Evanston To Consider Total Ban On Bags

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Plastic Bags

Bangladesh banned plastic bags outright in 2002, after they found out the bags were blocking drains and leading to floods. Thin plastic bags are also banned in South Africa, and Australia and the United Kingdom are also weighing bans. Plastic shopping bags are banned in San Francisco and Oakland, Calif., and a ban is under consideration in Evanston. More On Listverse

EVANSTON (CBS) — Paper, plastic … or neither?

The City of Evanston has a public hearing a 7 p.m. tonight on a proposal to ban disposable shopping bags – plastic or paper.

Newsradio 780’s Steve Miller reports that, if the proposal eventually passes, Evanston would become the first town in Illinois to ban disposable bags.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Steve Miller Reports

The Central Street Business Association of Evanston says it’s all for the greening of the city, but it opposes the ban, saying it’s “just not a way for a city to support the business climate.”

And, the association says, “Who polices it? Can it be realistically policed at all?”

First the idea in the Evanston City Council was a five-cent tax on disposable bags.

Now that’s evolved into a proposed outright ban.

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