Police Shut Down Gang Drug-Dealing In ‘Terror Town’

CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago police on Thursday announced criminal charges against more than a dozen individuals who allegedly controlled a drug-dealing market in the city’s notorious “Terror Town” neighborhood.

The sting operation, dubbed “Terror Town II,” dates back to September 2010 and targeted illeged activities of the Black P-Stone street gang within the area of 75th and and 79th streets and Yates and Colfax avenues. Chicago police say they utilized surveillance and made undercover drug purchases before executing search warrants to seize cocaine and heroin, vehicles, cash and guns.

Among the defendants is Eric Gauthreaux, 32, the so-called “Prince of Terror Town,” a nephew of El Rukn street gang founder Jeff  Fort; Gauthreaux was charged with criminal drug conspiracy. Police identified fourteen others who were taken into custody for drug charges. Four others were at large.

During a news conference Thursday, police showed surveillance video of an open-air drug market place known as a “pow-wow line,” at 79th and Essex. Pow-wow is heroin.

 “These guys were making about $15,000 a day,” Nicholas Roti, chief of the Chicago Police Department’s organized crime division, said.

Now prosecutors say they’ve put a stop to that after they arrested 15 gang members and issued warrants for four more. They had a warning for other gangbangers. 

“I only got one message: We’re not done yet,” Brian Sexton, an assistant Cook County state’s attorney, said.

  • Nena

    Shut up tyreese

    • Tyreese

      Everyone take a good look at these mug shots. This is your worst nightmare. If you see a group like this coming down the street, either run fast or start shooting. The only good homie, is a dead homie.

  • Leroy Goldberg

    The story would read much better if it said Police kill 4 worthless pieces of s**t.

    • Tyreese

      HaHaHaHa, always the comedian Leroy. Keep up the good posts.

      • Leroy Goldberg

        Thank you Tyreese, you do the same.

  • CDC

    I second Leroy. Can we please clean up Chicago. It is becoming the NYC of the late 80’s early 90’s.

    Criminals everywhere even in the loop. Barely any cops and way to many leaches who live off the tax payers crime and keep popping out babies that they do not take care of.

  • Come Visit Terror Town USA

    Based on there collective ages, figuring gang affiliation time, I believe there is about 60 years worth of criminal activities in those photos.

  • Roberta Waker

    Good job, CPD. Keep arresting these criminals and it just might be safe to go into Chicago again. Hope the judges don’t wimp out on the sentencing and put these dealers back on the streets to destroy more lives. I also agree with Leroy – it would save the taxpayers a lot of money if they resisted arrest and were all killed. Maybe next time. . .

  • WhoDaMinus+

    instead of putting them in cook county lock up, why not lock them up in the gorilla house at brookfield zoo? See how long they can fight for their lives there.

    • Tyreese

      They would blend in too easily, the lion house would be better.

  • ace11

    Black people like this bring down america

  • Wot Woo

    All these punk gangstas and gangsta “wannabes” should all be shot on sight!


  • ron

    Nena, are those your baby daddies or something? Everything Tyreese said was right on. Those four animals should be put to sleep immediately.

  • Lyndia

    Animals you say? They deal dope in the white communities and then they kill their mama, daddy, sister and brother. Animals you say? (Was octomon white or Black?)

    • Tyreese

      Are you really defending the likes of these idiots? Are you kidding me? These low life gangsters are the bottom of the barrel of sh!t. What is wrong with you?

  • Clay

    Most of these comment just go to show RACISM is still ALIVE and well!!

    • Common Sense

      Its the truth you idiot.

    • Gregg

      @Clay, It seems you don’t know the difference between racism and reality.

  • jazzo

    Thats good yall got them drug people off the street.. Now ya’ll should get the people who kill other people..

  • Lyndia baby daddy

    Hush yo mouf woman. Did yall see the line on da tv ? Thems was black folks in dat line fo sum pow-wow. Pothead rocks !!!!!

  • J

    How much were the Reverends making on this?

  • Right

    One of them is related to a b*tch who conspired with libya to conduct acts of domestic terrorism. Shoot these mfs and save the taxpayer’s dime.

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