CHICAGO (WBBM) — Don’t have a cow. The Simpsons intend to stick around for a long time.

That’s the message from the voice of Bart Simpson himself, who was in the Illinois state capital of Springfield for the first time Wednesday, testifying before a legislative subcommittee. But as WBBM’s Bob Roberts reports, some reporters were a lot more interested in the show’s future.

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“It’s the best job on TV,” said actress Nancy Cartwright, who voices not only Bart, but Maggie, Ralph Wigham and a number of other characters on the venerable sit-com.

Now that she has seen Springfield, Ill., does she believe it is the REAL — or at least Simpsons’ — Springfield?

“I can’t answer that question. No way. That’s the only question I can’t answer,” she stammered.

But how can Cartwright be so sure? After all, Springfield, Ill., has a power plant, and there is a Shelbyville nearby.

“I don’t know. How many Springfields are there in America? There’s between 17 and 83, I think,” she said.

Cartwright said she expects to be busy for a long time, and said she loves going to work on Monday to work with the other voiceover actors who are a part of the Simpsons crew.

But she says there probably won’t be another Simpsons movie anytime soon.

“I don’t see us doing another movie until the TV show is finished,” she said. “But I don’t see an end to that. The ratings continue to be good.”

Cartwright said once the fans get old enough, then they really understand the show.

“You know as kids grow up and they get to the point where they can sit and watch the show and actually start to laugh, that’s another generation that can appreciate not only the new shows that being put out, but the 500 that area already done,” she said.

Hooked for another generation? She hopes so.

“To be a fan of your own show,” she mused. “How much more fun can work be?”

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