Police Beef Up Patrols To Combat ‘Flash Mob’ Crime

CHICAGO (CBS) – Police patrols will be stepped up this weekend in light of the recent wilding and “flash mob” attacks in downtown Chicago, CBS 2 has learned.

North Avenue Beach.  Oak Street Beach.  State and Chicago.  Navy Pier.  Sources say these locations will have beefed-up police presence this weekend as the temperature rises.  Sources say the move comes after an increase in disturbances.

In one incident last month at North Avenue Beach, sources say a group of about 100 teens surrounded two people on bikes.  Both were knocked off their bikes and thrown into Lake Michigan.

Bicyclists say the increase in security is welcome.

“Yes, it makes a big difference,” bicyclist Olavi Goos said.

It’s not the first time police have responded this way. Last year, activity by flash mobs was also met with heightened police presence. Officers increased foot and bike patrols and searched bags at different lakefront locations.

Sources say once the plan was put in place then, the problems stopped.

Ever since the recent flash mob and wilding incidents have been reported, police patrols have been stepped up in the city, including at State and Chicago.  The spot is known for criminal flash-mob activity.  Teens post messages on Twitter or Facebook about meeting there, then carry out their plans. 

Sources tell CBS 2 News in the past month, there have been more than 35 arrests for flash mob and wilding incidents in the city.

  • zarathrusta

    Time for UNconcealed carry. Let’s call it, “MUZZLE Flash Mob.”

    • Skorpius


    • Curt

      Yes, because more violence is always the answer.

  • unrest

    Firing squads and mandatory sterilization would be a good start.

  • mike

    I hope the cops beat the living s**t out of them. It’s the only language they understand. Spare me the knee-jerk liberal reaction. And “g-man” is right. It IS a hate crime. Too often Black on White crime isn’t classified as such when it realliy IS!

  • Bin Awad

    I couldn’t care if they are black or white, most likely, probably some combination of both, but if it is a 100, 99 need to be dealt with and one allowed to leave and tell the story

  • Mr. Justice

    Wow! I like the comments I am reading for the most part. We would not have this problem if the communist state of Illinois had Conceal Carry. Maybe I will have to go downtown today and see what happens. Anyone who gets injured due to these punks needs to bring a lawsuit against Quinn, the City of Chicago, and the state representatives who voted NO against Conceal Carry. OUR 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS HAVE BEEN TAKEN AWAY BY THE ELITE. Time to take back our rights. Don’t forget 48 other states have a form of Conceal Carry and for some reason, I don’t see an increase in their murder rate, or shootings, etc.

    • lyndia

      You are right.

  • mike

    @ Mr Justice: COMMUNIST?????? What planet are you from? You’ve obviously have never even been to a COMMUNIST country!

    • Mr. Justice

      @ mike, you are an idiot! I have been to a communist country. I have seen the devastation that communism brings on a country. If you do not think we are on the slippery slope of socialism you are mistaken. My reference to Illinois as a communist state, is that Illinois does not allow CCW, when 48 other states do allow CCW, and Wisconsin, will be passing CCW this year. If you enjoy having your “rights” as a citizen (not civilian) taken away from you, then go ahead and support the puking liberals. I, for one, will stand up, speak out, and fight for my rights that are afforded to me by the Constitution of the United States of America. The next time you want to get take on someone that you no nothing about, please think twice.

      • Kay

        Why are you comparing socialism to communism? They are very different systems…which may explain why @mike questioned your ever having been to a communist country.

        (Out of curiosity, what communist country have you been to?)

  • Lou

    Maybe if all the fine Chicago police officers weren’t wasting their time guarding an ex-mayor this type of stuff wouldn’t happen. Besides, these thugs know they’re living in a gun free zone and there is NO CHANCE a law abiding citizens with a legal firearm will stop them

  • Nicole

    These comments are crazy! How did this become a racial issue? Sounds like some dumb teenagers doing dumb and dangerous things and the police should absolutely step in. But to call it hate crime based on this article? That’s crazy. Absolutely crazy. I’m more scared of the lunatics on this comment feed than I am of 100 bad ass teenagers.

    • g-man

      It is a racist issue because it is a group of blacks that target whites—Now what would the news report if it was a group of whites that tartget blacks ???? Racist what else but never when it is a white victim–why ???

    • pete

      Nicole, unfortunately as long as blacks continue to commit violent crime at a much higher rate then other races, then other races will continue to associate violent crime with blacks.

      For example, blacks commit murder at 7 times the rate then whites, according to a 2005 study by the Bureau of Justice (link follows).


    • cheetosandgrapepop

      sounds like you are not concerned because you are of the same race…..your comment then means nothing

      • cooldude9366

        I disagree. I believe Nicole is the stereotypical white liberal who has not yet been mugged.

      • Kay

        The only stereotypes are those in the minds doing the stereotyping.

        As an aside, while I can’t speak for Nicole, *I* got mugged…and it was two white punks.

  • Lisa

    Wow…this feed makes me question basic human sanity. Nicole is the only one who doesn’t seem completely mad. I wouldn’t trust ANY of you with a concealed weapon, you’d be a much greater danger to society than a flash mob (which is completely different from a group of people committing mob violence, which is what is being described in this article). You all need to get a grip, and I’m thankful you can’t carry weapons here.

    • Mr. Justice

      Well, you can go live in your little house or apartment, hope crime doesn’t come to you, and believe what you want. BUT, the truth has been shown in FBI crime statistics. When the “law abiding citizens” are allowed to carry firearms as in a conceal carry weapon, crime goes down. PLEASE do some research on the Texas Congresswoman who had to leave her handgun in her car when she and her parents went to dinner at a restaurant. Someone came in, began shooting, and her weapon was in the car. Her parents were both killed as well as 4 others. NOW, please tell me, we do not have the right to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our property. Also, read up on the 2nd Amendment!

      • momofspawn

        You are so right Mr. Justice and when Lisa is out to dinner she can be comforted just knowing that banning the conceal and carry, plus having to leave a LEGAL weapon out in the car will keep her safe from the criminal or looney who surely will follow the law and not conceal a weapon and carry it in and kill her and everyone else in the place. We all know that criminals are law abiding citizens and could never get a gun illegally!!! Thanks Lisa, I know I feel better.

  • David

    What do you mean, they can’t carry weapons here? Of course they can. People do it all the time.

    Oh you mean, they can’t carry weapons legally.

    So if it is a gun, then the intent doesn’t matter, but if it is a ‘flash mob’ then clearly the technology is blameless and what we are seeing is only mob violence.

  • Roberta Waker

    If we can’t carry guns legally maybe we should carry tasers, pepper spray, or something else that would chase the bad guys away. What if the bicyclists that were thrown into the water drowned? This behavior is mob violence at least, assault at best and everyone involved should be arrested and serve a couple of nights in jail to cool their heels. If this gets out of control, conceal and carry just might be the only solution.

    • Lou

      Roberta, the City of Chicago has also outlawed those self defense tools. The only logical {??} conclusion is that the powers that be who control Chicago want law abiding citizens to be defenseless. Of course the criminals will always be armed because by definition, they do not obey the law.

  • Mr. Justice


  • mike

    Mr Justice: I GREW UP IN THE USSR!!!! So don’t tell ME about communism or socialism YOU’RE T^HE IDIOT!!!

  • Tha Man

    Where in the story did it say they were black because I missed that part? Or is it just that you have fear or hatred toward black and therefore you blame them for everything. This world would be a lot better off if people realized that there are thugs and dumb A$$&$ in all races and shapes. Just look in the mirror g-man and you will see what I mean.

    • momofspawn

      You are right Tha Man, however, if you look at statistics, you will find that g-man is right.

    • Chi-reader

      Na, I live there. They’re black.

  • Tha Man

    You need to take a look at yourself also. Just because you live there means nothing, if you did not see it then do not speak on it. Come with facts not your lame opinions. Fear and ignorance is the #1 cause of racism/ hatred toward others. You must struggle with both. It is so easy to be resist but only the strong and true Christians are opened minded and non judgmental, un-like you. The lord will show you and all the rest when the day comes. You never know he may come back as a man, woman, black, white, red, purple, ect. who knows.

  • http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2011/05/31/emanuel-heat-related-illness-forced-north-avenue-beach-shutdown/ Emanuel: Heat-Related Illness Forced North Avenue Beach Shutdown « CBS Chicago

    […] Last month at North Avenue Beach, sources say a group of about 100 teens surrounded two people on bi… […]

  • LiberalLuke

    When will black people learn to behave in a society that clearly does not want them to be part of it? Isn’t there a beach for blacks on the south side somewhere? What about if the blacks simply gather on a beach along a river, and leave Lake Michigan to those who actually can bahve according to acceptable social standards?

    • Kay

      Why on earth would they even try when faced with attitudes like… “When will black people learn to behave in a society that clearly does not want them to be part of it?”

  • Maggi

    When race isn’t mentioned, they’re black.

    • momofspawn

      Maggi…I have found that to be true in every incident I have read about on the internet new sites. hmmmm….that surely isn’t racist??

  • Vince

    Come on people, think about it. If 1,000 gang members congregate somewhere, you know darn well the majority of them are Black and or Hispanic. The Liberals think by ignoring that fact that it will mysteriously go away. There is a cultural problem in those communities that are breeding so many gang bangers like this. It never gets addressed, because people are afraid of being called racists and others are afraid of hurting people’s feelings. Thus, these issues never get addressed.

    • Kay

      This has nothing to do with “liberals”. “Liberals” aren’t ignoring the problem…or worried about being called racists or afraid of hurting people’s feelings. All those claims are just more counter-productive stereotyping.

      Unfortunately, the purpose of this type of stereotyping is generally to place “blame” on “them”…whoever “them” is and whatever it is that “they” are being blamed for.

      But such stereotyping is a cop-out. It assumes that major societal problems actually have “if only they’d do this” answers. But that’s just not true. NEITHER side has all the answers. And NEITHER side has the solutions to all the problems. I don’t care what political party or ideology you support…your side does NOT know how to fix everything. Neither does mine. And for *any* side to simply take an adversarial “it’s their fault” position only makes things worse.

      • NCMike

        Your moral equivalence, and absence of intellectual discernment speaks volumes about why these issues continue to exist. Your failure to honestly and intellectually come to grips with reality prevents ANY conversation with people who maturely, honestly, and analytically perceive reality and then use their minds, rather than their immature emotions, to grapple with the problems. You have been indoctrinated into childish solutions, non-discerning unawareness, and the inability to understand those who ideas fail to fit into your conformist world view. You’ve been indoctrinated into perpertual and self-fullfilling naivite. You, and those who abdicate their intellectual capacities are lost, and you are losing this wonderful country for your heirs, and ours.

  • Lakegirl

    I live here too and can probably guess with 99.98% accuracy that they were black or maybe ‘Rican….but….we can’t SAY that because then it would be racist…..truth hurt?

    • Kay

      No, it’s not racist *if* you’re talking specifically about the general characteristic of people participating in a certain type of criminal behavior in a certain area that you’re actually familiar with. In other words, if you’ve spent time down by the beach and have seen this happening, and it’s mostly blacks doing it when you’ve seen it, then you’re not making a racist comment by saying you expect blacks to be involved even when you aren’t there to see it first hand.

      It *would* be racist, however, if you had no knowledge whatsoever of the area or the population and simply made your claim based on your personal opinion that all blacks are losers and criminals so “of course” they had to be black.

  • NCMike

    There can be no honest conversation about race as long as the left and their media inspired, know-nothing followers continue to ignore the fact that violent flash mobs consist of a certain race, ethnic group, or culture, that apparently does NOT have the same values, as the other members of society who they arbitrarily attack based on their own stereotypes and absence of values. Until the issue is realistically discerned and then discussed, hyperbole, emotions, and demogoguery will trump common sense. Wake up America. You’re country is being destroyed by those who despise your values and your freedoms and couch their hatred in terms of “tolerance”, moral equivalence, and closing their eyes, ears and minds to reality. You and your children will be the beneficiaries of your self-induced ignorance and fantasies.

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