ACLU: State Police Racially Profile In Vehicle Searches

CHICAGO (CBS) — The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a federal complaint, seeking to stop the Illinois State Police from searching cars during traffic stops without any apparent reason.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Bernie Tafoya reports, the ACLU says statistics supplied by the state indicate more black and Hispanic drivers are asked to allow state troopers to search their cars for illegal drugs and other contraband during traffic stops, when it’s actually white drivers who are more often found with something illegal.

“We think that the Illinois State Police have a well-ingrained practice of discriminating among drivers in the performance of consent searches, and we think that they should be ordered to stop,” said Illinois ACLU legal director Harvey Grossman.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Bernie Tafoya reports

The ACLU also claims that almost all drivers – between 94 and 99 – consent to searches when asked by state police troopers, suggesting that they are coercive and not really voluntary.

The organization says state officials have known about the problem for some time. But Grossman says Gov. Pat Quinn will not do anything about the alleged discrimination, so the ACLU is taking its case to the U.S. Department of Justice.

  • James

    I hate the ACLU. What a garbage organization. Blacks and hispanics are scrutinized more, because they are more likely to be involved in something illegal. There is no such thing as racial profiling, but rather an intelligent analyzation of the statistics.

  • Craig

    How often is a 94-99 year old suspected of illegal activity? Damn, the ACLU is as stupid as it is worthless.

    • LDS

      94 to 99 questioned, not the age buddy

      • Don

        No it’s a typo – 94 to 99 percent of all people who the cops “request for permission” grant permission to search.

  • Kerry

    Why isn’t the ACLU demanding that the mob attack suspects be charged with hate crimes as well as other federal offenses? Oh yeah, the supects are black and the victims are white. The ACLU is only for criminals, never law abiding people.

    • g-man

      That’s true!!! Guess only whites are racists and blacks are just misunderstood

    • Right

      They are only for minorities–just like liberals.

  • southside

    ACLU can kiss my derierre. Why to bank robbers rob banks? Because that’s where the money is. Why do police stop suspicious vehicles with minoritites? Because that’s where the crime is. Will somebody running for public office please stand up for common sense and denounce this polititcal correctness nonsense?

  • LDS

    “statistics supplied by the state indicate more black and Hispanic drivers are asked to allow state troopers to search their cars for illegal drugs and other contraband during traffic stops, when it’s actually white drivers who are more often found with something illegal.:”

    Helllllllllo, the whole point of the article is saying that people assume that minorities are the ones commiting these crimes but in actuality (in this case) white drivers are the ones that are often found with something illegal.

    This is racism, get over yourselves.

    • NWA

      They won’t. They’ll be right back here tomorrow with the same B.S. Whites use more drugs, commit more murders than any other race and, are responsible for more overall crime and this story is a microcosm of what’s happening across the country.


      • chicagorefugee

        News Flash: majority population uses most of the drugs and commits most of the homicides! PROPORTIONALLY, the pale people and asians commit less violent crime – as confirmed by the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS). As far as drugs go, self-reporting surveys say one thing but drug-related emergency room admissions tell a different tale. YMMV.

  • Bill T.

    While I don’t condone vehicle searches at all, without overwhelming probable cause, I still would rather the police decide who to search and not the UCLA. There is no such thing as a voluntary vehicle search anyway, if they want to search, they will make you sit there until a K-9 arrives and if the dog f@rts they call it hitting on something. Either way, if they want to search, they are going to.

    • NWA

      Sorry Bill T, but that wasn’t the point the story is making.


  • Leroy Goldberg

    All things considered one can certainly understand why Blacks are targeted, and rightfully so.

    • NWA

      Probably because the po po are inclined to hire knuckleheads like you?


  • Attickus Finch

    Used to be a member of ACLU and was on the board. I quit because they were a massive fund raising and publicity seeking organization. They were only interested in the big heater cases that made a meida splash, not assisting the ordinary person on main street entangled with the police or government. The would frequently tell people calling the hot line, your case isn’t big enough….

  • Rick

    I thought they already lost a similar case against the State Police.

    • Ron Long Sr.

      love to get your leader and tattoo a nazi flag on his head the sob

  • Dennis Carroll

    I am White, I got pulled over for speeding, The state Policeman asked if he could search my car, I said sure go ahead. he poked around and let me go, without a ticket, why because I answered his questions, let him do his search, he found nothing. even said to me, slow down and have a nice day. PS. he was a huge big black man in uniform, I did not see him doing anything wrong. He did his job and sent me on my way. Now if I was a criminal and did get caught, what do I do yell Racism because I am white and he is black. I say show your DL and let them search every car, what do you have to hide?

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