Police Step Up Patrols After Lakefront, Downtown Mob Attacks

UPDATED 05/11/11 7:08 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — A warning to those who come downtown: Chicago Police are on alert for a new brand of criminal.

Sources say in the past three weeks, there have been more than 35 arrests for wilding and flash mob attacks.

CBS 2’s Suzanne LeMignot reports, Chicago police are stepping up patrols to try to put a stop to it. Recently there was a large police presence in front of McDonald’s at State and Chicago and officers on horseback at North Avenue Beach.

The increased patrols have been noticeable among residents.

“I saw cars, [officers] on horseback and just walking around,” said Joseph Golz, who was cycling along the lakefront. “They were present, now I know why.”

Sources say the lakefront has been targeted by large groups of teens, carrying out wilding incidents. Two people riding bikes on the path at North Avenue Beach were recently surrounded by about 100 teens.

Both were knocked off their bikes, then thrown into Lake Michigan.

“I think it’s terrible,” said Jill Gomberg. “I think it’s really scary. The lakefront is like a sanctuary.”

Sources say flash mobs have also entered the McDonald’s at Chicago and State. About 70 teens stormed into the place a few weekends ago. A source says the eatery was closed down for three hours after the incident.

“When you talk about flash mobs, I think it all boils down to one thing, parenting,” said Police Supt. Terry Hillard. “People are not taking control of their kids. It all starts at home.”

The North Face, Filene’s Basement and Express along Michigan Avenue have also been the target of flash theft mobs recently. Teens enter a store, steal as much as they can in seconds, and leave.

“I actually saw an officer chase down a young girl once at the corner of Huron and Rush,” said Miralem Mahmutovic, who witnessed the incident. “She ran out of Express.”

  • Chris Vaughn

    This is just CRAZY! What’s going on with the kids, today? What happened to PARENTAL CONTROL?

    • yvette

      This is the result when prayer is taken out of school. School is t
      he most influence place these children are in 6 to 8 hours a day. If the schools are not covered by Gods grace it then become a devils workshop. I have 3 children in school I told them that prayer is to be in there heart and mind while @ school. Apparently theses teens come from a stable family, have good parents that don’t condone these acts. I sat that because if they looked like unkept children they would have been bullied from the area by officer following them around. I challenge the Mayor to add prayer bAck into the schools with the new longer days

      • Not you

        Really? Prayer? Ugh

      • Dill Bonno

        yes, prayer. really. Take your hipster terminology and shove it.

  • David

    Great comment Tom

  • Giulia Caravita

    I agree. If the police would start shooting these worthless punks, maybe that would convince others not to take part is this kind of inexcusable vandalism.

    • Milton

      Unfortunately, some of those teens have guns and would return fire on the officers. This would result in shootouts on the lakefront and downtown.

      • Noel B.

        Gunfire at the OK Corrral, or Michigan Ave., not good. We are horrified when Libya and Syria shoot their own citizens. Agree these punks must be caught and punished in the most public and embarrassing way.

    • Dianne

      I am not a violent person, but getting rid of this behavior means getting rid of those who do it. Unfortunately some parents have shunned their responsibility and things are out of control. It puts the law-abiding-citizen in the victims’ place and that is who is suffering. Would-be solutions have failed time and again . Parents refuse to come together and try to rectify the situation and I know that there are cases where police brutality has been a problen, but this is the time when they gotta do what they gotta do. It’s nothing personal.

  • Drew

    This is absolutely insane.
    Fear not: I have the solution.
    Hanging. That’s right. A good old-fashioned hangin’.
    Find the perps. String ’em high; swing ’em low.
    Problem solved.
    Okay, so I’m not serious. But after reading what these buffoons did to the couple on their bikes, this makes me beyond angry. These are not ‘kids’; these are savages in every sense of the word.

  • Eunice

    I think they are trying to tell the police that they are in control. and to be honest they are. we live in fear getting shot or robbed when we go out! I say just forget the liberals and rid our jails of these people they are the ones keeping all of this violence going we feed and house them for them to have all the time in the world to think up terriable acts to do to us.I know people don’t want there children killed but your child has taken someones child. DEATH ROW should be empty they would think twice before committing a crime!!!!

    • Lilacia

      Why not place them in the military? They’ll whip them into shape.

  • empirical

    What the article didn’t mention but what is absolutly true is that these wildings were comprised of blacks. Then they wonder why whites are leery of them and cross the street when they see a group. It’s also why salespeople tend to pay more attention to what they’re up to while in a store.

    • BB

      If you noticed on the video there were at least two WHITE teens that are clearly visible. I guess to you they are just WHITE TRASH.

  • empirical

    It’s interesting that those who contribute the least to society uses most of society’s resources.

  • ucity88

    These are not flash mobs.

    Flash mobs are groups of (usually) bored White people doing stupid stuff like dancing or having massive pillow fights in public.

    These are a bunch of low life Black kids making us non-criminal Blacks look bad.

    • CJL11

      I was about to type the exact same thing when I saw your comment. Definitely poor wording on the part of the author. Calling them “flash mobs” makes the incidents sound totally minor/harmless to a casual reader, which I’m pretty sure isn’t the intention here.

  • Centurion

    WILDING? Good god not that stupid misplaced phrase again. This stupid phrase comes from an imbecilic buffoon journalist who used the phrase to describe the RAPE of a woman in Central Park years ago. The homies involved said….WE WAS JUST DON THE WILDTHING…..a phrase made popular by the TONE LOC hit song. WILD THING YOU MORONS…NOT WILDING. Pay attention to the semi literate accents of these homies and you will be able to understand them. You just have to replay it in slow motion….THEY WERE DOIN THE WILD THING…..not the WILDING! It was just their illiterate sounding accent.

    It’s time to take a walk along the lake front….THE CENTURION…is no ones victim.

  • Out of the Fray

    Shortshanks and the 9 1/2 are going to get even with CBS 2 for reporting these incidents about their constituents. These “incidents” have been happening for quite some time. Not good PR for the tourists……..

  • zarathrusta

    I have a better idea – unconcealed carry. Let’s do it!

  • asbestos

    dumb azz parents know where to stick their d!cks but never give two sh!ts about parenting their kids!

  • billyd

    Animals. They should be euthanized.

  • Noneofyours

    Racist ass comments behind your laptops won’t stop this type of nonsense.

    • CJL11

      You think people spouting hate and then hiding behind their computer screens actually want to stop this stuff? Come on. They simply want to hear themselves talk, or rather hear themselves regurgitate the sad misinformation they were fed by their own parents as kids. If they wanted to DO something about it they would be! Complaining on some website vs doing their part to improve their community and this city is very much a no-brainer for the prejudiced and lazy.

      • doodad

        its easy to blame the racist lazy for the failings of your own society, isn’t it?

    • Al Sharpton

      These people may be racists, but everything they’ve said is true. These kids need a good beat-down.

  • C. Mace

    Well well I am quite surprised that again someone has lumped together a entire group of people (blacks). You have condemned a entire group of people based on the actions of some. All black Americans do not condone these types of behaviors. This the reason nothing changes in the preception from race to race. The longer this kind of thinking and hate continues we will never change anything. All concerned people of Chicago should want to help make this a safer city for everyone, that lives here so we can all share in the beauty of OUR city. Sure there are problems to be solved but hating a group of people is not the answer.

    • CCW NOW

      I think You are correct. Everyone should get together, and tell the political groups opposing Illinois CCW laws to drop their idiotic crusade to keep law abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves from thugs. Why does this happen? Because it is almost impossible to protect yourself from a large group of thugs who know you cannot defend yourself. It is time for Illinois politicians to step up and allow LAW ABIDING CITIZENS to protect themselves, Its quite obvious that the Chicago police cannot be everywhere.

    • Southside

      You are right. Lets get together and stop this stuff.

    • Dragon Punisher

      Would you please shut up. Give. Us. A. solution.

  • Tolduso

    They are a new brand of criminal created by the last Supt. Of Police who decimated the city of it’s patrol officers and who coddled the reverends by stripping and firing every police officer he could, thus causing death to many police officers and CPS students in the process. Now someone has to come in from Jersey to clean up this mess. The “WEIS MOBS” are here to stay because the daley administration’s fury against the patrol officer emboldened the common criminal and left the city unprotected at a time when the economy is worse then it has ever been. Thanks for nothing. You idiots.

  • mrwhatsit

    What editor is responsible for alloting the first top 20 comments on this page to the Ku Klux Klan? There has been an exponential, undeniably vast and ongoing improvement in black/whilte relations in this city over the past 40 years. To use these incidences as an excuse to give voice to all the leftover rascists, who represent but an ignorant and fringe minority of the Caucasian population, is beneath contempt.
    To all Blacks who may have found themselves reading this rascist spew with their morning coffee, I’d like to offer my sincere apologies on behalf of whatever members of my “race” who were allowed space to give vent to such rascist and ugly comments. As most non-whiles already konw, such vile retoric is not representative of the vast majority of the caucation citizens of this great country. ( If it were, Obama would never have been elected.)

    • Jermain

      The above comments aren’t racist. Just because they are not complimentary to the black community, doesn’t mean there is hatred. People are just simply sick and tired of reading about young black men killing, robbing, beating,etc, day after day after day after day. When does it end? When will the black community take responsibility for such a massive percentage of their young men who have chosen crime as a profession in life. I don’t agree with anything the KKK stood for, nothing. But at the same time, I am not blind to the obvious problems in the black community. We call it how we see it. if you don’t like it, then try and do something about it, but don’t think everyone that is digusted with it is a racist, it just is not the case.

      • Bob

        well said

  • VEIT vET

    Two works – M A C H I N E G U N S

  • Cubs Guy

    Saw the same stuff yesterday at columbus & illinois. 2 bangers walking on the sidewalk and 1 decides to punch a guy walking by because he didn’t respect his sidewalk space.

    Too bad our “elected” officials just denies law abiding IL citizens of conceal carry. Don’t worry though, Daley has armed guards and Aldermen have conceal carry and we have the broken Chicago 911 system. Good luck to us all!

  • C Me Leave

    I live close to the McDonalds on State and Chicago. I think that place should be shut down. I won’t even walk in front of it in the middle of a week day. There are always groups of disconcerting people loitering out in front. This article doesn’t mention the stabbing that took place on Wabash and Chicago. And what about the fact that this happened several weekends ago!!! Why weren’t they reported immediately? Gold Coast/Michigan Ave should be the safest place in Chicago and it’s NOT!

  • ed

    Could we have a description of the miscreants so that we can protect ourselves when we go downtow? There must be something in common about these folks that would help us keep our guard up. By the way, I’ve been reading about these type of incidents for a long time on Second City Cop. Why did it take the press so long to catch up?

  • Boot

    These criminals have been doing these wildings for years, and only now the mainstream media starts reporting them. Chicago news media is totally pathetic I guess retiring Mayor Daley’s media muzzle is wearing off?? Maybe Daley can contribute one of his police bodyguards to patrol the lakefront and Michigan Avenue.

  • ed

    So, Jerome, is the use of the word “teen” kind of like when Islamic terrorists are described as “East Asian”? Completely misleading but we all know what they mean, making the dishonesty okay.

  • Dane Kantner

    They shut down Navy Pier “for a few hours” after someone was thrown into the lake, and the spokes person for Navy Pier claims it didn’t happen? It seems like this is the kind of claim that someone should lose their job over if they’re just outright lying. What sources are on file that say it DID happen? It seems like if Navy Pier was shut down for a few hours there would be plenty of people aware.

  • Troy Kendall

    Hope you or any family members aren’t in the way of stray bullets. Good Policing! Daley,Rahm or any other Mayor isn’t going to stop people from being idiots. You want to save the city money? Stop typing and start being a a citizen

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