Quade Furious After Loss To Reds; Colvin Off To Iowa

CINCINNATI (CBS) — Cubs manager Mike Quade was furious Monday night, after the team were pummeled 7-4 by the Cincinnati Reds.

Meanwhile, outfielder Tyler Colvin is being sent off to the minor leagues following a repeated poor performance.

Following the game, Quade addressed the team in a closed-door meeting and would not place a positive spin on the loss. Speaking to reporters afterward, his colorful language might have conjured former manager Lee Elia’s rant 28 years ago after the Cubs of that era lost a game.

But Elia was ranting about heckling fans and defending the Cubs’ performance. Quade’s ire was directed at the team’s performance.

“That was embarrassing, and that (expletive) has got to stop,” Quade said. He said the team had “a nice 4-0 lead early on” and pitcher Carlos Zambrano was “cruising,” but, “I got (expletive) news for you – it ain’t routine until the freaking thing is over.”

LISTEN to Quade’ comments

“You get beat, you get beat,” Quade was quoted further in the Associated Press. “But we’re beating ourselves way too much, and we’ve got enough issues competing as it is without beating ourselves. When I see that, if I’m going to lose sleep, I’m going to have my say before I do, that’s all.”

LISTEN to more of Quade’ comments

Also Monday, the Cubs announced that Colvin will be sent to Triple-A Iowa following the loss. Colvin hit 20 home runs last year and was considered a key to the team’s future, but this season, he’s failed to live up to expectation, hitting .113 in 62 at bats, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Colvin will be replaced on the Cubs roster by Iowa outfielder Tony Campana, who has been hitting .342 with eight stolen bases, the Tribune reported.

In the game Monday night, the Cubs’ 4-0 lead became tied at 45 when left-fielder Soriano misplayed the Reds’ Scott Rolen’s fly into a double.

Ultimately, the Reds seven-run rally left the Cubs in the dust.

The Cubs (17-22) fell a season-low five games under .500.

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    Wow. They had that one in the bag. Nice, feel good game after a lousy home stand, and then BAM!
    It’s the super sad ending of Wayne’s World.

    It’s time for them to puke and rally.

  • Mac

    Does anyone proofread anything anymore? Its sad if I can see it. I suck at spelling and grammar.

  • Jake from da burbs

    You know who should be looking at himself in the mirror? Thats right.. YOU Mike Quade.

    The issues with the Cubs defense and general play are glaring but I look at Quade’s performance and I give him an F.

    This entire season has been about the 3C’s.

    Cashner is hurt because Quade pushed for him to be a starter. The shoulder problem looks lingering and who knows if he’s every going to be healthy. End Result: Wouldn’t surprise if Cashner doesn’t pitch this year and has to be shutdown.

    Colvin has regressed horribly being yo-yo in and out of the lineup at 1B and OF. End result: Iowa.

    Castro has been hitting wise but still struggles defensively. Lately, he’s struggled offensively too because Quade has yanked him around from 1st to 3rd to 6th.

    Quade has pretty much mismanaged a lot of aspects of this team and what the purpose of this season was. You can throw Hendry in there too because he’s a bozo. 2011 will known as a completely wasted team because it looks like we’re not anywhere near playoff contention NOR has this year become any sort of growth or progression year.

    What a waste. No wonder they’re struggling with attendance. They deserve it.

  • Mclovin

    I laugh when I see these proof readers come in here that don’t stay on subject just to jab at another on his grammar? Your a moron bro, it’s sports. Back to the subject, I like how everyone us accountable on this team. Quade Rocks!

    • StupidPeopleFTW

      It’s “You’re”

      “everyone IS”

  • Cameltoe Rancher

    Quade is down on the list of those who deserve Cub fan angst. In my opinion, from least to most:

    1) Under-performing, over-paid veterans who appear to try. Hard to put much blame here, (that’s why they are first on the list) but none-the-less, they cash their checks. They include Ryan Dempster and Carlos Pena. Their under-performance has hindered the team’s progress. It’s not even really their fault, and I will get to that person later (below).
    2) Under-performing, over-paid veterans who appear NOT to try. Nothing makes the average Joe fan angrier than watching some lazy, high-dollar player who won’t hustle out of the box nor charge aggressively after fly balls that may be near a wall. Aramis Ramirez and Alphonso Soriano are two of the biggest tirds on earth. I almost- wish career-ending injuries on both of them.
    3) Jim Hendry- the one to blame for all the inflated contracts and the lazy efforts that they put forth. Seriously, how does this man still have a job in baseball? How many other GM’s have had the payroll that he has had, failed horribly and STILL HAVE A JOB?????? Now I am getting angry! But I digress, the at the top of this pile of suck and deserves most of the angst is none other than:
    4) Tom Scurvy Ricketts. Could somebody, anybody explain to me the logic behind acquiring a professional baseball only to cry poor? By asking for public funds while refusing to buyout poor contracts he has driven a stake through the public trust in him. A river of abject failure now separates the owner from his fans. If he didn’t have the money to run the team properly, why did buy the team in the first place? He is a bum in my book. He should do us a favor and sell the team. You want to own a ball club? Go buy the Schaumburg Flyers!

    In closing, I am glad to see

  • Cameltoe Rancher

    glad to see the fans abandoning this team.

    MOST Sincerely,

  • tom Sharp

    I told you al this before the season started. Stop listening to the “pie-in-the-sky” media (e.g., Rosenthal telling us why Hendry should not be fired) and get real. The Sox suck and the Cubs are worse, both playing in the least talented divisions of their respective leagues. Dump Hendry and Williams and then start on the rosters.

    • StupidPeopleFTW

      Good logic, dont listen to people who are paid to talk and analyze baseball, and listen to a random guy on an internet post.


      • tom Sharp

        If you’re so “brilliant” why do you pay to listen to the guys who are wrong instead of those who are right???? Anyone who knows anything about baseball could tell you before the season started that the Chicago teams both sucked. Who gives a damn if they get paid or not. They also got paid for “Dewey wins”!!

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