said something similar to my wife/mother-in-law the other day, when we drove past a guy begging on the side of the road. I watched him receive many dollars earlier that day, sitting in the same spot. He had a sign “will work for food”, I just wondered what he would have done if I would have stopped, told him I had a couple ditches to dig and some hay to put up…. more than likely, he would have kept his place on the side of the road, choosing to beg for hand-outs, rather than work for a living.


      And you need to tell your people to throw the crutches away and get off their lazy askes and feed the kids they bring on earth,so you need to find GOD and pray.

      • Donna Sayles-Corbin

        There are some people who work 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet. Not ALL free lunch recipients are on welfare and Black. I went through all of my school years on the free lunch program. My mother worked 2 jobs until my father died (he was disabled could only drive a school bus) when I was 9. When he died 1 1/2 jobs went with him. There were still 4 kids at home. My mother did the best she could on the measly pay she received as a CNA. So you need to get off YOUR high horse and stop putting ALL free lunch recipients in the same category. You don’t know this woman’s situation, you assuming ass.

      • Robert

        With all the jobs your parents had why couldn’t they take care of YOU. All free lunch recipients are the same, in the sense that their parents are failures and choose to mooch off of the unwilling. I nor do most tax payers care why you or any other bums need it, WE ARE TIRED OF CARRYING YOU. You are not my family, friend, or colleague. Why would I want to pay for you or your children. You probably think you deserve all those tax credits you get even though you don’t pay taxes. Yes, if your freebies exceed the amount of your taxes then you don’t pay taxes. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you (HA HA)

    • RaiseACaveman

      A government big enough to give you everything you want,
      is strong enough to take everything you have away.
      Thomas Jefferson

      • pete tsumann

        That is the true lesson here. Too bad most will not learn it. Communism killed millions through starvation, yet many Americans still insist on giving the government the power (responsibility) to feed them.

  • Abby

    If the children are having to get fed by the taxpayers (you’re welcome), then I’m guessing this isn’t the first unfortunate time they’ve missed a meal, due to the parents (two? one?) not being able to take proper care of them. That being said, the school certainly should NOT have withheld breakfast from the boys and a letter home requiring the mom to come to the school would have sufficed. No one needs to be fired, kept away from kids or sued. The dress code needs clarification and the administrator needs a bit of heavy-handed training. A closed-door meeting between the administrators and the family would hopefully end up in a peaceful resolution where a planned is created so that the boys can be as successful as possible in their education. This way, their own children won’t have to be put on a handout program.

    • Mz.Lady

      Well first of all Abby, I agree with the latter half of your comment. The first half leaves little to be desired. Just like YOU the mother of these two little boys IS a taxpayer! What difference does it make if they come from a one or two parent household??? It could be the same situation be it a one OR a two parent household. And that doesn’t mean the boys aren’t being properly being take of.. not everyone recieving help from the state is a welfare recepient.

      • What?

        @ Mz.Lady – The mother of these two little boys might be a taxpayer, but (1) I’m pretty sure that she isn’t paying enough taxes to cover every FREE meal that her boys gets, and (2) I find it odd that this “mother” is so concerned that her boys were denied a FREE breakfast, but yet she apparently makes no effort at all to feed HER children in HER home! Once again, it’s people like this “mother” who contribute the least to society, making the biggest stink when the freebies that she feels entitled to (or her sons) are denied her/them. If she wants to make sure her boys are fed, then let her feed them at home herself.

      • Frank Johnson, Milwaukee WI

        I doubt whether the mother is a taxpayer. 51% of all you takers pay no federal income tax WHY?

      • Personal responsibility is better than entitlements

        No, Mz Lady, if the mother qualifies for the program that has those of us who work pay to feed her kids, then she is not a taxpayer. That term is not used for anyone who pays sales tax type taxes, but for those of us who actually pay local, state and federal taxes and don’t get all of that returned after filing. Frequently, with Earned Income Credit, etc, folks in this situation get all of those taxes plus more back (not counting payments in kind like this “free” breakfast program). It’s unfortunate an administrator made a mistake, and I think it’s an easy fix–and I missed a breakfast or two as a kid and turned out just fine. The salient point in this article is entitlement attitude of the mother. And by the way, what does the father have to say about all this? I was initially surprised at most of the wailing responses until I realized, what a minute, this is from Chicago, and then it made more sense.

      • Jimmy Jones

        If she is on the free lunch program she is NOT paying any taxes, well maybe liquor and cigarette taxes.

      • PaKMan

        Hey “Lady”
        Yes…. if you receive help from the state/federal gov’t/local, etc…, you are a welfare recepient. “Welfare” does not only come in the form of food stamps or a check. Free breakfast for your child at school is most definitely a form of welfare.
        I also dispute your definition of “taxpayer” since I’d be willing to bet she paid as much in income taxes as she pays for her children to eat breakfast.

      • Robert

        Everyone that is receiving help from government is on welfare, call it what you want. Government must first take from someone to give to another. Most are humbled by charity and embarrassed. If you had to beg for it, instead of goin to tha mailbox, maybe they would be too

    • hadonlyone smarter than you

      Check out the mom’s MySpace page where she uses the N word and refers to her children as future gangsters. Kahlia Edwards My Space. She also states she has a college education and a job so why can’t she feed her kids????Really do you think this type of mother is going to show up at school for a meeting – this is the type that is confrontational only when she thinks she has been slighted – bet she doesn’t cause this much stink when the kids don’t do their homeword…………….

      • Mz.Lady

        The mother (1) does have a job, (2) does pay state, federal, ss, medicare, fica and all the rest….grant it she doesn’t make a lot of money..but she still yearly pays her INCOME TAXES…..and the issue is the way the situation was handled by the it no food or be it a detention it was still wrong. In the video the mother is clearly feeding her kids breakfast. The school offered an additional breakfast for free and denied the boys because of their shoes….Nowhere does the article say the mother can’t feed her kids…..this whole subject has gotten WAY out of control. You guys are judging this woman unfairly. The only judge is God..and it amazes me how many people try to be him ( judge and jury)

      • Ghoul

        She may have money taken out of her check, but she get all of ti plus the earned income credit back as a refund. Add in all of the welfare, free school breakfast and lunches, food stamps, section 8 housing, and you have a moocher on society.

  • Margarita

    Lets all address the issue here! These administrators bully these poor children on a daily basis, I bet there’s more stories out there!! I ask that all the parents sit with their children and ask them about how they’re treated by these people. Kudos to Khalia and Robin for taking this to the media. How dare they treat our children like this! That Asst Principal needs to resign and let someone else step in who actually loves being around children… p.s. Khalia is my sister and a great mother!!

    • Steve

      A great mother?? Who can’t take care of them without pilfering the public trough. You are all warped.

    • hadonlyone smarter than you

      I don’t think referring to your children as future gangsters on My Space will get you nominated for mother of the year. You stating your sister is good mother is like Osama’s wife saying he was a good person.

    • Andrew Kay

      When your name is that of an alcoholic beverage, that really sums it up…

    • marcy

      so doubt it…she’s a lousy mother who wont feed her two brats

  • Mz.Lady

    You have Obviously been living under a rock! By state standards there are more than 50% of families that do not live up to the states financial standards, which is why they (the state) make up the difference. That’s not to say these children are not eating well at home. Noone has said the state “owes” them anything but you. Maybe you have been more fortunate than others, but doesn’t make it okay for you to put those who are less fortunate down or for the school to deny them.

    • JEdwin

      “which is why they (the state) make up the difference”

      Umm, where does the Nanny State get its money? Answer: from the taxpayers. Why should I pick your pocket to make up ANY difference? Where is their Daddy? How come the State doesn’t go after him for getting their Mom pregnant and then cutting the scene? Why should I be forced to remedy a financial situation left by a deadbeat Dad? What happens if the money runs out? Then what? How do you solve a situation where there is no taxpayer money to “make up the difference?”

    • Come on now

      Again, for those who haven’t figured it out…”the state” doesn’t make up the difference…hard working, responsible tax-payers “handle your responsibility.” But I do see why you’re an Obama supporter. And your position “That’s not to say these children are not eating well at home” is just clownish. 2 of their 3 meals during the week are provided at school.

      • Erin

        And so you think these parents should just be unable to feed their kids, have them taken away by CPS, and then the taxpayers get to pay ALL their expenses… in all likelihood to foster parents who exploit the system for the extra few dollars they get for “taking in” an extra kid? And then we get to pay for the disproportionate number of foster kids / kids who grow up in “poor” families ending up in jail, or on welfare themselves? Okay, you don’t want to pay a few dollars of your own money to let these kids eat, but in the future, you’ll end up paying a lot more. That’s the whole idea. Pay a little to save a lot. Basic economics. Go back to school and educate yourself before you continue to make ignorant comments like this.

      • Face it

        Here’s some basic economics for you. If you go back and read the article, it states that the kids get a snack before leaving home. She CAN obviously afford to feed them. They just LIKE getting the school breakfast. I have a niece an nephew who had to get on the bus an hour earlier than necessary just so they could go to school and wait around for the kids who got free breakfast to eat before school. If the parents truly could not afford to feed the kids breakfast, wouldn’t it have made more sense to give them an extra few dollars a month to buy some milk and cereal than to make all the other kids go to school early, too? But we know what the deal is here. The school wants that government funding they get by providing these meals. This is not about the kids. You can live in denial if you want to.

    • Andrew Kay

      ……..and would that be fore the free wafer, Mz. Lazy?


    Oh my God,Are these people serious or are they just making fun? If they are really serious,the end of society as we have known it for 100’s and 100’s of years is now officially dead and will be buried soon.. Please tell me they are just fooling around about this farce and they really do see it as it is. Please tell me it’s a joke.

  • Lil Miss

    In this economy I am willing to bet that MANY children now qualify for this free meal program. A program that has been around for YEARS. I know my school had it over 35 years ago. All of you people complaining about it being a free hand out, I certainly hope you are never in a position of need. If you are, I hope your small minds turn down the help. After all you would not want to burden the taxpayers now would you. If you have such a problem with the program, go get yourselves elected to public office and put an end to these programs. The issue is NOT the program, the issue is not the color of skin the children or the admin have, the issue is a bully of an administrator who took food out of the mouths of two young children. It is a program that is in place, the children qualified for it and the children were denied what was rightfully theirs over something as stupid as what shoes they were wearing.


      Well Lil Miss,Just because the program has been around for years doesn’t make it right or a good thing. Welfare and section 8 have been around for years and they along with this free food program are a large part of why society is going to hell in a hurry. When ever I was in need, and that has been often, I got up off my butt and did something about my need.I didn’t ask for a handout from the Nanny State Federal Government. And I also didn’t commit any crime to get my need,I worked for it. I was too busy working at a real job to support my wife and 5 children to run for a political office in my younger years.Besides,do you really think any single politician can change anything going on in this country today? The whole gang in Congress can’t change anything that’s wrong with today’s poor society,why would you think one or two people could make a difference.This is just a shining example of the greedy ,mine,mine,gimme,gimme,society the government has produced.”The children qualified for it”,”and the children were denied what was rightfully theirs” ? It’s not about the shoes Miss,it’s about people that are convinced they are owed something they never earned,and they want it now,cause they deserve it. Can you say Liberal guilt again rearing it’s ugly head?

      • Dreamtime

        You are wrong! This country is going down because of the expensive Military Industrial complex, The plan to depopulate and our government paying themselves enormous salaries and luxuries at our expense. I am NOT a Democrat, it is easy to see for anyone that the free lunch program is beneficial and is not that big a burden on society. When my Dad was unemployed over 40 years ago i had the embarrassment as a kid for being ridiculed for getting a free lunch. I went to college, got my degree and I am a successful contributor to society. Perhaps these 2 children may grow up to be our next president, physician, scientist, you cannot predict this. So we must give even child the benefit iof the doubt that they have potential to contribute and make the investiment now in our youth and not balk about it. This Mom and Grandma obviously love their children enough to point out this disparaging situation, and the media felt it news worthy as well. We have a growing segment of society through no fault of their own in many cases find themselves utilizing a program, they are NOT leepers or leeches. Yes there are others who may be such but don;t throw out the baby with the bathwater right?

      • 2cents

        You were ridiculed for getting free lunch because it was shameful that your parents couldn’t feed you. People are no longer ashamed when they can’t provide for their own children. This woman is so shameless in letting the taxpayers feed her children that she solicited media attention to share the fact with the whole city.

    • Concerned

      Lil Miss,
      Kuddos to your reply! This whole gag of people on here make me sick. Bottom line: American Children didn’t get fed. End of story! WRONG WRONG WRONG!

      • bunky

        The American mother is so disgusting she can’t feed herr own children.
        She just takes from others to do that.
        Indolent leech is her middle name.



    • What -A -Shame

      Child, how pitiful you are to write comments like this on the net. Your behavior shows your lack of intelligence and character, better yet, a slave. I know you are an adult, but you are trapped in childish ways. I pray that you are not rearing children with the little common sense that you do not have. As for as the school is concern, Powell Elementary School is not the only school that is punishing/denying kids meals or instruction due the infractions that are caused either by the economy, their parents and other obstacles that come there way.

      • Brandon jackson

        How is his comments pitiful? It is true. She does get cash assistance from the government, shes on section 8, and she once did have a drug problem. I found his comment to be straight to the point when he said to imagine all the money she could have saved. Of course your going to get defensive becaus eyour related to her. But I as well have met Kahlia Edwards many times years ago and I am glad she turned her life over to the grace of God as well, but don’t get bent out of shape just because someone is speaking truth.

      • anonbutsickoffeedingurkids

        who are you talking to??

    • Frank

      This situation is about the abuse of power not your family situation. Your children did nothing wrong nor did you. The vice principal should be fired but won’t because of the public unions. Your kids seem to be very nice children and should be rewarded not punished for going to school. It is hard today for parents to know what is right but at the end of the day all you have to ask is ” Did I do what I thought was right?” No one can ask anything more of a parent. My wife and I have always tried to do the right thing but sometimes it wasn’t. But we tried and thats what counts. Ignore anyone who tells you your not doing it right because you are trying. Good luck to you and your children. Don’t give up!

      • Rhonda

        I agree the children shouldn’t have been denied, but it’s crazy when everytime someone does something wrong; that people think they should lose thier job. What she did was wrong. Give her a couple of days suspension without pay, but don’t fire her. Everytime someone gets angry at someone they try to get them fired. That’s ridiculous.

    • Another CPS Student parent

      Steve Arlo You are messing with a women’s children for fun now and it is shameful give it up you are wrong. This is not about who is entitled to have and who isn’t it is about having promised to feed two children then denying them food without cause. There is never cause to deny food to a growing child unless lives are threatened and there is no such threat here just an administrator who overstepped her authority and left two innocent children without food one morning. Stop this assault on a mother who is only using every resource presented to her to care for her family it is just mean and serves no purpose at all.

    • Bailers

      If the mother can afford internet, why can’t she afford food?

    • Reality check time

      How can afford a computer and internet access if you can’t afford to feed your kids? Google “priorities” and “individual responsibility” then cancel your internet and sell your computer. Oh, and if you’re at a public access point on a publicly-funded computer, google those terms, then leave now and find work.

      • right

        She probably doesn’t pay for that.

      • Another CPS parent

        How would you know what she uses for internet access? What you’ve never used a library computer to email? You’ve beed lucky enough to never have a job go away and still lived in a nice house with the things you bought while you had that job? You don’t know anyone who has financial problems with all of the jobs being closed right now? WOW lucky you! Must be nice to live in that fantasy world of yours. The rest of us who know that one bad day can leave you without the financial means to pay for those basic needs know that these programs are to save children from having their growth stunted due to lack of good nutrition early in life. But you wouldn’t think ahead for something like that you’d rather spend a lifetime paying for the medical bills. Or did you think there was no benefit at all to these social programs?

        You know many of the people who now need these programs would never have considered them five years ago. After all of the lost jobs and continuing bills there are more people in these programs that you might know directly. Go ahead and talk about how you want to save 10,000 dollars a year to close these programs and stop feeding 2,000 children breakfast in this school system this year. Then we’ll see what you think of the medical bills you will pay for to fix the growth related problems that will come for the rest of those childrens lives. You know those children will someday be the ones cleaning your diaper when you are in the old age home so get it out now. You will need some warm memories of how you told everyone off later when they remember how you treated them with this little speach of yours. These are people not just money they deserve respect and dignity not the harrassment you are handing out.

      • whitey

        look at the time of her posts. they are not at the library

    • Dreamtime

      Ms. Edwards I support the boys! Down with school administrators who use food as a form of dicipline and punishment with small children. They could have been more inventive and sensitive than that. Ms. Edwards don’t read too much into these hateful comments, you know what time it is and so do I. Glad you are getting your children an education, I know they will make you very proud one day. Blessings to you and yours, and I hope the school thinks twice about doing something like this in the future.

    • Jimmy Jones

      Get a job and pay your own way, where is the father(s)? Stop leeching off the taxpayers.

    • Tyrus Young

      Kahlia’s bringing this to the public’s attention should be considered a public service. Some of those here rail against a social program that drains the public coffers… others worry about her spending money on the shoes the boys are wearing (are you sure they aren’t hand me downs!!). However, the draconian actions by the school represents the issue at hand and illustrates why creating social dependence is evil. Those under the oppressive hand of the program “administrators” are forever at risk of victimization at their hands. In this case, they sought to enforce the “dress code”, which upon examination turned out to not be supported by the “code”. Therefore, the administrators were merely enforcing their own predjudices (presumedly against the shoes). Those most in admiration of these social controls always envision themselves as the controllers. Our unfettered welfare system has done far more to destroy our social responsibility than poverty could ever do. Denying these boys a breakfast was means of controlling them – and should be a warning to all of the direction that these social “benefits” are taking us.

  • Mr. Morgan

    Things are getting worst in this city. When children have to be dressed a certain way to be given a meal, when food is being thrown away by the pounds.

    However, when schools are ran like corporations this is what happens. CPS… this a school, not a bank.

  • Bertram Moshier

    Maybe back in the 1950’s (60 years ago) these would not be dress shoes, but TODAY in 2011 Black Monochrome sneakers are dress shoes!! I would agree those same sneakers in White would not be dress shoes, but these are Black and fully Black. They are in this 50+ year old person’s opinion dress shoes.

  • Thomas A. Dixon

    To ITISWHATITIS: Your comment totally avoids the issue in this matter. Save the soapbox for those who care. The program IS already in place whether you like it or not. If you don’t like it…change it. Speak to the issue: kids being denied food in a govt approved program because of their shoes. Oh, by the way. Did I read that right. Did you said that your mother left you in the house while you were sleeping so that she could go to work and that you didn’t have breakfast before you went to school because she left you in the house? How old were you then? 5 or 6 years old like these young boys? I know parents who have been arrested for that type of neglect. What a sad indiviual you are when you can totally overlook what is written so you can speak to your own agenda… and then cowardly do so with a pseudonym instead of using your real name.

    • offended

      You must be kidding. The responses on this pos AREt addressing the issue at hand .Maybe it is to hard for you to understand that the “issue” is just a small symptom of this deadly cancer that is sucking the life out of people, all people,in this world. When anything is given to and not earned by an individual, it gradually strips that person of their humanity. When those of us that actually paid for the food these “poor” people are receivng, it does allow us to express our view. Unfortunately that leaves “us” open to name calling, race baiting, and any number of behaviors that are used expressly to put “us”on the defensive..

    • 7cedars

      Let’s get somet rules righ here shall wet. The first RULE that was broken was that of the parent – NOT feeding their OWN children.

      Second – asking and expecting someone else to feed your OWN children.

      Third – whether they have govt. assistance or not is not the point; the point is, those are her OWN children.

      Four – what kind of school is this that they require DRESS shoes for 5 and 6 year olds?

      Fifth and final – if you have ’em, you need to raise and take care of ’em (first rule of parenting).

  • Centurion

    PROTEST PROTEST! Parents should send their kids to school wearing whatever they want. THE WHOLE SCHOOL! Every child should show up wearing whatever they want. None of that fascist shirt and tie stuff that the school is FORCING upon the child.

    Let the school administrators know…THAT YOU ARE MAD AS HEC…AND YOU ARE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE! This is a free society…not a fascist regime where a 5 year old must adhere to SCHOOL UNIFORM CODES…..or that child will be severely punished in some form or fashion.

    • chuck

      If the school feeded and take care of all the kid’s needs because the mom and dad can’t or choose not to, then the school can place whatever rules thay wish. Seems the mom and dad have turned over that job.

    • Andrew Kay

      Um, Centurion, you do realize that Obama is the president, do you not. Therefore this is indeed a fascist regime.

  • CPS Student Parent

    They didn’t actually break the dress code. It does not specify that shoes have to be black nor “dressy” instead of the sort with rubber cleated soles. Given kids running around in the schoolyard or that spills happen in lunchrooms, making kids wear dress shoes is a safety hazard anyway.

    • Another CPS Student Parent

      Sorry Mr. Niceguy read the end of the article you will see that they were wearing appropriate shoes after all the code does not specify the shoes must be “dress shoes” and the children were wearing black shoes. What is going on here is that someone messed up and stole breakfast from the mouths of hungery children and now they are recognized as the bad person they truely are. The children will not die from the experience but this should never have happened and everyone (including you) knows it.

    • Frank

      Which means the Asst Principal is just a fascist who has to go. You don’t get to make up the rules as you go.

    • MrNiceGuy

      I don’t agree with the school’s action, however you are wrong. Read the article: “…their shoes didn’t fit the school uniform, which calls for a regular black dress shoes”.

    • Buck03

      This is word for word out of the school handbook found online at the school website.


      “All shoes must be SOLID black in color. They can be tie, buckle, slip-on or Velcro. Tie shoes must have solid black laces. Shoes should be properly tied at all times. Open heeled shoes are not allowed. Soft-heeled shoes are strongly encouraged to avoid scuffing hallway floors. Shoe boots may be worn from December 1st to March 1st. Shoe boots must be black and may only be ankle-length. All other boots must be removed upon entry into the classroom. “

    • Tate

      Stole breakfast?? It’s food that was paid for by tax money (i.e. stolen money).

    • Carolina Ronderos Artiles

      That’s the problem when you give Government “Public workers” to much power. They have no respect for parents. They are all powerful. In a private school setting, the school wants the parent to be happy. This way they don’t take their money and go elsewhere. The school will go the extra mile if need be. This is why I think the Republican school voucher program is the best choice for the US. Think of Belgium. Free Education if you please, but competitive and controlled by the private sector.

  • What -A -Shame

    To Brandon Jackson and the rest of your klan, I am no kin to individual; I am an educator that is exposed to the system that denies children at hand. I have read many comments that are out place and it reminds me of FACEBOOK. You all young naive individuals are embarrassing yourselves with great stupidity about writing nonsense. Furthermore, I am a humanitarian that cares for all people and I will not make comments about someone’s transgressions. Kahlia is correct; what shameful is that the parents at this particular school have not spoken out about this matter.

    • here i am

      I’m not sure if you’re trying to imply racism with the use of the word “klan” instead of “clan,” since half of your post is grammatical nonsense. If you are an educator, then your post is a perfect example of why our system is failing. How can you educate children when you don’t even have a grasp of the basics of our language?

    • Kent

      Your a teacher? Hopefully not an engish teacher. Maybe ebonics.

    • Andrew Kay

      Maybe the parents have not spoken out about this matter because they actually know Kahlia and about her antics.

  • Whatswrongwiththispicture?

    No money for food, but yet the kids have on Air Force 1’s.

  • Martin

    Wrong shoes, can’t bring own food for lunch….Are you people in Chicago ever going to wake up? You live in a police state that would make the Chinese people riot. Of course considering who you just put in as Mayor their is no hope.

  • Texan

    You’re an idiot! No breakfast for you!

  • Duncan Reynaldo

    Seems like these boys have plenty of relatives and friends commenting on an expensive computer who could manage to feed them at home instead of teaching them to take a hand-out from the government.

    When you rely on someone else’s genorosity you will usually be disappointed.

  • Nancy cubitt

    It’s interesting all these children’s relatives can’t afford to feed them but can afford the internet!

  • Alex

    Somebody needs to lose their job, but, unfortunately, given the school unions rules and regulations, the simpleton who did this would only be shuffled over to another school to continue her idiocy.

    • Tyrus Young

      Then again… the action of these administrators may result in their program being determined to be out of compliance with the federal regulations that control the program… lose their funding and somebodies head might require rolling! LOL

  • PLazenby

    Our schools are in a disgraceful state and administrators spend their time on what color shoes are being worn. Hmm, I wonder what would happen if administrators spent as much time on the actual mission of schools.

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