Search For Missing Aurora Boy Becomes More Desperate

AURORA (AP) — Police searching for a 6-year-old boy say that at least one of the steps his mother took before she committed suicide – a step that suggested the boy was safe — did not happen.

Earlier this week, authorities said that after they found the body of Amy Fry-Pitzen in a Rockford hotel May 15, they discovered Timmothy Pitzen’s car seat was not in the car. That led them to believe Fry-Pitzen may have left the car seat with whomever she left her son.

But Saturday, Aurora Police Chief Gregory Thomas said in a news release that the boy’s grandmother had taken the car seat a week earlier.

Thomas says authorities are growing increasingly concerned about the boy, who was last seen more than a week ago when Fry-Pitzen took him out of school.

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  • Kathleen

    We can probably all guess what the Psycho did…After all, she didn’t have any value for life…She even took her own life! So what does that tell you?
    She shouldn’t have been allowed to be alone with this child. The family knew she had mental problems, so that makes her a risk in my opinion.

  • mallard duck

    obviously kathleen didn’t know amy. so her opinion means nothing. amy was a wonderful person. what has happend is very uncharactteristic of her. how were things on the home front ? what was the status of the ‘ temple recommend ‘ ? my gut feeling says the investigators need to talk to the bishop. the investigators need to talk to the ‘ home teacher’. all mormons have one. hmm. my gut feeling says when the truth comes out , it will not what people expected. i do hope for the safety of the boy

  • Pattt

    What leads us to take our own life…only the person that does it has the answer. We should not judge others because we do not know what they are going thru. My heart goes out to the families and I pray that the child is safe.

  • chicagoannie

    I figured that poor little boy was deceased as soon as this story made the news. The murdering psycho mom gave the child a few last good times before ending his life. I hope he is found so those who loved him can mourn him and properly lay him to rest.

    Why didn’t those family member do SOMETHING when this mom’s strange behavior and phone calls were happening?

    I do hope I am wrong, tho, and Timmothy is found safe and alive.

  • NinasCherry

    I’t’s true no one knows the pain of another when one takes their on ilife. But it is so wrong for one to creitize them as many of us didn’t know Amy. But what we do know is that she wanted her son to be safe and with someone other then her self. She cared so much for her son to have a good life. I am hoping whom ever has her son would come forward so the public will know he is indeed safe and healthy, I just pray for Amy as she was suffering mentallly at the time of her death. I pray that the family will have peace when their grandson is found safe..

  • Linda

    This is a sad situation, everyone has their views, but in all seriousness , any mother would not leave their child behind. Which brings you to the theory of did she hurt him? and realize she couldn’t go on. Which in her mind of the note she left behind that he was with someone who loves him , and with religious beliefs that would be god. We can only hope thats not the case, what makes one wonder, if someone has him, why havent they come forward? Do they realize the pain they are causing the family. This is horrible and I hope somehow this comes out good for them

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