2 Investigators: Disabled Teen’s Vehicle Towed From Handicapped Parking Spot

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CHICAGO (CBS) — The signs are clear: Parking spaces in a lot outside of the Whole Foods on Canal Street in Chicago are for drivers with disabilities. 

2 Investigator Dave Savini reports witnessed drivers using those spaces illegally while not getting ticketed or towed. Meanwhile, a family with a legitimate parking placard for the disabled was towed.

One motorist was parking in a spot reserved for people with disabilities but he did not have a placard.

“I just had to get my brother,” he told Savini.

Another man caught on camera had a placard for parking in a disabled spot, but it was not his.

“It’s my mom’s,” he admitted.

These illegal parkers were in the same lot where Nicole Nordman and her teenage-daughter, Josie, parked legally using Josie’s placard. The Nordman family car, however, was towed.

Seventeen-year-old Josie suffers from diabetes and cystic fibrosis and has a lot of trouble breathing. She needs various medications to help her breathe and control other medical issues.

“There are a lot of times when my lungs get very congested and I cannot walk long distances without being very short of breath,” Josie says.

While shopping, Josie says she needed her inhaler and other prescription medicine, so she went to the car to get it. But the vehicle had been towed.

A Whole Foods spokesman says the vehicle was towed because the family left the store for a period of time to shop elsewhere in the mall — a violation of the parking lot rules.

Nicole Nordman says the two left briefly to get coffee in the adjoining mall. When they returned to the grocery shop, Josie started feeling ill and needed to get her medicine from the car.

“They were looking for a car to tow for the money,” Nicole Nordman says.

When Nicole questioned why the car was towed, she says she got this response: “There’s clearly no one disabled.  You walked all the way through the store.  You shopped for an hour.”

It took three hours to get the car and Josie’s medication from the tow lot.

“I don’t want this happening to anyone else,” Josie Nordman says.  “It’s not fair.”

A Whole Foods spokesman says they twice announced the Nordman license plate before the tow and says their signs clearly state you cannot leave their premises. However, they also say they learned a lesson and are no longer towing people legitimately parked in spots for drivers with disabilities.

The Nordman family has been refunded the towing fees.

State Rep. Anthony DeLuca is looking into legislation that could prevent this from happening again. The Illinois Attorney General’s Office is investigating the parking situation at the mall.

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  • Ex-WholeFooder

    This Whole Foods is the worst culprit of predatory towing. I have vowed never to set foot in another Whole Foods store because of their gross behavior at this location.

    • Nicolle

      WHAT?? You are clearly an employee of A-1 or whole foods or just some nutcase. Clearly you know nothing about my family or my daughter. If you did, you would never post something like this. I have already contacted CBS to find out who you are so that I can look into filling a libel suit against you. What you have stated is CLEARLY defamitory. I also think you might be crazy so I want to have your contact information to make sure that you cannot harass us.

      Do you have any idea what it takes to get a handicapped placard? Doctors reports, 2 years of pulmonary function tests etc.

      Runs on the track team? She can barely walk without being short of breath and coughing.

      I would LOVE to see you try to back up your claims. Since my daughter is a “track star” please show me something from her high school or from the newspapers that says this. My daughter has never had the stamina to play a sport.

      How does one pretend to have Cystic Fibrosis? Why would anyone do that?

      You are clearly a sick person to even state something like this. Clearly you have NO IDEA about us.

      It sickens me that people like you breathe the same air as me. Its too bad you couldn’t be the one stuggling to breathe every day.

      For anyone who takes this nutcase at all seriously here is video of my daughter speaking at the Cystic Fibrosis walkathon (which she has done for 3 years). I am pretty sure that the CF foundation makes sure their spokespeople actually have the disease.

      You clearly need help. I hope you get it.

      • butyourdon'tlooksick

        I suffer from MS and every year 50 or so of my friends and family walk to raise money. I generally have to stay behind but in years when I have been healthy I have walked. My next door neighbor has stage 4 breast cancer. Her friends and family walk the breast cancer walk every year. I am not sure what your point is. How do you find it ironic that there would be a walk for CF?

      • Dalton hater

        Boy you are a sick human being. The walkathon raises money for the illness. Are you really that stupid? Clearly you are a healthy individual. That is too bad, maybe if you had an illness you wouldn’t be so cold hearted.

      • Centurion

        Nicole. Pay no attention to the jerks. He is probably the same store manager who had your car towed

    • wheelchair guy

      Shes not disabled! those spots are for people with MOBILITY issues, like me, in my power wheelchair! If you can walk, you don’t need a handicap spot!

      • jgloots

        I see a lot of people in powered shopping carts. For the handicapped.
        Most of them are severely obese. Why is that more handicapped than a girl with diabetes and cystic fibrosis and has a lot of trouble breathing?

      • Grumpy

        Wheelchair guy, being disabled is not limited to mobility issues. Put duck tape around your mouth and nose, then try to walk without passing out. Then you’ll have some idea what it’s like for this girl to breath.

        If you are legally defined as being disabled and have the proper tag’s on your vehicle you have the legal right to park in a hadicapped spot. The store/towing company was way out of line.

      • wow

        So you need to park closer to use your power chair? She has trouble walking long distance an and you need the spot? You push alittle joy stick forward and you move.

      • Shinea

        There are no graduations on how disabled you need to be to park in a handicap spot. A lot of people would feel that she is in greater need than you, since you can travel for miles in your chair.

      • Shinea

        sorry, gradations.

      • laura

        I have multiple spinal problems and I can’t walk very far, but I CAN walk. You get to push your little joystick while I have to limp around in serious pain. Tell me I don’t need a handicap spot like you do, I’ll happily hitch a ride on your power chair.

    • John Dalessandro

      god give her car back .do be a jerkoff go look for the jerks that arnt handicapped.if she got a placard shes handicapped in my book

  • Katharine Alden

    Dave–I don’t know about the cars situation of this family, but it would probably be beneficial to get licence plates for this familys car Tag the one that this young lady is in most of the time. When you apply for the metal plates (cost is the same)you are also given the mirror placard to use in a different car that this young lady is riding in. I have thiese plates and have had for many many years due to problems walking and using a cane.The only thing you need to do is get the Drs verification that there is a medical problem and then send that to the DMV for the plates——-good luck.

    • Nicolle Nordman

      HI Katharine

      The plates on the car are no different then the placard. They both come with the same legal rights. You need the same doctors notes and verification to get the placard as you do the plates. Plates must be renewed each year, and the placard is good for 4 years. There is no difference in the protection afforded a person with plates as there is to a person with the placard.

      • bob

        The placard is actually more flexible. If you need someone to drive you somewhere ie the doctor or hospital you can use the placard in their car or in a rental car as well.

    • Cheryl

      What they need is a new manager at Whole Foods!!! The nerve of them thinking that they can decide who has a need. Their concern should be more on their customer service and people skills. It’s obvious that this so called manager doesn’t have enough real work to do. Maybe Whole Foods should think about handing out pink slips.

      • laura

        this is the same company who accused a woman of attempted shoplifting when she stopped shopping to bring her 2 children to the restroom. it looked suspicious to them. instead of listening to her side of the story they banned her for life. ridiculous.

  • http://www.mark-t-harris.com Mark T. Harris

    Is this Whole Foods idea of “sustainable” parking? Who is the Whole Foods manager that thinks they’re in a position to evaluate someone’s level of disability based on observing them walking around the store? How ignorant.

    • Isaias M

      I was actually a witness on the day this family had their van towed , it was a big show and hard to forget! The employees at the service desk kept trying to explain to the family that the lot is monitored and the family browsed threw the store , did not buy anything and walked off the property! The van was towed due to illegal parking ! not anything related to being handicapped !

      • Nicolle Nordman

        Can you please explain to me how the car was illegally parked? Since that is what you claim. Also, the employees at the service desk repeatedly told us, please note there were 4 other people with us at the time not just me and my daughter,, that the reason the car was towed was because they watched us walk from the car and no one was handicapped. The employees also told the POLICE officer who was called that they towed us because no one in the car appeared to be disabled. It was this police officer who 3 hours later forced them to get us to our car because WHOLE FOODS acted illegally.

        If we were NOT shopping in the store why did we have 3 carts (between the 4 people with us) full of food valued at approx $800?? Yes, we left the store to get coffee for about 5 minutes and we asked an employee if that was okay and she said yes. I am not sure who you are or how long you “witnessed” the incident but since it went on for almost 3 hours, I highly doubt you heard the entire thing. You call it a big show. Do you have a handicapped daughter who had all her medications including inhalors, insulin and pills in a car that was towed? Do you think if you did you wouldn’t have been angry?

        Have you read the Illinois vehicle code on handicapped parking and when a car can be towed? Do you have ANY idea what the issue is? Maybe you should spend hours reading through Illinois code relating to handicapped plates and where and when they can park. The car was parked legally and should NOT have been towed. Whole Foods has admitted that they were wrong and are no longer towing cars with valid handicapped plates from their lot.

        Posts like this and FALSE comments take away from the purpose of the investigation and the story. Whole Foods violated the laws of handicapped parking. That is why there is a State Rep and the Illinois attorney general involved in this case.

        Can you tell your post has angered me? If you for any reason think that Whole Foods acted correctly then you are part of the problem that people with “silent disabilites” face every day.

      • Katie

        It works both ways with the wholefood store. I am sure people who are shopping in the mall say at Michaels, may park in michael’s parking lot and then realize they want to pick up something at the Wholefoods store and run in there to get it. Would Whole foods store complain about that? No because it is in their benefit even though they were parked in another stores parking lot. It works both ways so Whole Foods needs to get over it and so do all the people who are ignorant enough to say that you cannot shop anywhere else if you are parked in their parking lot. It is a mall which by definition is a variety of stores. You are kidding yourself if you say that you have never gone to the mall with the intention of going to only one store but then ended up browing in another. Iit is human nature people….get over it!! Whole Foods was wrong!!! 100%

      • Cheryl

        Isaias M. Shame on you!!! I agree that you should check your facts. It doesn’t matter if they never set one foot in Whole Foods. They have a valid placard and should be allowed to park in any handicapped spot they choose. Handicapped does not only pertain to people that have mobility issues. Also, it doesn’t matter if they purchased or not. I bet you’re one of the people that park w/o a placard. However, if you’re every handicapped I hope you remember this day.

        Nicolle, I know you’re upset, but please know that you don’t have to explain yourself. This Whole Foods store was dead wrong and it doesn’t matter if you spent 1 cent or 5 million dollars, you have the legal right to park in any spot you please. And if Whole Foods doesn’t want people to walk away from their store they should be attached to a mall. What fool moves their car from store to store at a mall??? I know, I bet Isaias M. does.

  • Txxxx Vxxxxxxxx

    Here is the letter that I sent to the management of Whole Foods Market on April 2, 2011 after my car was towed while in the store. They have since lost my business for life:

    Message: Dear Sir or Madam:

    I am writing regarding an incident that took place at the Whole Foods Market in Southgate Mall, located at 1101 S. Canal Street in Chicago on Friday, March 25, 2010.

    Because I intended to purchase items at the store, I parked on a garage level designated for Whole Foods customers. Signs were posted indicating that customers for other stores should park elsewhere, but I was going to Whole Foods after a brief stop at Michaels Craft Store, located in the mall’s basement, where I had to purchase adhesive tack for a charity event at my son’s preschool. This took me approximately six minutes. I then proceeded to Whole Foods Market upstairs. In the seven minutes I was in your store, I spent $17.58 on several items. When I returned to the garage, I found that my car had been towed in the fifteen minutes I had been away—over half of which were spent in Whole Foods. My vehicle was located on a parking level on which many spots were available. My brief sojourn into Michaels Craft Store (to purchase an item Whole Foods Market does not sell) did not prevent potential Whole Foods shoppers from parking. The towing charge was $172.50.

    While waiting for a cab, I observed employees of A-1 Citywide Towing in the garage, watching shoppers exit their vehicles, copying down their license plate numbers, and communicating via text message with someone inside Whole Foods. A Whole Foods employee would then announce the plate number over the noisy store’s PA system, summoning the owner to the customer service counter. If the owner did not immediately appear, her car was towed. The level of coordination between the towing company and Whole Foods Market employees was striking.

    When I returned to Customer Service to inquire about my car, an employee apathetically handed me a sternly worded letter, informing me of your company’s right to tow my vehicle if I left the store for any reason. I was neither “satisfied” nor “delighted” by this interaction. Additionally, doing business with towing companies that engage in predatory practices flies in the face of Whole Foods’s core value of “Extraordinary Customer Service.”

    While I now recognize that by leaving the four walls of Whole Foods I was in violation of your parking policy, your draconian rules are inconsistent with the actual behavior of shoppers. To avoid running afoul of these rules, I would have had to park on one level, run in to Michaels, return to my vehicle, drive it to another level, and proceed to do my shopping at Whole Foods.

    I will never return to your store—neither this nor any location. In addition, as a result of my experience, I am now actively advocating against your business.

    Please feel free to contact me regarding this incident.

    Txxxx Vxxxxxxxx

    • Cassia I

      I am soo sorry this happened to you!
      It is a predatory racket and people need to speak out!
      I’ve learned that lesson on the north side with a Walgreen’s lot, I will never shop that Walgreen’s again! I do believe what goes around comes around, wrong doers get their share!
      Thanks for sharing your issue with us!

    • Roberta Waker

      Have any of you filed a complaint with the States Attorney about this store/towing company coordination? It would seem Lisa Madigan could, at the very least, fine them for unfair and misleading business practices. I hope EVERYONE stops shopping there; then Whole Foods won’t have to worry about mistreating customers because they will no longer be in business. Sounds like a scam to me.

      • Nicolle Nordman

        We are currently working with the Illinois Attorney General. Whole Foods violated several law when they towed our car and I want to make sure it never happens to anyone else

      • KE

        It DEFINITELY is a scam
        The shoppers know the rules..and although it is an inconvenience for the drivers/shoppers to go in and out of their cars.. THEY are indeed in violation and have to suffer the consequenes,, essentially for being LAZY.
        Whole Food pays an EXTREMELY HEFTY amoiunt of RENT for the store and for EACH and EVER ONE of those parking spots. It is their right to seek retribution because the shoppers that illegally park were basically STEALING from Whole Foods.

  • Nicolle Nordman

    I also wrote letters and made phone calls to the president of Whole Foods, the Regional Manager and the Regional president. Not one of them had the decency to respond to any of the letters or phone calls. We too had been long time Whole Foods shoppers spending about $500 – $1000 a month at their stores. We had never been at the Canal Street store before, our normal store is Willowbrook. What bothers me the most about the whole situation is that Whole Foods is supposed to be so customer oriented and not once did they reach out and try to fix this situation or even try to talk to us personally. I guess they are all about the money just like most places, I just never realized it until this happened.

    • KE

      I think you have to understand that their is a MAJOR DIFFERENCE between the Willowbrook v, Canal Street locations Primarily mall layout andmall clientele.. Difference areas need to enact difference rules.

      If all of society would do the right thing all the time, there would be no need to designate parking spaces for stores, etc. But they don’t so everyone has to play by the rules.

  • Lynn

    I DO shop at the Canal Street Whole Foods and know that parking is very difficult. I have seen the many, many warning signs. KUDOS to Whole Foods for towing the vehicles of people who do not shop at their store. There is a huge lot for those who shop at other Mall stores. Just because the teen is disabled does not mean they do not have to follow rules.

    • tsussex

      you, lynn, are a cold-hearted idiot.
      the “legally” disabled teen and her mother had, and have, every right under law to park in a handicapped parking spot courtesy of illinois state law. the money-hungry thieves and megalomaniacs that manage this whole foods have obviously entered into a mutual agreement with one or more money-hungry and thieving tow companies to inconvenience as many soon-to-be ex customers as possible our of their hard-earned money. i hope (and assume) the investigation finds a conspiracy between the store and the tow company to rip off car owners.
      if whole foods wants autocratic control of who parks in their stinking parking lot, then they should move to another location that has its own parking lot — not one shared with other stores in a mall.
      and you, lynn, should stop posting about things above your pay-grade … or your IQ.

    • Nicolle Nordman

      Good Lord. I am amazed at how completely jaded people are today. The handicap placard allows you to park in a handicap spot and has rules with it that DO NOT APPLY TO NORMAL PEOPLE. For example, if you have a handicapped placard you do not have to follow the 90 parking time limit, you can park in paid meter parking for free etc. If you have never read the rules and regulations of handicapped placards then maybe you should.

      I don’t know why thoughless comments like this bother me so much, but they do. You have NO IDEA what happened and yet you feel the need to judge?

      We left the store for 5 minutes to get coffee. We ASKED before we left if it was okay and were told yes as long as we were only going to be gone for a few minutes. We had 3 carts with over $800 worth of food in them FROM WHOLE FOODS.

      WHole Foods violated the law. That is why there is an Illiniois Attorney General investigation taking place.

      Yet you offer Kudos to Whole Foods for towing a car with a terminally ill childs medication in it? What is wrong with people today?

      • Nicolle Nordman

        Also, you state that because she is disabled we do not have to follow the rules? The RULES for disabled people/handicapped parking ARE NOT THE SAME RULES THAT APPLY TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC.

        Please become more educated on the subject you are writing about before condeming people when they did nothing wrong.

      • Rose

        You should have had her meds with you if she is that sick.

      • Cheryl

        Rose, are you stupid or just to dumb to know your stupid???? She had the meds in the car!!!!!!! She wasn’t feeling sick at the time they left the car, and what the hell difference does that make???? You’re an idiot!!!

        Heck Nicolle, I’m getting angry and I don’t even know you. We’re surrounded by thoughtless people in this world but I hope that these idiots won’t break your spirit. Most people have a good heart and a brain to go with it.

    • Cheryl

      Another idiot I see. Yes, Lynn, I’m talking about you. “Just because the teen is disabled” DOES mean that she doesn’t have to follow the rules. That’s why they give out placards, dummy. Any fool should know that, but I guess your the fool that didn’t get the memo. I hope you give the same KUDOS when your paying the towing fees from them towing your car.

      • NIcolle

        Rose – thanks. You saved me from having to make a comment and you are exactly right. The medicines she needs that we keep with us at all times are numerous, bulky and do not need to be carried in a purse. They were in the car which WAS LEGALLY parked 15 feet away from the store. Had they left the car there, there would have not been an issue. We often have to carry a portable nebulizer (plugs into the car battery) and even sometimes oxygen. Clearly not something one can fit in a purse.

  • SIMPLE53

    i see people everyday park in the diisable spots 90% of the time they look like there in better health then i am.I guess those permits are like welfare if you know what to say then you got it. ANOTHER TAX PAYER DEPENDANT

    • Roberta Waker

      I agree with PART of what you say. A neighbor has had six major cancers and has a handicapped sticker because he is unable to walk 25 ft without getting out of breath. He looks skinny, not physically unhealthy, so you can’t always go by appearances. The sticker requires a doctor’s note stating that you meet the requirements, like NOT being able to walk without help, oxygen, or a distance of 25-50 ft without difficulty. One day a friend of mine was laid out by a customer when she was walking to her van which had a handicapped plate; she went to get the van so she could pick up her wheelchair bound mother who was waiting in front of the store. Looks can be deceiving so before you make a fool of yourself, check things out or say nothing.

      • Cheryl

        TOO LATE, SIMPLE53 is simply a fool. They made a fool of themselves when they got a keyboard.

    • Nicolle Nordman

      WOW, I can only say that there are simply ignorant people out there in the world today.

      In order to get a handicapped plate/placard you must submit a doctors note and numerous test results. My daughter had to submit pulmonary function tests for 6 months straight along with a complete diagnosis to get her placard.

      These placards are most certaintly NOT easy to come by.

      Did you see the story? Watch the report? Does my daughter look sick to you? Probably not. The disease she has CYSTIC FIBROSIS (Cff.org) has taken most of her lung function away. She struggles to breath on an everyday basis, spends weeks every year in the hospital and uses oxygen at night.

      I would GLADLY give back the handicapped placard in order to have my daughter be able to breath and walk and live a normal life.

      Shame on you.

      • rogers parker

        First of all, I was so sorry to hear what happened to you that day. It sounds as if you and your family were treated TERRIBLY by Whole Paycheck, I mean, Foods management that day. Kudos to you for advocating for your rights and the rights of people with disabilities in general.

        Please don’t let the ignoramuses posting here get to you. There are people who take pleasure in provoking others through rude, anonymous posts such as Lynn’s, and simple53’s. They have no other agenda than to provoke anger and to get a rise out of people. I may be starting a campaign soon to get new sites such as these to require people to include their full names when they post, which might cut down on this sort of ugliness. Some people find it easy to be mean when they can keep their identities hidden.

        Warm regards to you and your family. As a healthcare editor, I am aware of what a devastating illness cystic fibrosis is–not only for the afflicted but also for the family who loves them. My thoughts and prayers are with you–your daughter’s lucky to have such a fierce advocate in her corner.

        God bless.

  • Connie

    I want to Thank Whole Foods for having a towing policy and sticking to it. I under the young lady is sick and was parked in the handicap spot, but that does give her the right not to follow the towing policy. Whole foods has this lot well posted with the rules. They are posted though out the parking lot as well as the walk way as you enter the store. All you people who thinks its ok to park and walk off what happens to the next Whole Food Customer who can’t find a parking spot? Does Whole Foods lose that customer because you walked off and are spending your money at another store. So I say, if you would have followed the rules that are posted you would not have been towed.

    • rogers parker

      HELLO…Connie. Anybody home? Did you not read the article or Ms. Nordman’s comments?! ILLINOIS LAW for people with disabilities SUPERSEDES whatever stupid rules the stupid store has for parking. And in the spirit of fair play and good faith, Ms. Nordman has said REPEATEDLY that, despite being within her rights, she had the courtesy to check in with a store employee to make sure it was OK if they left their car where it was for a few minutes while they went to another store to get coffee. no.big.deal. WF blew it big time and anyone who says otherwise is simply clueless. And for the record, Connie, if you tell me that in your ENTIRE life you’ve never bent or broken a “rule” for your convenience, I’d be happy to call you a liar to your face. You just tell me when and where you’d like to meet, Miss High Horse.

    • Roberta Waker

      If YOU were handicapped enough to qualify for a placard or plate you would see this differently. Handicapped spaces are for handicapped people and I don’t see how Whole Foods can restrict handicapped parking to ONLY their store. Happy to hear the Illinois Attorney General is investigating; bet this practice will stop and there might even be fines involved.

      • nicolle nordman

        Thank you Roberta!

        You are correct, they cannot limit those spaces only to their store unless each space is clearly marked ON THE HANDICAPPED sign that it is for that store only. The spaces were NOT MARKED that way. They had no signs on them whatsoever.

        I don’t think people understand that the handicapped plate/placard affords you certain privileges that the general public is not privy too.

        Also please note, we did shop in whole foods for over an hour. We had 3 carts full of food valued at over $800. We left the store for 10 minutes to get coffee and ASKED if it was okay before we left. We even left our partially full carts near the cashier so they would be there when we got back.

        The Attorney General does not investigate claims that are not valid. That should be enough to tell the naysayers that Whole Foods did something wrong.

    • Nicolle

      Please do your research on handicapped parking laws in the state of Illinois and what having a handicapped placard allows BEFORE posting comments like this.

      What sense does it make for a handicapped person to have to walk back and forth from their car to move it 20 feet to go to the next store. What if you had a wheel chair? The handicapped plate laws are in place to make a disabled person’s life easier. YES, it is legal to park in a handicapped spot and go to another store. Worst part is that we WERE SHOPPING in whole foods, we left for 10minutes came back and finished shopping.

      If Whole foods is so concerned about people not being able to find a spot, why did THEY NOT TOW the two illegally parked people (1 in a handicapped spot with no placard, 1 with his mothers placard and she was NOT in the car with him). There were 2 that should have been towed in the 1 hour that the storey was fiilmed in. How many more do they just let slide? These are the people who should have been towed. NOT someone who is legitimately handicapped and LEGALLY parked.

      • I do not feel sorry for you

        I do not feel sorry for you at all. You knew their policy when you pulled up in that parking spot. I states you cannot park in their parking lot if you are going to another location. Yes, it does make sense to move your car to go to the next store because there are other handicapped people that may need to park in that spot to go into Whole Foods, while you are in a coffee shop. You should have parked at the coffee shop location and not be so evil. I do believe you are blowing this out of porpotion just to get some kind of attention. People get their car towed all the time and you do not see them making a big deal on the internet. you were wrong for not obeying their parking policy and that is all to it. I dont feel sorry for you. you were wrong, should have moved you car to another facility. And another thing, I do not believe you asked the service desk clerk it is alright for you to go to another store while still parked in their parking facility. Who does that? you know you didnt. So this big thing is just for attention maybe a big scam to get money.

  • Rose

    If this girl is this sick she should have drove to where she got coffee. This way she would have followed the rules.Would not have been towed. And most of all would have been closer to her meds. Whole Foods did nothing wrong and neither did the towing company. Disable or not, if you followed the policy you wouldn’t have been towed. What I don’t understand is why the people who have been towed are not going back to Whole Foods? Since you didn’t follow the rules what do you want Whole Foods to do for you. They are just making sure that the parking lot that they pay to maintain and pay taxes on is for thier customers not for customers of other stores in the area. Keep up the good work Whole Foods.

    • Roberta Waker

      If Whole Foods and the towing company are scamming handicapped people, this is a violation of their civil rights. If you have a handicapped sticker, you are authorized to park in a handicapped spot. There should be no restrictions other than being handicapped. Whole Foods is wrong in how they are handling this. If a customer shops at the store next to Whole Foods and then shops at Whole Foods, they are still a customer of Whole Foods and should NOT be towed.

    • Nicolle

      Rose, you are completely wrong about this. We followed the rules that apply to people who have a legal/valid handicapped placard. There is NO parking in that lot to go to starbucks. No handicapped parking at all. We would have had to park on canal street and WALKED blocks to get there. The handicapped laws are in place to be sure that someone with a handicap placard goes through the minimal amount of inconvieniece. We followed the law exactly as it is written. Whole Foods was in the wrong. There is no grey area here or the Illinois Attorney General would not be putting resources into this case. We were illegally towed, plain and simple.

      • Rose

        Then your problm should be with the stores that don’t have handicap parking. Not with Whole Foods that clearly has that lot posted with signs that state if you lleave the property you will be towed.

    • Cheryl

      Okay…. someone please hit her on the head and maybe she will get a clue. Rose, did you not read the story?? It’s a scam!!!!! Yes, they have a policy in place. Yes, they are trying to make sure their customers have parking spots available but they are not allowed to do this at the expense of violating a handicapped persons rights. Why should they have to go all the way back to their car and move to another spot just to grab a cup of coffee??? That’s dumb. I bet you don’t do it. You just haven’t been caught yet. Whole Foods and the towing company are preying on people. I bet someone is getting kickbacks from the towing company. Maybe it’s you!!

      • I dont feel sorry for you

        no, someone should hit you in your head. I agree totally with Rose. They should have moved their car like the sign stated. People are using the handicap to run the scam. If she was soooooo sick, she should have went to the car first to get her meds, not go to the coffee shop. She is using this for attention. I do not feel sorry for them. They disobeyed the policy and now they have to suffer the consequences just like everyone else. She was not that sick apparently, to walk to the coffee shop. Booooooo I dont feel sorry for you. Just another way to run a scam. Not Whole Foods but you Nicole.

      • Cheryl

        SHUT THE F— UP!!!!!! Not only are you jumping in on old news, but you’re an idiot too!!! Damn!!!! I know I shouldn’t even reply but it’s clear that there is no brain in your head and no feeling in your heart. Not only is the law on the consumer’s side, but common sense is also. The store’s policy DOES NOT, I repeat, DOES NOT supercede the state law. Please tell everyone just how this woman is trying to run a scam??? By going to get a cup of coffee?? By parking “legally” in a handicapped spot?? Or by only asking that her car be returned?? Oh yeah, way to run that scam. It’s a real money maker!!! Do you truly think this “ATTENTION” you say she seeks was really worth having to coming across negative, idiotic, heartless people such as yourself??? Please THINK AGAIN.

  • NoThanks

    Wow, so many people here are so incompetent its DISGUSTING TO KNOW I SHARE THE SAME AIR AS THEM! Whole Foods is in the same place as other stores IN THE SAME FREAKING MALL UPPER AND LOWER LEVEL! It does NOT matter where you park because YOU CAN ACCESS WHOLE FOODS ON BOTH LEVELS. ITS JUST THESE SNOTTY, JEALOUS. INDECENT PEOPLE WHO COMPLAIN ABOUT A HANDICAP PERSON! Who should have to drive up to a shop in the same mall, then have to get out, then get back in, and then drive 3 feet to the next store? No one! IDIOTS!
    If they really felt it was wrong they should of at least given her 20mins to respond. People will find any reason to get money. What goes around comes around.

    • working man

      No one should shop at whole foods ever. To Hell with the S.O.Bs.

    • Roberta Waker

      Finally, someone that makes sense. I totally agree that if they shop at Whole Foods before or after they shop at Whole Foods; they are still Whole Foods customers and CAN park in the handicapped zone LEGALLY. To my knowledge a store CANNOT restrict handicapped parking to ONLY their store.

    • Cheryl

      THANKS SO MUCH!!! I can’t believe how stupid people can be. Hopefully they will read your post and get a clue. Why is Whole Foods attached to a mall if they don’t want people to go to other stores while parked in their lot? It’s a stupid and unreasonable concept.

      • Karissa

        Cheryl… You clearly have too much time on your hands, AND live nowhere near the city. There is an extreme parking shortage, and while my sympathy lies with anyone struggling with a disability, the rules were in place and obvious. I have to agree with the poster that said the brunt of the anger should be placed towards the stores that had no handicapped parking. If you leave a parking lot in the city of Chicago designated for one store (no matter how close you are to the next store you want to stop in) you are in the wrong. Period. Does it suck? Absolutely. But it’s the way it is. Hate it that much, you should probably restrict your shopping to the suburbs.

  • WordIsCatch

    Imagine the lawsuit “Whole” Foods would have had on their hands if that little girl had (God forbid) died because she didn’t have access to her breathing medication. Whole Foods was obviously in the wrong, and it should improve its customer relations or not have a business.

    • Roberta Waker

      Maybe a lawsuit is just what they need to wake up. Both Whole Foods and the towing company are running a scam. Handicapped spaces are for handicapped people and, as far as I know, they are NOT earmarked for a specific store at any mall I ever visited.

      • Nicolle

        Roberta – you seem to really understand this situation. You are again correct, handicapped spaces can NOT be limited to a certain store or person UNLESS they are clearly maked as such. For example, John Doe is handicapped and lives in a private apartment complex. He can have a handicapped spot with a sign on it that it is for HIS USE ONLY. If the sign is not marked in anyway that it is for a certain user, then it cannot be restricted. The handicapped spots are there to help disabled people, to make their lives easier.

        We thought about a lawsuit but we did not do this story for personal gain. We did it to open people/businesses eyes to what disabled people go through every day. Their lives are tough enough without having to have their cars towed with all their medications inside so that a store can make $200 from the towing.

        It is enough that we have legislatiors and the Illinois Attorney General working on this case. We only want to be sure that something like this NEVER happens again.

  • gibson

    sounds to me like someone is getting a kick back here from all the towings. If you have a handicap placard or plates – you should NOT be towed. I hope the owners of the mall and whole foods have reimbursed this customer along with a gift card for their inconvenience. There was a story a few years ago in Beverly area where I live about the beauty salon and the Burger joint on 95th street. The towing company would camp out waiting for people to tow immediately. It is a racket that needs to stop!!!

    • Roberta Waker

      I would bet a month’s salary that there are kickbacks involved; which is why the Attorney General is investigating. Hope the fines levied are heavy enough to wake them up. Handicapped is handicapped. PERIOD.

  • Roberta Waker

    They should pay for your tow, give you a public apology, and a gift certificate for at least $50 to spend at their store to compensate you for what you went through. If they lose enough customers they WILL and SHOULD go bankrupt. No sympathy here. The fine for parking in handicapped spaces should be $1,000 – maybe then healthy people will get the message.

  • Katie

    It works both ways with the wholefood store. I am sure people who are shopping in the mall say at Michaels, may park in michael’s parking lot and then realize they want to pick up something at the Wholefoods store and run in there to get it. Would Whole foods store complain about that? No because it is in their benefit even though they were parked in another stores parking lot. It works both ways so Whole Foods needs to get over it and so do all the people who are ignorant enough to say that you cannot shop anywhere else if you are parked in their parking lot. It is a mall which by definition is a variety of stores. You are kidding yourself if you say that you have never gone to the mall with the intention of going to only one store but then ended up browing in another. Iit is human nature people….get over it!! Whole Foods was wrong!!! 100%

  • Springfield

    As described by some posting comments, it looks like another Chicago towing scam. To be that organized over the spaces, the store and the tow company look like they are sharing the tow money. No one store has the right to violate the state law for handicapped parking. If they are such concerned citizens, they should call the police and have them determine whether the law was violated. Then have it towed. The state needs to hold stores and the tow companies in violation of the law, and fine them for this kind of practice.

  • Millie

    This mother should care more about keeping her daughter’s medication close and care less about parking close. It seems that this mother is using her 17-year old daughter’s placard to make parking easier. I am a 72 year old married woman also afflicted with cystic fibrosis. I was issued a handicapped placard by my doctor was was advised to use it when I ALONE go shopping. No one seems to understand that handicapped parking spots were designed for handicapped drivers with walking restrictions and/or handicapped passengers needing the wider parking spots to unload wheelchairs or walkers off of fold down ramps.
    When my husband drives me in our car I have him drop me off at the front door of the store where we are shopping. He then parks in a regular spot and meets me inside. This frees up the handicapped spot for a driver who is on their own and truly needs it. Also, I never go anywhere without my inhaler in my purse or pocket, let alone leave it inside my car while shopping. This 17 year old girl you showed coughing and hacking on your TV show was theatrical and coughed right on cue. Shame on this mother for thinking that because a passenger in her car has a medical condition that she and her guests can use a handicapped spot.

    • Cheryl

      Sorry, but it’s not up to you to say how they should use the handicapped placard. She has the right to park their. The placard was probably issued to the mother on the daughters behalf. Just because your husband drops you off doesn’t mean that’s how everyone should do it. The people you should be angry with are the ones that park with no placard or plates. Shame on you for judging this mother.

      • dan

        Yes, it is, Cheryl, so you shut your mouth!

      • Nicolle

        This Dan person is some sort of nutcase or an employee of A-1 towing (who are being investigated for preditory towing practices by the state) or whole foods. I have already reported his comments to CBS and asked to have his contact information so that I can look into a libel suit against him. His comments are clearly defamatory.

      • Cheryl

        Wow Dan, is that all you have to add??? No, Millie doesn’t have the right to tell anyone else how to conduct themselves and neither do you for that matter. So you shut your mouth!!!

      • KE


        If you are NOT hancicapped than you have NO RIGHT to even tell Millie she should be ashamed.

        Millie is just calling an irresponsinle mother what she IS IRRESPONSIBLE.

    • JenInChicago

      Millie, how about you handle your disease your way and let these folks handle it the way they choose?

      Additionally, it’s called editing. TV and radio have been editing for quite a number of years now. I’m sure she didn’t cough/hack on cue.

      The law says they can park in that spot. Whole Foods broke the law. End of story.

    • Nicolle

      72 years old with CF? The average life expectancy for people with CF born TODAY is 35. My daughter is middle aged in the CF world. Can you please explain how you have managed to double the life expectancy?

      Our handiicap placard is legally obtained with doctors notes, PFT scores etc. The law says that the person who it is issued to must be in the car and walk into the business. We followed the law.

      When the placard was issued and my daughter was 11, I guess you are saying I should have dropped her at the curb and left her there by herself to go find a non handicapped spot? That sounds like responsible parenting.

      Never once in 7 years has the handicap placard been used when my daughter was not present.

      I watch my daughter struggle for breath every day. I watch her watching TV and laughing until it causes her to cough for 10 minutes straight. I have watched her miss school, dances, and other events because she was in the hospital. I have pushed in her in STROLLER at age 10 in Disneyworld because she did not have enough stamina to walk., I watch her having to do 2 hours worth of treatments every morning and every evening when she would rather be with her friends.
      I have also watched her speak at the GREAT STRIDES for CF walk every year for the past 3 years about what it is like to be a teen with CF and not be able to live normally

      I would give up the placard in a minute to have her live a normal life. Since this is not possible, the placard makes some things easier and we use it as it intended.

      72 with CF? What meds do you take that allow you to live two times the national average? I would love to get my daughter some. If you truly had a terminal disease, you would have compassion for others with the same issues.

      You should be ashamed of yourself.

      • I dont feel sorry for you

        No you should be ashame of youself. If the lady has lived to be 72 years old then God Bless her. Who are you to tell her that she does not have the terminal illness because of her age? Who to say she did not get the terminal illness until she was older? You are not God!!! Nor are you an expert!!! Just like you want to put out a libal suit on Dan. You are surely after the money and attention. Just face that you were wrong. Everybody has their opinion just like you. You are just mad because what Dan and the 72 year old is not following along with you attention getter. Accept the responsibility and move on. You were wrong and thats all to it.

    • Outraged

      Millie, this 17 year old is considered a MINOR in the state of Illinois and probably doesn’t drive. Her mother has a placard for her DAUGHTER and it can be used, according to the state law. I think you are lying about your husband. You know you use it any chance you get. If you don’t, kudos to you and maybe you should get rid of it all together. My father had one because of his heart condition and I would NEVER EVER EVER leave him standing at a front door while I go park the car. ONLY HEARTLESS PEOPLE LIKE YOU WOULD DO THAT!!!

      • KE

        What the H&*( is WRONG WITH YOU!!!

        YOU owe Millie a MAJOR apology!!!

  • Cheryl

    Good for you. Customer service should be their top priority and it as fallen drastically in the last decade. I agree that you should be properly compensated. We have Whole Foods here in TX and they are nothing but pleasant, but I don’t blame you for not shopping with them again. I do agree that people EVERYWHERE parking in handicapped spaces without placards should be towed no exceptions!!!

    • Ted Smith

      I shop at this store. Its a major probelm when I try to find a space and all are taken by people going to other stores. Whole Foods has great customer Service and I belive this was put in place to protect their true customers. I also belive that Parking in Handicapped should be a $1,000, but we are talking here about non Whole Foods customers abusing the system. I am shure they have some camera system in place. I shope there at least once per week and never got towed…..

  • chicago

    It’s not just at Whole Foods but at other lots as well. People who are not obviously disabled take the reserved spots. It’s hard to tell if a person is disabled or not but if you are a healthy person please do not park there. Those who drive a disabled person’s car but are healthy need to do same. They should know better than the rest of us.

  • micheal r

    I was at whole foods when the incident took place. I was eating their with a friend for about an hour and I saw when it started. Normaly I wouldn’t care to comment but this lady is just lying. First off she had no groceries from whole foods at all but she had a few world market bags. I heard her say it doesn’t matter if I shopped here or not and I can park where I want. She was being extremely loud and cursing at the store employees. I think she deserved to be towed.

    • Nicolle

      The carts with the $800 worth of groceries were with the other 3 people in our group while I was at the service desk trying to figure out where my car was. Of course we shopped there. Why would we park there and go somewhere else? Whole point of handicapped parking is to be CLOSEST to the store where you are going.

      Did you hear the employees repeatedly tell my daughter there was clearly nothing wrong with her? DId you hear them berate her and make fun of her? Did you hear them tell her that if she was sick enough to need medication then she shouldn’t be out shopping? Did you hear them tell us to walk the 15 miles to pick up the car from the impound lot?

      Did you happen to hear when they called the police to have us removed from the property and the police showed up and heard what they did and called them all idiots? Did you hear the female officer tell them that they had clearly violated the law and that they were in the wrong? Did you hear her tell them to call us a cab and pay for it? Do you have a copy of the police report saying all of the above?

      $800 worth of groceries from whole foods. You call that NOT shopping?

      Do you know the law at all because the law is clearly on my side or the attorney general would not be involved.

      • ted

        Nicole i am sure if you had a $800 recipt the store would have givden you your car back. You mention this $800 like 10 times in every other post. Can you post it….?

      • I dont feel sorry for you

        I agree with you Ted. It really does not matter how much money you spent on groceries at the store. You violated their policy,. Which I agree with the other lady. If you were that sick you would keep you meds in your purse. Again and again I say this is just something to get attention and donations for you pockets I do believe. People really dont care how much money in groceries you spent. What, are you expecting someone to pay you back that $800? Clearly I hope not.

    • Outraged

      You sir are an idiot and need a humanity check.

  • Julie

    This is one of the reasons why I refuse to shop at Whole Foods anymore. Their attitudes towards people and just general lack of kindness and common sense are a big turn off, besides their sky-high prices. They think they’re the one and only health food store out there and we should all love them.
    As for people who park in handicapped parking spots, even for a brief moment, when they don’t qualify for the spots– get your lazy butts to the other end of the parking lot and walk. Easy peasy.

  • JenInChicago

    Right, because you curse at an employee, you deserve to be towed. Wake up.
    Her comment, if she actually said it, “It doesn’t matter if I shopped here or not and I can park where I want” is true when you understand the rules/laws regarding handicapped parking.

    Additionally, please review the rules regarding the use of: their, there and they’re. It may help you in the future.

    • JenInChicago

      That last comment was directed at “micheal r” and not Julie.

  • Jo

    Some people on here have no compassion!!! WHOLE FOODS BROKE THE LAW!!! This woman stated very clearly MANY, MANY times that they had $800 in groceries. Would you push that cart to Starbucks for a coffee?

    • Nicolle

      Thank you Jo. I don’t understand people’s lack of understanding or caring in this matter. Its pretty cut and dry, whole foods violated the law. They are being investigated by the Illinois attorney general. They have publically admitted that they made a mistake and learned a lesson and are NO LONGER TOWING cars with handicapped placards. This is pretty clear, I don’t understand why so many people are defending whole foods.

  • micheal r

    Nicole u are making things up . I don’t have a dog in this fight so there is no reason for me to be bias . You and 3 women where all standing there arguing and none of you had groceries and I heard you admit to not shopping there, and you had world market bags. I also heard them call you a cab for you so be honest. I didn’t hear them say one offensive thing and I listened for an hour. I didn’t see police when I left , but with the scene you were causing I understand why they would. STOP BEING A LIAR AND OWN UP TO YOUR WRONG DOING.

    • Nicollle

      I know that I should not dignify your comments by responding to your inane comments and false accusations, but since you are clearly (for some unknown reason) trying to make me look like a liar I feel I must.

      First of all, we made the trip to the canal street whole foods from our suburban home (an hour away) to shop at that whole foods. Our normal whole foods in the suburbs is MUCH smaller and the canal street store had some things we needed that we could not get in the suburban store. We had NEVER been to the canal street store before, I was not even aware that there was a mall attatched to the Whole foods. WHY would I make a hour trip to go to a Whole Foods and then not shop there??

      Second of all, clearly you did NOT hear the conversation if you missed the insults thrown at us by the employees. Perhaps you can request the video tape from whole foods to refresh your memory (if you were even really there).

      Third of all, Whole foods REFUSED to call us a cab. They told us it was not there responsibiitly, They wouldn’t even give me the phone number for a cab company. Since I am not from the city, I had no idea who to call or how to find a cab company.

      Only after the police were called and the police came and told the whole foods manager on duty that he had violated the law was a cab called for us. That was because the police officer told the whole food manager to call us a cab immediately and pay for it or he would be in even more trouble. (you can get a police report at the 1st district)

      Finally, under the Illinois vehicle code relating to handicapped parking, even if we left the store WE ARE ENTITLED TO PARK IN THE HANDICAPPED SPOT WITH A VALID PLACARD.

      Why would you claim I said we did not shop there? I can only assume you are an employee of Whole Foods or a friend of an employee or perhaps one of their security guards who got “chewed out” by the police. There were 4 of us who mada a trip to specifically shop in that whole foods. I had plenty of bags, the reusable kind and some insulated for the ride home. The two bright green ones were whole foods bags. The red one a target bag and the others, world market bags. I think I may have even had a walmart bag or two. Did you stop to see what was in them???

      Lastly, what would I have to gain by making up a story or lying as you say. I have not filed a lawsuit against whole foods (although I could have). I have not received any compensation from Whole Foods. My only purpose in bringing this story to light is to prevent this from happening to anyone else.

      What if next time they decide to tow the car had a wheel chair ramp iin it and the family had no way to get their child into a car? What if, g-d forbid, my daughter had needed her insulin immediately or oxygen? What if my daughter had been ALONE when this happened, in a strange city with no idea how to get her car back and no one willing to help her?

      My whole purpose for this news story, for working with legislators and working with the IAG is to assure that this never happens to anyone again. My motives are completely selfless and it is hurtful to see you calling me a liar and trying to discount anything that happened.

      As I said, I don’t really owe you an explanation. I have the attorney general (the law on this type of situation) fully on our side doing a full investigation, but I felt that I needed to defend myself.

      People like you are the reason so many handicapped people are discriminated against. Look at yourself in the mirror, I doubt if you like what you see.

      • Karissa

        “Finally, under the Illinois vehicle code relating to handicapped parking, even if we left the store WE ARE ENTITLED TO PARK IN THE HANDICAPPED SPOT WITH A VALID PLACARD”

        What a shame if another handicapped person came along that actually wanted to shop at Whole Foods, but couldn’t because you were using that spot to shop at another store.

        I am extremely sympathetic to your and your daughter’s plight, and I wish her nothing but the best. However, hashing it out over a comment board and insulting anyone whose opinion differs from yours makes the whole story a bit less plausible.

    • Cheryl

      So what if she had World Market bags??? I use my Walmart bags at Target. I use my Target bags at Marshall’s. What does that have to do with anything? Whole foods was WRONG. I don’t care if she told them to pucker up and kiss it, they had no right to tow a car that was legally parked in a handicapped spot. What part of that don’t you get? You may not agree with the way she reacted to the situation but that doesn’t chage the fact that Whole Foods was wrong. BTW I don’t have a dog in this fight either. You may not have a dog in the fight, but you should have common sense in your head.

  • franklin808

    Don’t worry, Whole Foods has DEEP pockets and the CEO of Whole Foods is a conservative. I smell lawsuit!

    • CF Sucks

      In reponse to Karissa

      I know this family personally through their work with the CF foundation. I could not possibly think of a negative thing to say about them. Something people need to understand is that ADA rights (american’s with disabilities) are put in place for a reason. They are there to help put people with disabilities on an even playing field with those that are not disabled. The rights of someone who posseses a handicap placard are put in place to make their lives easier. If someone has difficulty walking, breathing etc why would you make them walk to their car and move it to another place maybe 50 feet away to go to a store that is right next door to the store they are at? It doesn’t make sense. The laws are there so that people with disabilites can attempt to live lives as normal as possible. An able bodied person may have no problem moving their car and going elsewhere. This is not the same for a disabled person. In this case we are talking about a coffee store that is physically attatched to the whole foods. Anyone who thinks it would make sense to move the car there for 15 minutes then move it back really needs a reality check.
      I have been following this story since the day it happened since I know this family well. I was outraged that a company like whole foods would even consider towing a car with a valid handicapped plate even if they thought that the customer left the store. Common sense would tell you that their might be life saving equipment in the car or a wheel chair ramp. If the store had reservations about the validity of the placard they should have called the police. In fact, the law says that before towing a car with a handicap plate you must call the police and they must be present when the car is towed. My understanding is that this was not done.
      As someone who works with people with disabilites, I am even more distressed by the fact that people who were ILLEGALLY using handicap placards were not towed. Why was the whole foods management and the towing company not concerned with towing the man who admitted to using his mother’s handicap placard. That my friends is a clear violation of the law. Cut and dry. Plain and simple. Why is there not more outrage on this page about that? The misuse of handicap placards occurs every day. Why doesn’t whole foods have an issue with that.
      Karissa, I agree that a comment board is not the best place for these conversations but I do understand why the mother wants to defend her actions and her daughter. They are wonderful people who do great things and it bothers me too when people who do not know them insult them.

  • Vincent Bennett

    funny part is I recorded this event for the first 20 minutes. I think I’m going to shop it around… and yes there were World Market bags in her hand ad she was a bit irritated

    • Nicolle

      Feel free to do what you want. I had world market bags, whole food bags, target bags and I think a walmart bag too. The other 3 people in the party also had those bags in hand.

      A bit irratated? Wouldn’t you be if your child’s medications were towed with the car and you had no way to get them? I was more frantic and scared then anything else and all the employees there did was mock us and tell my daughter she looked fine.

      Regardless of how irritated, annoyed, upset, angry or frantic I was – WE WERE STILL LEGALLY PARKED. Nothing else really matters in this situation.

      Regardless of what you saw, the law is still on our side. We were legally parked in a handicapped spot with a legal placard and the laws for handicapped parking are VERY DIFFERENT then the laws for regular parking. Please read up on them at cyberdriveillinois.org under handicapped placards. You will see the the posting of time limits etc does NOT apply to handicapped parking. You will also see that before a handicapped car is towed, the police MUST BE CALLED and be on the scene. That did not happen.

      If for some reason you feel that you are in the right, please call the IIllinois Attorney General and let them know that you clearly know more then they do about the rights of handicapped parkers. I am sure they would be thrilled to hear your wisdom on this matter.

      • Vincent Bennett

        wow, pump the brakes for a second. I never said what you did was wrong I was just saying I had the first 20 mins of it and you seemed irritated. I did not hear you swearing like Mike was saying and the audio is clean but with all the shouting it’s not very legible. I agree Whole Foods is clearly negligent in this whole ordeal and they should be held accountable.

      • NIcolle

        Sorry Vincent. I guess i jumped the gun. It seems like you were saying that you had video of me doing something wrong and I still don’t believe that I did anything wrong. . I apologize. I never said I wasn’t angry or irritated. I was FURIOUS and scared and no one that worked at Whole Foods seemed to care. Again, I apologize

      • Ted

        This lady keeps changing her story. I dont know the HC law and she may have a right to park there. But I belive she did NOT shop at Whole foods and she is just looking for 10 minutes of fame…..

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