Student Accused Of Creating Sex-Ranking List Arrested

UPDATED 05/10/11 12:35 a.m.

OAK PARK (STMW/CBS) — A west suburban boy was arrested Monday for allegedly devising and circulating a list ranking 50 female Oak Park-River Forest High School girls by their sexual characteristics and alleged sexual behaviors.

CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman learned Oak Park officers arrested the 17-year-old. He’s charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct. As one student said, he caused Oak Park and River Forest High School a lot of stress – especially the girls named on the list. We spoke with two of them, who took us back to the day the list surfaced.

Student Ryan Merhar said, “It went out at lunch. Everyone ran to it. It felt demeaning.”

Her classmate Elizabeth Himelick said, “It was so uncomfortable to be stared at. Even days after it came out, people would be holding it in their hands and laughing about it.”

“The subject was found to be responsible for an offensive list” that was circulated at the school, Oak Park police Detective Cmdr. LaDon Reynolds said. “Based on the evidence, the juvenile offender was charged with disorderly conduct and referred to (juvenile) court.”

The list circulated on campus in January. Much like a part of the movie, “The Social Network,” it ranked girls, scoring parts of their bodies. Students say it also made hateful, belittling comments, and alleged promiscuity. An Oak Park River and River Forest staffer says the family of the boy responsible withdrew him from school after the incident. Since he’s being charged as a juvenile, we’re withholding his name.

“I believe it’s appropriate he was charged with that,” said student Armani Akines, “Having authorities involved will teach him that that type of demeaning misconduct he had toward girls in school is not appropriate in any area of life.”

Himelick said, “ He deserved what he got.”

“Maybe it’s gonna be a wake-up call for him,” said student Jaylen Thomas, “He needs to stop disrespecting people.”

She had on a “Respect” t-shirt – one students wore to make a statement after the list came out.

The school representative called the episode “an obviously sad and troubling experience,” but one that prompted them to have meaningful talks about sexual harassment.

The list emerged in January and described the girls by explicit, derogatory nicknames and assessed their physical appearance, sexual desirability, sexual activity and other characteristics. It was posted on Facebook and hundreds of copies were printed and distributed at the school during lunch period, before the administration intervened.

Reynolds said police worked closely with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office to build the case. The boy was processed and turned over to his legal guardian.

In February, the boy was expelled and sent to an alternative high school in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood, according to sources. The school did not immediately return a call Tuesday morning seeking comment.

Dale Jones, father of one of the girls, said while he welcomed the arrest, he was concerned that a disorderly conduct charge was not serious enough of a response for a “very serious offense that affected many people.”

Still, he said, “I’m gratified that the investigation continued, and that charges are being filed. I’m hopeful they consider additional charges as they gather more evidence.”

(Source: Sun-Times Media Wire © Chicago Sun-Times 2011 and CBS contributed to this report. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.)

  • Nick Thompson

    What is he being charged for? Has the first amendment been destroyed in the name of “not offending” anyone?

    • Bertram Moshier


      Your comments are right on point. The charges fail for two reasons:

      1) The charges violate his first amendment right. The US Supreme Court clearly says the First Amendment extends to the Internet and to a 17 year old person.

      2) From what I can tell his actions were NOT at the school. His behavior at the school was not disorderly. The other students brought their issues over this to the school and not him. At least no one showed his behavior while at the school was disorderly.

      I’m not saying what he did is right, but it doesn’t raise to the level of breaking the law.

  • John Haberstroh

    Free speech includes insulting and making fun of people. Unless I’m not reading all that he did, the boy’s speech was obviously mean and sexist, but it is his Constitutional right. On the other hand, because he violated school rules the school should have and did punish him. That’s as far as things should go.

    • Bertram Moshier

      I’m not even sure the school has a right to punish him for his action while not at school. Yeah, the school can make rules to this effect, but that doesn’t make them legal / Constitutional.

      Another perspective is the actions of the police, DA, and even the school should raise to the highest standard. These students are still learning about civics and by the DA and police charting the boy improperly sends the wrong message. People need to respect the Constitution. If you don’t like something in it, work to change it not ignore or violate it..

  • shopper

    shouldnt take much of a lawyer to get out of that trumped up charge

  • Mike Less

    If he Slandered( Defamed) anyone thats on that list or anyone at all for that matter His First Amendment Rights do not apply and he could face a civil suit as well as the criminal charges he is now facing.. Good for him….

    • Timjoebillybob

      Actually it would be libel, slander is the spoken word, libel is the written. And to the best of my knowledge there is no criminal charges for libel. There can be civil suits regarding it though. It also depends on how it was written. But usually to be found liable for slander or libel, there has to be shown that it has caused actual damage, hurt feelings and being offended are not actual damage.

  • Jushere 4dasho

    I have to agree with Nick, first amendment rights are an important part of life. But, Nick your still a f@&*in” moron. Just my opinion and my right to state it. Besides, I would have handle this the old fashioned way.

  • Clint Eastwood

    Suspension yes I agree. Arrest I dunno, that seems too Communist Russia to me.

    I think a fair sentence would be to let all the Father’s and Brother’s of the girls offended get a shot at this kid with either a punch in the face, or a razor strap to his behind.

  • Jushere 4dasho

    That’s what I’m talking about…Head or Gut….John McClane style.

  • David

    Thankfully he was arrested for this “very serious offense that affected many people.”, or otherwise we would have to lock up a murderer, thief, or rapist.

  • Austin

    Clint’s got the right idea, but leave the grownups out of it. All the brothers of these young ladies have an obligation that, if carried out correctly, would probably deter any further infractions and render the intervention of law enforcement unnecessary.

  • LL

    The First Amendment does not protect all speech. False and defamatory language is not protected. Also, the girls mentioned in his list were minors. Speech involving sex with minors is not usually protected.

  • vinny bobby

    Gee, glad to see the State’s Attorneys office hard at work. Maybe one day they’ll get around to looking into the epidemic of HOME BURGLARIES plaguing Chicago. Take your time though.

  • HeavyT

    That’s what I’m talking about…Head or Gut….John McClane style

    Nice try but this was “The Last Boyscout” character Willis played…

    Still, that’s how it needs to be handled.

  • Larry Smith

    This is offensive to the girls and their family. However the disorderly conduct law that makes it a crime to be drunk in public, to “disturb the peace”, or to loiter in certain areas. Many types of unruly conduct may fit the definition of disorderly conduct, as such statutes are often used as “catch-all” crimes. So now the kid gets a record and none of the girls were physically harmed, but just got upset. OH WELL!

  • chicagoannie

    Very cool that the school took action and EXPELLED the nasty little pervert. If he lived in my suburb, he’d get 4 hours of Saturday school.

    Not so sure that the criminal case will hold up in court, tho.

  • outraged

    These girls shouldnt be having sex to begin with!! They are offended by the list? They should be ashamed!! And the parents? This is their fault. I commend the young man for doing this. He shouldnt be punished.

    • disgusted

      Yep those girls would have had to be having sex alone right? Can’t blame the ‘boys’. And How do you know the list was factual? There is nothing in this article that would suggest this creep was doing anything but being a perverted spoiled a–! And when your mother, sister or aunt(or girlfriend/wife, if you have one) gets raped or molested(or murdered) Remember it is their own fault.

      • outraged

        Hmmm… Did u read my comment??? Where does it say i blame the girls? It clearly says i blame the parents. They obviously do not have enough control over their kids. this list shows the lack of judgement teens have today. We don’t know if the list is factual or not. But there is going to be some truth behind it. He was right to expose these kids so they will stop.

  • R.Baggio

    If this had happen to him,or a family member,would it still be 1st Amendmet right,
    or will something else be said…..


    Srcrew him , Just another punk bully.Nothing less nothing more.He’ll catch his 10x during his lifetime.

  • Oak Park Resident

    For people who have not been with this whole story, the kid has made two previous lists. He made one when he was in Junior High and again in High School. He most definitely deserves this. Yes maybe some girls did stuff they shouldn’t have done, but it is ultimately the boy’s parents and the boys fault. Do his parents wish for their son to treat women like this? Or should he just better himself and ignore what these so called promiscuous girls do? He went beyond bullying in this case. All these girls and what they have said to have done isn’t all true. We don’t make a list of what each Playboy bunny or video vixen does in rap videos now do we?

    • yung base god taylor gang ho

      jesus freak has no swagg non what soo evr…..

  • Centurion

    Maxim magazine does this! Perez Hilton has his list and rankings, yet no one arrests him? No one tries to arrest the publishers of Maxim magazine? So has this become such a Draconian and fascist society that arrests are made strictly on a subjective basis. I will publish a list in a magazine and sell hundreds of thousands, then a list will come out local and someone gets arrested because the fascists deem it so.

  • Felix

    It’s OK, The great thing about America is that you can be a terrible person with a criminal record and still become rich, famous, and respected.

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