Hummus Sparks Uproar On DePaul Campus

CHICAGO (CBS) — Political tension is erupting on the campus of DePaul University, revolving around a commodity so mundane as hummus.

The issue is that the hummus served at the school is made by Sabra, which in turn is owned by the Strauss Group. The group Students for Justice in Palestine says the Strauss Group gives financials support to two Israeli military units accused of abuses.

Student group spokesman Trent Carl tells the Chicago Sun-Times that the reaction to the referendum runs the gamut, from strongly supportive to indifferent to irate.

The Web site Sixteen Minutes to Palestine reported DePaul initially signed onto dropping Sabra brand humus, but later reinstated the product, pending review from the university Fair Business Practices Committee.

New York-based Sabra is a leading seller of hummus. Its parent is Israel’s second-largest food and beverage company, with interests worldwide.

DePaul spokeswoman Robin Florzak says the outcome of the referendum is not binding on the university.

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  • L. Khoury

    So it was childish and pathetic when people boycotted South African apartheid? And this is my country too by the way, I am an American. And if you are complaining about foreign governments and groups, I’m surprised you express no outrage at the largest group which lobbies our government, AIPAC, for Israel’s interests.

  • Sarah

    Ironic that your comment asks if we are still in America? Yes, which, last time I checked was supposed to be a democracy, and there is nothing more democratic than a vote. The students should decide if they want to have a product in their university that supports human rights violations, as found guilty by the United Nations. And trust me, SJP DePaul HARDLY runs the University. It has been a constant struggle to get their voice heard. Of course you would think it is childish and stupid because you are too ignorant to educate yourself about what this represents and how it is part of something bigger that affects you since 30 billion dollars of your tax money is promised to Israel over the next ten years.

    • joe

      Get it right it is a REPUBLIC NOT A DEMOCRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • scoperadio

    Why could anyone in the world possibly hate us? Just read Linda’s comment!

  • scoperadio

    Why could anyone in the world possibly hate us? Just read Linda’s comment!

  • US Citizen

    They have similar beliefs to islamic extremists. It’s ok for Hamas to kill innocent women, children, and elderly at a market place or a pizza parlor.

    • US Citizen

      Israel doesn’t purposly target unarmed civilians any more than the US does. Until the Palestinians decide that it’s time to have peace with their neighbors, they should get nothing.

      • Kat M.

        Israeli forces have been found guilty of many human rights violations. They have been accused of many more. They are known to have targeted civilians. Neither side is free of innocent blood on their hands. Hamas= sub sect of the Palestinian population.

      • US Citizen

        They don’t even teach real history to their kids, kind of like Iran and other extremist countries. I think the university should go out of their way to use as many products as possible that came from Israel.

  • US Citizen

    Sorry about the way I broke up my comment, these CBS censors are brutal. I wasn’t even saying anything abusive or foul.

    • Sarah

      No, you were just saying things that are stupid and ignorant

      • Tina

        In what way? Everything he said was true.

  • Kat M.

    You obviously do not know what you are talking about. Firstly, no race in it’s entirety is any one thing. The Palestinians, in particular, are an oppressed people struggling and fighting to survive. That does not make any violence erupting from their population okay, just as violence from the Israeli population is not okay. If human rights violations occur, I would hope any American lucky enough to live in this amazing nation would be morally opposed to such injustices. A student vote is a necessity because the concerned individuals can’t just not buy a product- they worry about supporting human rights violations- oppression, violence, and genocide.

    And, Joe? You are right, this country is a republic. You seem very passionate about that fact. Do you realize that leaders of a republic are supposed to voice the opinions and beliefs of their people? Votes still occur in Republics. Otherwise, they become dictatorships.

    • Jim K.

      @Kat, Don’t forget, Yassar Arafat was the father of modern day terrorism. The Palestinians stand for everything he did. The Palestinians could have had a prosperous, thriving country of their own, time after time, after time. Ancient history will not be reversed and it’s time to move on.

    • T

      Kat, go take some time and go see videos on YouTube of Iran and the Palestinian plight. What the “US Citizen” is saying is CORRECT. If there is any group born and raised to hate, then it is the Palestinians. I am NOT embellishing. Go see the children on YouTube carrying the M16 and AK-47 mockups with their green flags, and how they SPEAK and say that they need to kill Israeli’s …and how they train them from birth to hate. Your ignorance and others who support the plight of the Palestinians is appalling. And believe me, I wish Israel would not be so heavy handed because it makes them seem barbaric, but they are reacting to the adults in the only way that the adult Palestinians will respond – with bullets and bombs.

  • chicago

    In this country if you protest peacefully it is allowed. People who have objections to how their community/school/church/government function have the right to voice them and/or put the objections up for voting by the rest of us.
    This country also allow people like Linda to make objections to other people’s action.

  • klaus

    Palestinians voted for another TERRORIST organization, Hamas, to run the Gaza Strip. This terrorist organization uses young children and schools, hospitals, etc. as shields as they attack Israel’s civilian population. They are representative of what Islam offers the world; much like 911. Hummus? they are a bunch of gutless killers like bin Laden hiding behind his wife.

    • Kenny

      Everyone should watch the movie, Death in Gaza. You will see how twisted their reality is. Hatred is a way of life for kids.

  • Kat M.

    What’s so great about America again? Oh yeah, the tolerance, the right to free speech and opinions, including the right to stand up to government and corporations if we feel they are doing something wrong. Who exactly is trying to change American ideals to those of a more oppressive society? (And simultaneously spouting racism, ignorance, and poor grammar.) By the way, as a proud Irish-American, my ancestors immigrated to this country as I’m sure yours did. What makes you more American than an American citizen of Middle Eastern descent?

    P.S. Do you honestly think a student organization/ club is running the university?

  • dougwiese

    I am a Depaul grad student and I guess I am boycotting this product in the sense that I have never eaten it, don’t know what it is and don’t care to find out. I am very disappointed in all of you that you are wasting time with something unimportant like hummus, when there are so many other disgusting foods on the Depaul menu that we should be voting on. There is that Pita inn place, that middleeastern food is GREAT. I want to vote to bring them in to cook the food.

    All you people who are posting off topic- THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE HOLOCAUST, who was in an oven almost 70 years ago is not the issue, the issue is what food is in the oven NOW. It would be nice if they had something good tasting for all the night school students.

  • Mike

    palestiniians have rights, but I am less inclined to listen to them given the rhetoric that comes from their leaders. Further, most of them are probably at DePaul for free thanks to liberals who pay for it.

    • dougwiese

      I pay for it, and no one goes there for free.

  • Hezakiah

    This is for what I want to spend thousands of dollars to send a kid to college.So they can debate freaking chick pea dip instead of study.

  • T

    Linda, DePaul is like a ghetto magnet, pulling in students from all over Chicago that love basketball, but who would be better basket weaving. I attended DePaul after having spent a year at the College of DuPage and Iowa State, and it caused me to pull up stakes and run back to Iowa State and pay out of state tuition for my degree. If you want to know what attending DePaul is like – imagine WELCOME BACK COTTER or a visit to the ZOO to see the animals and you’ve got it.

    • T

      I agree with the statement, “If these people don’t want to eat the Hummus, then DON”T EAT THE DARN HUMMUS.” Really that is how you vote in a capitalist democracy. PERIOD.

  • Suhaib

    US Citizen, i really think your misinformed. Im a Palestinian born in this country. Not once in my life have i hated or despised anyone. My parents, Palestinians, taught me not to hate or despise anyone but to fight for what is rightfully mine and what i believe in. If that is mistaken for hate and despise then thats just a shame.

    • US Citizen

      If you were raised in the Middle East, you would have been taught to hate the Israelis. In the next thousand years, there is one thing you will never, ever get, the elimination of Israel. What you refer to as rightfully yours, land, is nothing more than ancient history. Palestinians need to accept this reality if they are to ever prosper.

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