1 Bridgeport Robber Shot Dead By Police, 1 Escapes

UPDATED 05/11/11 5:45 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — One robber remains on the loose, and another was shot and killed by police, after officers caught them holding up a convenience store in the Bridgeport neighborhood.

Around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday, two armed men wearing hoodies stormed into a J.J. Peppers convenience, adjacent to a Marathon gas station at 659 W. 31st St., and robbed it. CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez reports from the scene of the robbery.

The store just so happens to be about a block away from the Deering District police station, at 3120 S. Halsted St. Officers often stop there for coffee, police said.

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But it was actually officers from the Prairie District, which begins a couple of blocks to the east, who were “in the right place at the right time” and drove by as the robbery was in progress, a district captain said.

The officers “saw two individuals going in, wearing hoodies, and thought, ‘This isn’t right,'” Chicago Fraternal Order of Police spokesman Pat Camden said.

Police say as the officers approached them near the front door, one man pulled out a gun and started shooting.

“I heard about 15 shots of gunfire,” said neighbor Kelly Haepp.

Neighbor Ramona Rivera said she was “pretty scared, because they sounded pretty close to home, and we saw the light reflection from the shots.”

One of the officers returned fire, killing one of the men. In daylight, markers for 21 shell casings were visible outside the convenience store.

The police SWAT unit was brought in early on to determine whether the second suspect was still in the store, and perhaps had barricaded himself inside.

“I heard an officer on a megaphone, and I’m like, ‘Whoa, this is highly irregular,’ so I was drawn outside, and I see this long police barricade,” said neighbor Tom Vasilij.

Neighbors initially heard the incident had sparked a hostage situation, but the clerk was able to jump out of the store unharmed.

“I have a 14-year-old daughter; kind of scary,” Haepp said. When asked if she goes to the store where the incident happened, she said, “I go to J.J. Peppers a lot, yes. I know the clerks, actually, so I was a little concerned about the people that work there.”

But the second robber was not in the store. It turned out the other suspect ran out the back door, and a manhunt remained underway.

In a nearby alley, police later found a jacket the escaped suspect was wearing.

Police closed 31st Street between Halsted and Wallace streets after the incident. Nearly six hours later, 31st Street reopened.

Camden, formerly the police News Affairs Deputy Director, said the officers are heroes.

“They saved the clerk, and not only prevented and armed robbery; it may have prevented something even worse,” Camden said, “and again, that’s what young policemen do. That’s what old policemen do. Their job is to serve and protect, and they do a fine job of it.”

The two officers were transported to an area hospital for observation only. Police recovered a weapon at the scene.

The J.J. Peppers store owner says the clerk is fine. Police have not released the identity of the slain suspect, but did say they have surveillance tape from the store.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • Margaret Bohan

    This is right by my house. I leave right down the street on 31st street. Wow very close to home. What is going on now a days in this world.

  • Ness

    Pooooooolice 1 badguys nothing

  • Pothead

    I used to stop there every morning , too close for comfort. Great job by our police.

  • dan

    The dummies forgot to look around suspiciously before they put their hoods up and entered the store. Serves them right, glad 1 is dead. Hope the other one got shot and slowly bled to death in an alley nearby.

  • Gee-reg

    YEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYY One for the good guys……. can’t wait for the baby momma to come out and say that he was going to turn his life around, he was just getting ready to back to school and get his first job so he pay for his baby milk and diapers. Soon we will see his kindergarten graduation oicture and momma will say why the police had to kill him, why not just shoot the gun out of hand andthe police put that gun on him

  • ZagYee

    lol, those SWAT idiots couldnt find their way out of a wet paper bag with an MP5


  • Homeboy

    Go CPD! Kill the bad guys! Whoop Whoop!!
    CPD – 1 Bad Guys – 0
    I’s a matter of time before the 2nd thug gets shot by himself, one of his homies, or during another robbery.

  • V

    Well we know it wasn’t a black person. Black people don’t even venture in that neighborhood especially since the Leonard Clark incident,

    • Pothead

      Black people now reside in Bridgeport. They are people who fled the sh!thole they lived in. I see them going to work every morning.

  • Pothead

    WHOOOOOOAAAA Leroy, The whole southside is not what you think it is.
    Of course there are certain places on the southside where your comment is right.

  • Justice...

    Perhaps they were going in for some Nacho…..cheese…..

  • Mark

    Whats more valueable, a few bucks or a life? I guess it depends on who’s life. If your willing to die for the crime, why not just sell off a kidney or eye ball? that’s cheaper and the payout is better.

  • Leroy Goldberg

    I just had to come back and read this story again…..KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK CPD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iHateWhitePeople

    Leroy and V are some idiots!! All of the southside is not bad, I stay in Beverly, a very good neighborhood!

  • iHateWhitePeople

    maybe someone should gun down leroy and v, that will b a day that I will rejoice!!!

  • SOX

    LAME!!! Big Deal the cops are dumb yea they did a good job on this one but i usually see them passing by goups of 8-12 guys hanging around corners selling drugs and they dont even bother checking them out. I hate cops they are lazy!!!

  • FormerResident

    Good job for our police for doing their jobs , but honestly, the rude and distasteful racial comments needs to be on a separate forum… Like non existent. Have a bit more respect for yourselves and your fellow man.

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