CHICAGO (CBS) – A California preacher says Saturday is the end of the world.

But some Chicagoans are skeptical, even though billboards are posted locally to reinforce the end-of-the-world warning, CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports.

Michael McClosky, a deacon at Holy Name Cathedral, says predictions of the Apocalypse date back to the 1800s. 

The problem, he says, is this: “Jesus tells us you won’t know the hour, the day or time. Only my Father knows. Not even my son.”

But Harold Camping is convinced he knows. The 89-year-old owns the Family Radio network that’s been promoting the prediction. He claims to have unlocked a hidden code in the bible that points to May 21.

Chicago’s best known atheist-activist likens belief in the Rapture to buying a lottery ticket with a promised big payoff.

“I don’t hold my breath that that’s the winning ticket and I’m not holding my breath that the Rapture will actually occur,” Rob Sherman says.

But if by some chance the world does end, he’ll be happy.

“Just think, no more Christians, no more moment of silence in the public schools,” he says.

At Holy Name, service is scheduled for Sunday, the day after the world is supposed to end.

In California, Camping declined to do interviews that way, saying he is certain he won’t be around.

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