Two Students Charged In Strong-Arm Robbery

EVANSTON, Ill. (WBBM) — Two Evanston Township High School students are accused of knocking several students to the ground and taking their cell phones in the hallways of the school.

Levertis Williams, 18, and Julian Hutchinson, 17, are both charged with two counts of felony strong-arm robbery.

Police say on Thursday in two separate incidents, Evanston students reported being robbed.

The first incident took place at 10:20 a.m. when two robbers approached a student while he was opening his locker.

One of the robbers placed his arm around the student’s neck and pushed him to the hallway floor. The robber then said, “Let me get that phone.”

Police say the victim refused, and the robber went into the victim’s pockets and removed an Apple iPhone. Then the robbers fled.

Later the same day at 3:30 p.m., police say the same robbers approached two students as they were walking in the hallway.

According to both victims, the robbers came from behind, pushed them against the wall and caused them to fall to the floor.

Then the victims say one of the robbers said, “Give me that cell phone.”

Both robbers then went into the pockets of both victims and took their cell phones then ran away.

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  • Leroy Goldberg

    Two worthless pieces of $**+… surprise.

  • Jim Schwake

    Poor guys, perhaps an Attorney can work for a plea bargain and get these guys off with a slap on the wrist. Isn’t that how our Judicial system works? Some sympathetic judge will go along with probably faulting the victims for carrying cell phones to school.

  • Mark

    I smell a RACE CARD DEFENCE! their hands were cold, thats why they put them into tose pockets! They thought the phones were bombs, thats why they ran off with them to protect others from detonation! They’re HEROS! someone should give these guys a scholarship!

  • My Kid's No Thug

    I can hear their Moms right now.

    “Oh no. Not my boy. He’s a really good kid. Someone must have framed them or something.”

    It’s sad that often the parents are the last ones to realize what pieces of $hit their sons turn out to be.

    • cheyenne reid

      who said anyone was going to get hurt? you need to be real with yoself dude. these kids grew up in the wrong lifesyle from learning and going into the wrong path because of frineds maybe even family. so before you wanna call people out they name. find out how they living and why they do the things they do. maybe then you’ll understand. even when its wrong. not everyone and not every “black” person is the same. geez.

  • Like Always

    Had To be Nigg3rs, nothing new.

    • cheyenne reid

      are you serious? you see all the time on the new how people of ALL races make bad decisions. you cant jus look at them jus because of their race. you have people of all races that committ rape, robbings, killings and more.

  • mike

    it only happens EVERY TIME!

  • aspodog

    I smell a B!TCHE’S TAIL! How could they have known what was in the pockets without smelling them?

  • Tyrell

    Take a good look at this guys mugshot. This is your worst nightmare. If you see the likes of this black ass gangster thug, either run or just start shooting.

    • cheyenne reid

      dude you are so petty, immature, and stereotypical! you need to stop!

  • R A

    I happen to think his mug shot is sexy

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