End Of The World? Chicagoans Skeptical

CHICAGO (CBS) – A California preacher says Saturday is the end of the world.

But some Chicagoans are skeptical, even though billboards are posted locally to reinforce the end-of-the-world warning, CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports.

Michael McClosky, a deacon at Holy Name Cathedral, says predictions of the Apocalypse date back to the 1800s. 

The problem, he says, is this: “Jesus tells us you won’t know the hour, the day or time. Only my Father knows. Not even my son.”

But Harold Camping is convinced he knows. The 89-year-old owns the Family Radio network that’s been promoting the prediction. He claims to have unlocked a hidden code in the bible that points to May 21.

Chicago’s best known atheist-activist likens belief in the Rapture to buying a lottery ticket with a promised big payoff.

“I don’t hold my breath that that’s the winning ticket and I’m not holding my breath that the Rapture will actually occur,” Rob Sherman says.

But if by some chance the world does end, he’ll be happy.

“Just think, no more Christians, no more moment of silence in the public schools,” he says.

At Holy Name, service is scheduled for Sunday, the day after the world is supposed to end.

In California, Camping declined to do interviews that way, saying he is certain he won’t be around.

  • jonny stud

    I agree with God on this one..no-one will know the day or hour…so it is said…his word is everything…why don’t they listen?…

    • Baftiel

      This is true we haven’t been under the rule of the beast the world’s pain has not ended there’s still war and famine and so forth,When a great leader steps up and the world is at peace and all the churches are gone but 1 and a man claiming to be Jesus then we have very little time,it could happen at any time that’s the truth me personally i think we have a long ways to go before it happens…but that’s my opinion

      • NWA

        You may be right because the world is not at peace. Just read some of the visceral post on CBS2’s websites.


  • Foorah Judeh

    What a crock.

  • nikki CraZyNative

    really people the world is not going to end!!!!!!!
    who ever started the rumor wants every one to panic so he or she can get a laugh at it so please stop with the world is going to end cause you scaring the little kids

  • peepersq

    Glad I didn’t make time to do laundry, clean house, and I will not make my bed on Sat. I will go out and enjoy life on Sat, That’s a hint for those that believe in this foolishment.

  • Jim

    Quinn has just proposed an Apocolipse tax. Go figure…

    • peepersq

      At least it will not be ‘permanate”….

  • Kim

    Can’t we recall Quinn????????

  • Baftiel

    And besides if GOD wanted us to know he would have had it put in the BIBLE but he didn’t so lets just live life to the fullest day by day but always keep GOD near.

  • anna

    Only God knows this one! Read your Bible the truth is in the word!

  • Bill

    Lets see……The preacher is 89 years old!What does he care!His time is approaching fast any ways!!! And the other clue,is, that he’s from CALIFORNIA!!!!! You have to be careful about playing God!This one was easy to figure out!!!!!

  • Beck Boltenn

    Why is it that everyone istopped everything and look up th heaven and see if the Lord Jesus is coming? The preacher from LA is reading the wrong bible,,.. may be the Mormon Bible or the Jehjovas Witnesses Bible. Those bibles are a fake and many inventions are in it. Please, read the right bible to find out what God is gona do with this world where we live for a while. After all we are here as strangers and pilgrims. Our home is in heaven above. Our bones will rot on ghe ground but out souls will be with God for ever. Amen

  • Bernie

    Harold Camping is a fake. Of course he is old and his time is up sometime int he future. No one knows when the end will be… only the Father in heaven knows when the apocalipse happens. So do not worry about preditions that will not happen. Worry about your own soul and if lyou are saved. If other bibles are wrong,, then fix them up. May be the Hebrew blble is the correct one.
    Check it out in prayer.

  • Mary

    I believe that anyone who mocks, laughs makes fun of and belittles this man, including the anchors on the news is pretty sad. Is this what we have become.
    So the man has a prediction. Leave him to it. I don’t believe that we have to wait for God to destroy the world, he’s watching us do that all by ourselves.
    I think there is a lot to be said about respect and Integrity especially if you are on television reporting the news.

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