CHICAGO (WSCR) As the Chicago White Sox look dig themselves out of a whole and get back in the race for the AL Central title, the team needs to evaluate what players aren’t contributing the way the teams needs.

One of these players is left fielder Juan Pierre, who has a .242 batting average and a .313 on base percentage at the plate, and has committed five errors in the outfield.

“I saw where Ozzie [Guillen] said [on Monday], he’s thinking about dropping Pierre to the ninth spot,” Ken Rosenthal, of FOX Sports, said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “That could be the first step…And at this point there isn’t a lot you can do with this team, but that’s certainly one area in which they can improve.

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“And I know Ozzie is loyal to Juan Pierre. I know Juan Pierre is a fine guy and one of the hardest workers in the game, and that is all true, there’s nothing you can say about that that is false. But at the same time it’s about production. And this is the Major Leagues, and as much as I like Juan, right now he has a .580 OPS. Generally speaking, you want your outfielders to be around .800, so .580 isn’t getting it done.

“Defensively, he hasn’t been a plus. He has not been a plus on the base-paths. And it kills me to say this, becuase to me Juan is a lot of what is good about the game and a great example…but I do believe they need to make a move there. They need to do something there, shake it up, starting with dropping him [in the lineup] and go from there.”

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