CHICAGO (CBS) According to a recently released FBI file, the late Chicago Cubs great Ron Santo received multiple death threats over his career, much like other high-profile athletes.

The FBI file, obtained by USA Today’s Peter Eisler, details death threats the Cubs third baseman received in 1970 and in 1972. Santo missed the finals four games of the 1970 season when he received a threat to shoot him at Shea Stadium.

In 1972 Santo began receiving a series of threatening letters at his home in Glenville, Ill. One of the letters had the words “two girls one man dead,” which were pasted from a newspaper. At the same time, two 15-year old girls, who were fans of Santo, were also receiving threatening letters and phone calls, according to the USA Today report.

The FBI attempted to pose as Santo and make contact with the author of the threatening letters, but were unable to do so during a stakeout. According to the report, the FBI investigated the threats for two more years.

Santo received no threatening letters after the 1972 season.

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