Sex Education Mandate Passes Illinois Senate

SPRINGFIELD (CBS) — A proposal pending in Springfield would set new requirements in sex education classes.

The Senate narrowly passed a bill that would mandate that sex education classes from sixth grade through high school include instruction about contraception and abstinence.

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Republicans objected to the bill, saying that it should be up to each town’s school board to decide what should be taught in their schools

Supporters of the bill say instruction about contraception is needed because so many teens are having sex.

The bill would allow parents to exempt their children from the classes. The bill now goes to the House.

  • Tammy

    This bill seems like common sense. Only a complete and total moron would exclude their kid from learning about contraception.

    • Sheila

      but why would you want a stranger to teach your child about sex?

      • Natalie

        Because most parents aren’t having the conversation instead as Jessica put it preaching abstinence. Let’s be realistic kids are having sex and it’s safer to explain the use contraception’s instead of just telling them don’t do it.

      • LiberalPatriot

        My kids teachers are not stragers to my children. They’re respectible authority figures and what they teach backs up what I teach.

    • Jessica

      Agreed.. That’s why so many teens are getting pregnant because some parents who preach abstinence aren’t facing the facts that their children are having sex. And the sad part is they are starting out younger and younger these days.

      • Papa

        The bill requires that the kids be taught contraception AND abstinence. The sad part is that parents are not taking responsibility for their kids and expect the schools to do everything except discipline, and the parents don’t do that either.

  • mom

    as a parent I would exempt my child from contraception and/or impress upon her the sin involved in it. ….of course schools would never teach natural family planning with it’s 98 percent reliability….. our culture is instant gratification and disipline? who does that anymore?

    • Allison

      No offense but this is why so many teens are pregnant. If you lecture your child that sex is a SIN then who would they talk to about it? And eventually they will end up having sex anyway. That’s the reason the teen pregnancy rate is increasing because some parents can’t put aside their religious beliefs instead of being realistic.

      • futtes

        you don’t need to lecture your kids that sex is a sin…it’s’s a gift from God. Unfortunately, having sex outside of marriage is sin…to what degree it’s not up for me to judge. It breaks the bonds of committed love and also dishonors God’s gift. The important thing here from a religious aspect is to teach about sex for what it is..a POWERFUL gift meant to bond a man and woman for life…and more so to produce new life!!! How awesome is that! This culture throws it around pretty cheaply and many, many people especially youth are hurt emotionally, physically, and spiritually!

      • Courtney

        But you also can’t force your views on your children. That’s fine if that’s what you believe about GOD and sex but again parent’s aren’t being realistic about the subject.

    • Liberalpatriot

      You have a great point, but since we’re using the Bible as the basis for our society, and you’re a woman, your opinion is completely unimportant. I’m also wonder, does your husband’s other wives and concubines agree with you? Not that there opinion matters either, but its always nice to know what kind of chatter takes place in the womens’ tents.

      • September

        that comment was totally not called for, the real issue is are the lines of communication between you and your children are they open and honest. because if you don’t talk to ypur kids about sex or let them learn about it in a positive way they will learn it the wrong way, and being pregnant is the least of their worries. AIDS, HERPES AND OTHER STDS THAT ARE NOT RESPONDING TO THE TREATMENTS THESE DAYS. so parents start being parents and not your kids enemy, you catch more flies with honey than vineagar.

  • Jed

    No…moronic parents think that teaching our children about such things is the state’s responsibility when in fact it should be and IS the parents. Most schools in this state can barely handle math and reading (look at the test scores) let alone an important and delicate topic such as this.

    • Mike

      I agree but when the parents aren’t doing it who should step up then? Just read the comment above about telling her kids that it’s a sin. Come on!!! If that worked the teen pregnancy rate wouldn’t be what it is today if that were true.

  • Jed

    Teen pregnancy is a sign of the times just like kids building bombs and shooting up their classmates. Parents are too preoccupied with their own lives and have very little concern over what their kids are doing. Besides in today’s day and age, parents don’t want to offend their kid’s fragile psyche by telling them no or disciplining them in some fashion.

    • Melissa

      That could be a contributing factor but also parents not having the talk with their kids and throwing tantrums when someone else decide to educate them. Kids are having sex face the facts. It’s better they protect themselves instead contracting diseases or ending up pregnant.

    • Ed

      Yawn, every generation wrings their hands about “kids these days”. It is well and good for Jed and the christian saints above to talk about parental responsibilities, but the hard cold reality is that for 10,000 years, kids have sex, no matter who their parents are! Informing kids about contraception in school is rational, and WILL prevent some teen pregnancies. If you are a fanatic Christian, Muslim, or other religion, then go ahead and shield your offspring from reality. Just don’t try to legislate your own religious beliefs on everyone else! Kids would rather hear about these things WITHOUT their parents in the room!

      • Zee

        Only a moron would allow someone else to teach them morals. No wonder some kids are in trouble. Take some responsibility and raise them yourself, don’t equate fatherhood with being a sperm donor.

      • Jed

        Well put, Ed. Teen pregnancy is at an all time high. Follow the logic here…the more we talk about it at school and the more we educate-the worse it gets. My guess is that either you are not a parent or your kids have experienced these issues firsthand. Either way, the state taking the place of the parents for the last generation seems to be working out very well.

  • Andrea

    I had the “talk” with my kids starting in 5th grade. We continue to talk about self respect, respect for the girl they may be with and these girl’s familes as well as contraception and abstinance. I would like to fool myself that my 16 year old son is a virgin but the truth of it is that he isnt. SO…we continue to talk about it daily (along with his brother in the conversation) so that he knows that just because he was given condoms that it isnt permission to go out and have a free for all and that there are many emotional issues that come with sex as well. We have “safe” topics that include sex, condoms,drugs,alcohol and drugs as well as peer pressure. They know that we can talk about any of these without there being consequences. I would rather they talk to me than their friends or strangers. So, I support sex ed but believe that it needs to be balanced by close parent involvement as well. I will not let strangers raise my kids but I will let them educate them.

  • t

    Dont’t kid yourself. I am a teacher and a parent and provided my dauther with all the support and/or resources that she needed to be safe and smart. Well guess what? Yes, my daugter is pregnant at 18 years of age. (there are many more) I would like to see schools and parents working together to come up with a proactive plan to help arm our children with the necessary tools for them to be procatice with their own life situations.

  • Sarah

    Do you really think teaching about contraception is going to change the teen pregnancy rate. I grew up in the AIDs crisi. Condoms were handed out like candy, and everyone was taught about the proper use. Girls still got pregnant left, and right. Teens think they are invincible-it will never happen to them. I have a real hard time believing that these kids are not informed. Parents being involved (knowing where your children are) and talking openly with their children is the best way to prevent pregnancy, drug use, smoking, gangs. The schools cannot be responsible for raising our children…

    • futtes

      Parents have the first job, but schools shouldn’t shrink either…they are in a great place to influence young minds. The problem comes in with varying views on the purpose, gift, and dangers of sex. People have a wide range of moral beliefs about sexual behavior….and to think human sexuality is outside of morality is a farce. Parents need to get informed, and be able to speak sincerely and honestly with their kids.

    • Joanie

      I agree with everything you said but I still think it’s a good idea to educate them about sex instead of preaching abstinence or pre-martial sex because news flash to all the posts about GOD, SINS, etc. kids are having sex whether we like it or not.

  • Nick Thompson

    Instead of learning my kid gets to learn how to put a rubber on a banana, great!

  • katherine

    I would like to add that not all young people are having sex! I really hate listening to people ranting on that all kids are doing it and we cant stop them as they are gonna do it anyway. Young people need to grow up learning about relationships, respect and love. They need to know so many aspects about relationships before even sex and crontraception is even discussed. Schools and some parents are failing the young people by not talking with young people about sex and relationship education age appropriately.
    Yes some young people are having sex but why are we once again labelling young people that they are all doing it when a significant amount are not.
    Good positive appropriate sex education needs to happen at home and school. also there needs to be information and guideness and support for parents on how to talk with their children from an early age about relationships and then when appropriate about sex. Come on people lets give young people a chance and not give up on them before they have a chance.

    • Zee


  • steve

    Since IL wants to pass gay mariage, what will the kids have to watch in school? Will they have to watch gay sex videos or demonstrations? Will they be taught how to do it with the same sex?

  • Liberal

    The conservatives and Tea Party followers always are pushing for teaching abstinence only. When one of their most vocal and well-known leaders, Sarah Palin, coulld not make it work within her own family, can’t they see that such teaching is not going to work on a large-scale. Parents can share their beliefs with their chilldren and teach them whatever they want, and hope that the children follow what they’ve taught, but the reality is parents can not completely control what their children do when they walk out the door. Unless you’re going to lock your children in the house until they are adults, you are n’t going to have control over them. Even back when I was a teen, 35 years ago, most parents, including my own, had no clue what we were doing when we left the house.

  • Michelle

    I strongly believe that parents and teachers should begin teaching their children and students about relationships and sex by first allowing questions to be asked by their young people. Talk with them about their opinions and what they know and follow up by teaching them why treating others well, being respeced and honored, and why contraception, abstinence, being safe and healthy is important. Do not stop there though. Teach the consequences of right and wrong. Allow the past successes and failures to teach young people how to be responsible for the decisions that they make, whether it is to abstain or to engage in sex and good or bad behavior towards another person or themselves. As with most things implemented and taught, relationship and sex education should also be taught successionally. Science, math, language, health, history, psychology, sociology, and religion cannot and should not be excluded from relationship and sex education because they are all relevant and relative! Katherine is absolutely right! We cannot give up on young people by not educating them properly or not at all. Passively allowing things to remain the same cannot and should not be the solution to any problem.

  • MotherOfThreeSons

    Blah, blah, blah…….if your children are 15 and having sex, there is something wrong with YOU. Have you talked with your children about sex, and I don’t mean handing them the Pill or a rubber and opening the door and letting them run wild? Do you even know where in the hell they are right now? If you have good communication with your son/daughter, and show them the TRUTH about STD’s (google some wonderful photos/descriptions and SHOW IT TO THEM), the side effects of taking the Pill, and abortion, and the difficulty and expense of raising a child, I highly doubt that they will be promiscuous. My boys know what it is like to actually care for a baby, and they all agreed NOT YET!

  • M

    For every crazy religious goof ball, I hope your kids end up getting pregnant or Getting someone else pregnant. haha it’ll happen :)

    • katherine

      such an intelligent thing to say!


    For every Liberal moron (and there are wayy too many in this sick city), I hope your kid gets gonorrhea, has an abortion or 5, gets hardening of the arteries and heart disease from mixing smoking birth control pills and when they want a kid they have to adopt a daughter with syphilis from China. Haha, it’ll happen….! Suck it, M.

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