CHICAGO (WSCR) After Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals, Chicago Bulls fans were ready to welcome either the Dallas Mavericks or the Oklahoma City Thunder to the United Center for the NBA Finals. But panic seems to have risen among some of those same fans after the last three games.

While that panic might have some legitimacy, anyone hitting the panic button on the future of the team needs to take a deep breath.

“This is such a young team, that the future is really bright,” former Bull and current NBA analyst Steve Kerr said on the Danny Mac Show. “And normally you have to go through stuff like this to get to the very top. I mean, think back to Michael [Jordan] and Scottie [Pippen], you know, trying to get past Detroit for a few years before they finally, you know, made it to the title. So, this is a young team. They’re growing together.

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“They’ve had a phenomenal season. And the only thing they need to focus on is [Thursday] night. If they can go out and play hard and do what they normally do, I think they have a great chance to win. And then at that point, you just never know. I mean, you can’t look at Game 6, you just have to look at [Thursday night] and not worry about all the noise coming from the outside.”

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