UIC Student Attacked By Mob On Bus

Updated 6/6/2011 at 9:45 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — As concerns mount about youth-mob attacks in the trendy Streeterville neighborhood, the University of Illinois at Chicago is now reporting a similar attack on the city’s Near West Side.

Just after midnight Sunday morning, a male UIC student was on a westbound No. 12 CTA bus on Roosevelt Road at Throop Street, when a group of eight to 10 men wearing white T-shirts boarded, UIC police said. One of the men hit the victim on the back of the head with a glass bottle and stole his iPad. Then the robbers got off the bus.

The bus driver called police, who responded to the scene, while the victim was taken to the UIC Medical Center for treatment.

UIC police say surveillance video may be available, and Harrison Area Chicago Police detectives will conduct an investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call UIC police at (312) 996-2830.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Mike Krauser Reports

The news of the attack near UIC comes in the wake of at least two mob-style attacks a few miles to the northeast in Streeterville. One man was beaten by a mob of 15 to 20 teens in the 300 block of East Chicago Avenue Saturday evening, while another man was attacked while riding his bicycle on the lakefront path at 701 N. Lake Shore Dr.

At least five teens have been arrested in the incidents, and three have been charged as adults.

Chicago’s new top cop says he’s concerned the mob incidents could become an epidemic.

“I am concerned, and I’m concerned about how quickly we can make arrests and turn these things around,” Acting Police Supt. Garry McCarthy told CBS 2’s Mike Parker.

 “In crime you’ll see trends like this pop up,” he said. “It’s almost like a fashionable crime. People commit this crime and the way that we address it is, we lock everybody up and we break the trend.”

In another sign of public concern, the “PAWS” animal rescue group has cancelled its pet adoption event scheduled for Sunday at Michigan Avenue and Oak Street. PAWS officials say there are safety concerns because of “unpredictable crowds and weather conditions.”

  • what to do

    So now it’s not safe to get on a bus after midnight.

    In keeping with beach closings, Rahm should shut down all CTA buses and el’s after midnight.

    • Arjay

      Not safe if you’re White.

    • CTAHasIssues

      ummm, some of us, sadly, work the grave yard shift, and rely on taking CTA to get to our jobs, you shut down the buses & trains, how will we late shift workers get to work?(my car is in the shop).

      Maybe they should open a few youth centers, or start aggressively prosecuting crime.

  • srdib

    shut down the whole city till winter time when there are less animals out on the streets

  • pat

    Give victims a fighting chance. Pass concealed carry!!

    • Mr. Justice

      @ Pat, you are correct. Perhaps it is time for citizens to do what needs to be done.

  • Martin L. King

    Wow. “8 to 10 men wearing white t-shirts”. Thanks for conveniently leaving out their race, CBS. It would be a shame to offend the BLACK community by reporting that the perpetrators were BLACK. I’ll make sure that I’m careful not to be on the same bus with people wearing white t-shirts.

    • Hawkeye

      Political correctness is hurting us. Amen to your comment

    • Jameson

      Forced to agree here. If these had been a group of white men going down to the southside to attack and beat random black dudes it would most CERTAINLY be charged as a hate crime. No way around it. They could be robbing people in their own neighboorhood or even in China town which is closer. They’re going to a place where they feel white people are living peacefully. It’s still an economic issue, not a race issue, but to say that race played no part in this would be disingenuous.

      • NWA

        White men and Black dudes, funny. Why not Black men and White Dudes?


      • Mario

        It’s not an economic issue. The are doing it because they know they can get away with it–and the media and politicians are tacitly on the side of the thugs.

      • Debbie

        Oh, of course Jameson, it’s about economics. If only there were more high tech jobs for all those youth on the south side, they wouldn’t be attacking white people randomly. Just last week I was assaulted by an out-of-work computer analyst. LOL!

  • john

    500 officers transfered to beat cars… not a single officer left to respond to hot spots, crime patterns or flash mobs. Only Democrats could be so uninformed and cave in to petty whims of a few loud mouth community rabble rousers.

  • Paul Speredes

    Support the fight for concealed carry of hand guns in Illinois. For more information vist their website at http://illinoiscarry.com

    • streets

      If law-abiding citizens can have concealed carry, so can an entire flash mob.

      • Paul Speredes

        Concealed carry will even the playing field so ALL THUGS will think twice before beating, robbing, and raping innocent civillians! When concrealed carry does pass in illinois then you could excercise your right not to own a gun if you choose to! I prefer to have a sporting chance against anyone who would try to inflict bodily harm against me!

      • NWA

        @Paul Speredes:

        No Paul, they won’t think twice. They’ll just shoot you first then take your valuables.


      • Mr. Justice

        @ streets……… Are you stupid? The thugs and criminals, and that is just what “flash mobs” are, already carry guns you moron. Get your facts straight. We, the law abiding citizens want to have an equal opportunity to protect ourselves. It is time to tell the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois…. S C R E W Y O U ! We are going to abide by the 2nd Amendment. Illinois is the ONLY STATE that does not have a form of Conceal Carry or Open Carry and guess what, the crime rate in Chicago and in Illinois are some of the highest crime rates in the country. AND don’t believe the City of Chicago crime statistics, but believe the FBI’s statistics. Someone is cooking the books at Chicago.

      • Michael Payne

        If I’m going down, I want to take as many as I can down with me.

        June 6th, Dodge City

      • Zach Nepermann

        what the problem is is that ONLY the law abiding citizens arent toting guns. If everyone knew that everyone was carrying, then the playing field would be leveled.

      • Mr. Justice

        @ NWA….. Shut up your idiot! We are all tired of your verbal vomit. Someone that is well versed (that means trained) will not have their firearm taken away from them. Just wait, you will see some of your black thugs show by a citizen and many of us will have a party and celebrate that the citizens of Chicago are standing up and fighting back.

  • bill

    Too bad the victim was not armed like B. Goetz (sp) some years ago in the NYC subway. Shoot the trash, they will just breed more trash, if they haven’t already done so. The only good one ……..

    • Centurion

      Bernard Goetz was incarcerated for defending himself. Carl Rowan was not. Carl Rowan shot 2 young kids for SWIMMING IN HIS POOL!

    • Lew

      I completely agree with your comment Bill. Amen brother!

  • Lou

    I sure hope the Chicago politicians who voted down HB148, the Right-To-Carry bill are reading this stuff.

    • brad

      They are and are laughing from their lofty perches above the rest of us. Politicians do not care for politics. Life, liberty and the pursuit of my own pocket change…the rent is still too damned high!

  • phillmarines

    Solution is simple …..conceal and carry PERIOD!

    • Mr. Justice

      @ phillmarines…………You are correct.

      • Roberta Waker

        Mr. Justice – I like the way you think. Conceal and carry is the only way you can defend yourself against these thugs. They might have guns too, but mine will be bigger – guaranteed.

  • Chivi

    These guys travel in packs on the RTA and CTA during the night and during the day. They are easily spotted. I’m sure if they check their trains or busses coming into the area they will catch more of these hoodlums that have attacked people in the other neighborhoods.


      Obviously flash mobs don’t get on trans & buses just to go home. They use the system to viciously beat and rob defenseless hard-working taxpayers who just want to get home from work. Then the flash mob thugs get off the bus/train and onto another.

      Any bus driver who allows 20 thugs to get on the bus at one time shouldn’t be driving the bus.

      This is a hell of a serious problem and proves that the population are truly defenseless. it’s a shame city government allows this to continue thus empowering thugs.

      • Mr. Justice

        @ thanks A lot….. We can not, nor should we, wait on the city government to protect ourselves. We, the citizens of Chicago / Illinois need to stand up and protect ourselves. That’s how it is done. Do not buy into the “nanny state” philosophy.

      • Y.L.

        In politically correct europe, police have given up patrolling areas completely, and instead issue “no go” zones. If you chose to venture inside those zone, it’s at your own risk. And since many european countries have actually made self defense a crime, even without using a weapon, chances are you’ll be the one prosecuted instead of the youths who bashed your head in. At least we in the US haven’t gone so far to the left that we’ve stripped one of the right to defend himself using even hands. But it’s only a matter of time…..

  • Mario

    The media’s refusal to deal with this is issue openly is only creating racism where it never existed. When the north siders–the ones who vote left wing and support PC dogma–start wondering why the youths aren’t being prosecuted for hate crimes,then it’ll be too late.

    • Jim

      Mis-informed which is the responsibility of the media, and they do a very good job at it. Uninformed is the problem of most Americans because they do not like to read or rely on the media which causes a misinformed/uninformed public. Just what the politicians love, stupid people. How do you think people like Daley kept getting elected.

  • FlashMobDanceRumble

    Nothing good happens after midnight. So did the mob sing and dance during the incident?

  • dave

    Sonofab!tch, I took the time to write a factual message and you won’t let it through? Take down the message boards if you don’t want people commenting!

  • Sarah X

    I’m surprised the media is even covering this.


    WORTHLESS THUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hope and change

    1, police are labeled racist if they intervene
    2, because of PC nonsense, the left wing media waits way too late to report on these stories when with today’s technology the should warn the public immediately
    3, if anyone uses self defense they are prosecuted by the media as racists.
    Do the math—-of course youth gangs will run the city. Look at Rio, Brazil. They are so well organized and affiliated with city government that they can literally hold the city hostage.
    How many of you don’t think that there are gang members NOT in the Chicago city government?

  • Laughing at Chicago

    The funny thing is, you people in Chicago just elected another democrat into office, one who’s farther to the left than the last one. When the white liberals who vote these socialists into office fear leaving their posh aeries on the north side, I doubt they’ll even change their voting habits. Chicago, you get what you deserve. As they say, the chickens have come home to roost. Welcome to your socialist America. Enjoy it!

    • Bozo

      Please explain why voting for a democrat makes animals out of black youth ?

      • Truth

        Just look at the city for the past 20 years. Run by democrats, violence has increased, and more welfare programs for the lazy thugs. Guilt by association moron.

  • da truth

    hey media [lol] if the cpd is 2000 officers short where is the money that was in the budget allocated to hiring these officers?hmmm rich daley may know but you guys have no balls!

    • bubbly

      Daley is THE biggest criminal mind in Chicago…22 years of his flapjack nannery completely unchecked by IA or ethics committies that that bast.ard was so happy to click together for every little problem that came along. Probably because he owns IA(internal affairs), even in his ‘retirement’.

  • brendan

    this is why the former mare over by dere,richard aka shortshanks daley needs those cpd bodyguards,you silly little peasants,silly i tell you! oh and you can thank all the liberials and the aclu for handcuffing the police,this is what you get.have a great summer chicago,boy will it get hot the next couple of days!

  • carlucci

    if you have nothing and you want something you are going to get it , food,ipod, money, it will happen everywhere soon as this economy worsens, the rich will hide while there are riots in the streets,

  • robert

    *** LISTEN UP ****

    They’re trying to steal iPhones, because an unlocked (activated) iPhone can be reprogrammed or sold for a couple of hundred. I heard that they are in high demand by drug dealers and wanna-be-thugs.

    • NWA

      Oh, I get it. I guess we can call it iRobbery of my iPhone which makes me iJobs twice?


  • Vince

    9mms. For All LAW ABIDING CITIZENS…NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • D.J

    For Rick, Why Don’t You Go Back To HELL! First.

    • Rick

      U must be a jig

  • JaniP.

    So, don’t buy iPhones anymore….

  • arjay

    I know what you’re saying about concealed carry, but if you shoot and kill someone the court will demand you go to court and prove it! It’s just another hurdle! And, god forbid, if the criminal is black, shooting back might be considered a hate crime!

    • Mr. Justice

      I don’t believe there would be a jury that would convict a man who shot and killed one or two punks, when he was surrounded by 15 to 20 punks, and afraid for his life. Remember, it is better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. I will take my chances. The 2nd Amendment was written for all citizens.

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