Evanston To Consider Total Ban On Bags

EVANSTON (CBS) — Paper, plastic … or neither?

The City of Evanston has a public hearing a 7 p.m. tonight on a proposal to ban disposable shopping bags – plastic or paper.

Newsradio 780’s Steve Miller reports that, if the proposal eventually passes, Evanston would become the first town in Illinois to ban disposable bags.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Steve Miller Reports

The Central Street Business Association of Evanston says it’s all for the greening of the city, but it opposes the ban, saying it’s “just not a way for a city to support the business climate.”

And, the association says, “Who polices it? Can it be realistically policed at all?”

First the idea in the Evanston City Council was a five-cent tax on disposable bags.

Now that’s evolved into a proposed outright ban.

  • bob

    Next they’ll ban toilet paper cause it clogs up the pipes and costs the village money to clean it out. They’ll opt for how they do it in middle eastern countries but then how will they tax that?

    • mary ellen

      Dear bob,
      FYI: toilet paper decomposes readily. Plastic bags can last a thousand years.

  • Chad Singer

    Tax the bags. Canada does it. .01 or .02 would be enough to deter most. If not .05 is fine with me

  • George Carlson

    This issue is something the pudding-headed Evanston libs can really support, unlike doing something about the murders near Evanston Township High School and the recent muggings in the corridors of the school itself! Rock on, Berkeley of the Midwest!

    • Kevin McHugh

      George! Are you REALLY that stupid?
      Separate issues, and completely unrelated – you sound like a Republican dragging in other issues to muddy the water! These bags require amazing amounts of energy to make, use petroleum as a major ingredient, and do not decompose – read a little, and you will see how they are a huge pollution problem world wide. There is nothing wrong with paper bags, or better yet, bringing a reusable/canvas bag when possible! I think it is you my friend who are “pudding headed”. Educate yourself, and apologize to everyone once you get it.

      • Tom

        Kevin. To quote you, are you really that stupid? Read the article again. They are proposing a ban on paper bags too.

  • Michelle

    GREAT!! The city of Chicago should do the same! Our addiction to petroleum products is ridiculous! People can carry their own bags! We need to reduce our dependence on oil products of any kind. This is an excellent start. Another product that I’d like to see disappear is styrafoam. It takes 500 years to biodegrade. The government has to step in b/c many individuals can’t seem to take initiative to lessen their impact on the environment and future generations. Is it that hard to carry a bag with you? or to bring a reusable coffee mug or to chose not to get take out from a restaurant uses styrafoam. People talk about cost savings for businesses, but what will this cost future generations.

    • StupidPeopleFTW

      You’re a dope. Recycled styrofoam is better for the environment than paper or plastic bags are. People simply dont care, and arent smart enough to think for more than 12 seconds. Kinda like your post.


      If I remember correctly, plastic bags were the solution to the paper bag problem.

      What do we do with all those union workers at the plastic bag company?

      You mention cost savings, how much has our government cost future generations?

      • XPHALCON is an ass

        XPHALCON! Ha! You are an idiot!
        Where are the bags made you self righteous flag waving moron!
        Not in the good ‘ol USA! Not by union labor – the paper bags that are
        made by union shops you dingleberry!

        “You mention cost savings, how much has our government cost future generations?” Well, that is rather open ended and not exactly on subject is it?

  • mike

    Wow more people with to much time on there hands. If you think about it there is room in Evanston for a recycling plant to create some jobs. Next you will ban the gallon and half gallon plastic containers that milk come`s in and they will have to buy a cow, but then the cow pods smell and then you will ban strange odors and god forbid if they don`t have a plastic baggie while they are taking them for a walk.

  • George Bush

    Mike! You must be as busy as George! Too busy to get educated on the issue, but not too busy to shoot your mouth off! Geez, you guys related or just sipping the same Chicago River Kool Aid?

    Those milk bottles are a big problem as well – and take a lot of petroleum to produce – read about it – they are very similar as an issue to the disposable bags, and you are right, they should be next! If you think that means you have to buy a cow, well….

    Here you go Georgie and Mikie, let us know if any of the big words get you pudding heads stuck – we’ll help you sound them out!


    Give it a read, learn something you ignorant loud mouths!

  • James Burns

    so i guess you carry everything in hand lol i was born and raised there this town has become a joke and has been sold to the highest bidder north western

  • Frank John Reid

    I thought that in Evanston, everything not expressedly allowed by city law was forbidden.

  • mike

    This proposal is STUPID and the people who support it are STUPID as well. Don’t BAN them recycle them. What happens if you’re out and about and you remember that you need something at the store? You can’t always have your own bag with you. And besides that those reusable bags are germ factories. There’s got to be some other way besides banning plastic bags. Of course Evanston will either go the banning route or they’ll TAX them. I think this is just another revenue ploy.And sorry I partially agree with George Carlson. I live near Evanston Township High School and I don’t think the Evanston police are heavy handed enough.

  • Most People

    Indeed Evanston ignores the key issues concerning safety of the citizens because it is high theater to make plastic bags an issue. The best way to get this done would be to make it a state issue or a national issue so that the playing field is level for each business. If you ban the bags, I would just simply grocery shop elsewhere. Like many people, I’m too lazy to bring my own bags, so you have to hurt me hard to change my behavior.

  • patrick

    just shop in chicago, evanston is very anti buisness as the mess with the tilted kilt showed, people are not stupid , they will shop where they can carry their grocerys or other items that they buy without problems,all in al it will mean less tax money from the buisnesses and higher property taxes for the home owners

  • Katie

    Aldi’s sells there bags. Recycling is a good thing. Makes all kind of stuff. No bags, keeps the cost down for the people. Lower cost means more money in our pockets. This is going to happen if anyone likes it or not. Just like Taxes. We have to pay them. There is enough politician in our pockets. I like some money back in mine.

  • John

    Perhaps they should allow the use of plastic bags made from hemp (biodegardable). It will help farmers and help to revive a once thriving industry that was destroyed in the US and Canada by our “all knowing” governments. Henry Ford saw the potential when he produced a prototype of an automobile in 1941 made of a hemp based plastic. It was stronger and lighter than steel.

  • DoAsISayNotAsIDo

    Lol. If all of you tree-huggers ranting about the petroleum products being used in the manufacture of plastic bags and milk jugs were really doing your part, none of you would be hammering away at your keyboards or your IPads as the advent of the internet has resulted in far more petroleum use than plastic bags.

    John, you have a point with the hemp plastics, but legislative geniuses that be are incapable of making any sound decisions. I am convinced that they no longer legislate for the greater good.

  • Doreen

    So visitors need to know to bring their own bags with them when they shop in Evanston. How about big signs at the borders reminding everyone BYOB?

  • SpellingIzHawrd

    Both types of bags are horrible for the environment, but so is driving a car. I’d bet they dont ban driving anytime soon.

    This is about as dumb as when McDonalds swapped to paper containers over styrofoam, depite the fact that recycled styrofoam was better for the environment than the paper cartons. People are too simple to understand things like that though.

  • StupidPeopleFTW

    The comments from both sides of this issue are a great illustration of how stupid people are…

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