Woman, 19, Charged In Gang-Related Slaying

CHICAGO (STMW) – A young woman has been charged with the gang-related murder of man Thursday evening near his East Chicago neighborhood home.

Jacqueline Helm, 19, of the 10600 Block of South Ewing Avenue, was charged with murder for the killing of a 32-year-old man identified by the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office as Julian Montejano, according to a police News Affairs release.

Montejano was shot through the chest about 6:25 p.m. in the 10500 block of South Hoxie Avenue, police News Affairs Officer Phillip Armstrong said.

Montejano, of 10809 S. Hoxie Ave., was pronounced dead at an unidentified time at Advocate Trinity Hospital, according to the medical examiner’s office. An autopsy Friday determined Montejano died of multiple gunshot wounds and his death was ruled a homicide.

Helm is alleged to have taken part in a large gang fight between rivals, when she produced a handgun and shot the victim in the chest, the release said.

Helm fled the scene, but was apprehended hours later by Calumet Area Gang Enforcement Officers. Helm was positively identified in a police line-up and subsequently charged, the release said.

Calumet Area detectives are investigating.

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  • kim

    That dam girl outta be ashamed of herself. Real women don’t fight or kill.

    • LaKeisha

      Black women do.

  • Cristy

    its a shame… Everything we do in life has a consequence.
    She will pay… Here and in the next life
    Chino leaves his wife… 8 children, his parents…sisters
    and friends to suffer living in this hell!
    because he is now in paradise.

  • nena

    This is very sad!!!I think I knew the individual that was murdred

  • Flaca Aguilera


    • BREA

      Listen FLACA , remember your words “what goes around comes around and when KARMA slaps u in the face; reflect on ur comment. it is hatred like this that creates the evil that lurks amongst us that tears and destroys countless lives each and every second of the day. Be an example and NOT the judge; Note to you: there is a saying that is if you break a glass mirror you have 7years of bad luck, I dont want to know how many years of bad luck your gonna get for your Hope!!!!

  • FlowJo26

    What they are not telling you is the so called “victim” was a ranking gang member himself. Really? Who gang bangs at 32? A damn loser! That’s who. While the young lady is resonsible for her actions let’s not pretend that this person was an upstanding citizen of his neighborhood. The life you live will always lead you. He made a choice too, and now his family, and hers, have to live with it.

  • Franko

    Both familys lose but let’s not get it twisted there was no innocent anybody here even the suspected shooter who are we to judge wat makes a young woman pull out or have access to a gun. My Cuzn was not a loser so he’s 32 , so Wat of the 19 yr female .Wat is she flowjo it is wat it is this ain’t da north side

    • Dean

      Franco, where the hell did you go to school?

  • FlowJo26

    I’m not justifying the actions with age, and anyone who wastes their life on mindless bs like this is a loser. You’re may be right, it’s not the Northside, but this isn’t war torn Africa either. There are choices to be made and obviously all the wrong ones were made here. Both families will suffer their loses. There will be nothing to be gained but then again, there never was, but these people never realize it until it’s too late.

    • Kal

      These people strive to be the most vicious, violent criminals they can be. They and all of their kind should either be in prison or dead.

  • lourdes

    Just couple things i have to say here, one instead the so call victim was 32 he should be working honestly to set a good role model for those babies he left behind, . What he was doing dealing with gangs. I knew him and he was nothing good. if you check how many times he was in prison you will know what i am talking about. all those gangs are killing inoccents kids out there in our street .so at this point he is not a victim , he taught he was the untouchable,,,,wrong. now ther are kids woth out a father because of his mistake of hunging out with ganges, and her family lost here too, so at the end who won . NO BODY WON JUST 2 CRYING FAMILIES STAYED

  • Franko

    Who are we to judge sum1 grown so called woman look in the mirror 1st n see your faults b4 you point out sum1s how can both of u so called woman call a slain man a loser or even suggest he was no good he was my cousin so we weren’t perfect who is. Except for you 2 let’s keep it real everybody not perfect only god judges rem that not Lourdes or flo. I’m frm da hood most of my friends are gang members I was blessed with a great I wanted better for myself n I’m a product of south Chicago I make more then a avg cop, fireman I dnt think I’m better then any1 even you 2 . Point is don’t judge unless your last name ends with Christ .

  • Franko

    Dan I’m glad ur white most white people in my part of town think there either black or wish they were Latin you keep your northside I’m not impressed too bad I dnt know know you I’d make you my b???? Guaranteed lol. There’s always gota be a funny white guy. I guess your him

  • FlowJo26

    I just read a lot of the same old garbage excuses that I’ve been hearing for years from the same type of people that I used to run around with myself. Franko, you are absolutely correct when you say none of us are perfect and we all make mistakes. But what good is a mistake you don’t learn from? I’m just a bit older than this victim and I know I have made more than my fair share of mistakes but the difference is having some personal accountability and making the changes I knew I had to. Anyone who chooses this life, and I have been there, should eventually realize there is only two outcomes in the end. Both of which you see here.

  • meg

    All so called “gangsers” shoould prove their gang banging in Afghanistan or wherever the war is going on. I think they would all sh.t in their pants in the real life war zone.

  • John

    R.I.P. Tio CHino!!!! We love and miss you. People who come all the way here to critisize are just disrespectful or have nothing better to do. We will all miss you Uncle.

    • jude glacier

      bottom line a gang leader at his age,,, he is no better than a child molester, a rapist. look around you people,, yes this is your family member and mabey he was nice to you but reagrdless he had a darker side and you are just too blind to see it. may god have mercy on your soul if you continue down this path. because of the poor choices you make, you dont think of the consequinces that steeps down to your mom, dad, brother, sister, husband, wife, kids, aunts , uncle… but im sure the choices u made was well worth it. like meg said you want to fight , go fight for your county make a differnce in your life fight for something you believe in and for and not for the colors or turf you so waste your energy for. put the guns down and mentor a child , clean up your neighborhood, help the elderly, feed the hungry. dont just settle for being yet another STATISTIC…. such a waste and nobody wins… NOBODY

  • meg

    I am with you Jude. Very well said. All those gang bangers are nothing but big time COWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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