Family Sues CTA Over Man’s Death In Accident

CHICAGO (CBS/WBBM) — A man’s family has sued the CTA, nearly a year after he was hit and killed by a car while running between buses.

Nathaniel Okpogie, 21, was killed on June 17, 2010, when he was hit by a car near 115th Street and Michigan Avenue. He had just gotten out of one Chicago Transit Authority bus and was running to another, according to a lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court.

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Police say the driver of the car that hit Okpogie, Lavall Luckett, called for help and stayed on the scene. Police said at the time that no criminal charges were expected against Luckett.

But Luckett is named in the lawsuit, accused of failing to keep a proper lookout, driving too fast for conditions and not reducing speed.

The suit also accuses the CTA of operating the bus in a way that put Okpogie into a dangerous situation, and of failing to train and supervise its employees.

The suit, filed by John Okpogie, is seeking unspecified judgment against Luckett and the CTA.

The CTA could not comment Tuesday evening.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • What!?!

    Surely, this story as it is written right now, is missing some sort of details. The way that it is written, it appears that this guy got killed after he got off of one bus, saw the other bus that he needed to catch, and ran out into traffic to catch it. If that is the case, does the family expect the CTA to provide a crossing guard to keep people from running in front of cars? How is the CTA liable for this man’s death?

    • Concerned

      Agreed, THis family is just grasping at straws since they probably found out that the driver that hit the guy running between buses doesn’t have enough money for them to sue him. Some attorney preying on those who have suffered a loss is also possible because surely there were witnesses to the accident and any competent attorney would not take this case.

  • Mike

    Sounds like a money grab to me.

  • mike

    hmmm,,, did anyone else just sense their insurance rates rising ???…You know, my first thought was that I hope the CTA countersues these people for the costs of this fraudulent law suit but I know that wont happen. The more likely scenario is that they will settle because it’s cheaper than going to trial. Then again, how much did the dumb arse win for spilling coffee in her lap ??

  • ChicagoDaughter

    Umm… i believe there is a sign on the bus windsheild warning passengers not to cross the front of the bus when getting off. There is even a little man getting hit by a car. This family is just trying to get paid.

  • Jim

    Sorry the man died. The CTA can’t be responsible for people J-walking.. I smell a Reverend involved somewhere in this law suit.

  • gibson

    what a ridiculous waste of time. CTA countersue. I have seen people run out into traffic to catch another bus – they are idiots. Clearly this man who was killed felt that traffic, buses and everyone else should stop because he is in the street. My mother taught me to look both ways when crossing the street, my mother taught me to not run into traffic. CTA countersue this family for the wasting the courts time.

  • KE

    I would like the CTA to stand firm and NOT SETTLE, These types of money seekrs need to be stopped. And Metra needs to follow their lead. Walking in front of a rummbling, vabrating train without looking should NOT get your famil money!

    Perhaps the CTA and Metra shpuld sue the estate of the dead DUMB person for all the pain, suffering and nightmares that the driver, conductor and passengers havve and will continue to endure.

  • Gina-Pete Ontiveros

    This is a freaking joke…They are suing the driver because “he failed to keep a proper lookout,and not reducing speed..I beg to difer, he reduced speed when he ht this idiot who ran out to catch another CTA bus..Suing CTA for “operating the bus in a way that put himt into a dangerous situation, and of failing to train and supervise its employees”. …Was the driver suppose to exit the

  • You Do The Okpogie And You...

    If Nathaniel would have been thinking about whats really important, (Not Getting Killed), he would be around today. Jamaican Money Grab Man.

  • Ron H.

    The people behind the lawsuits are c*nts.

  • Bj

    Cta sucks. They should be sued By everyone.

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