Officials: Flash Mobs Already Plague South Side

CHICAGO (CBS) — The big guns of law enforcement gathered in the Chatham neighborhood Monday night to take part in a discussion on handling crime in the area.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Lisa Fielding reports, dozens packed St. Dorothy Catholic Church, 450 E. 78th St., to talk with a panel of law enforcement brought together by U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) The discussion was titled, “Let’s Talk About It: Getting a Handle on Crime in the 6th District.”

“You know as well as I – shootings, killings, and flash mobs,” Rush said. “This is a new one now. Flash mobs, pepper spray assaults by young men have dominated this weekend’s news. I’m disturbed because it happens on the South Side on a regular basis. It seems as though when it happens on the North Side, then it’s newsworthy.”

Flash mob attacks in the affluent Streeterville neighborhood just north of downtown made headlines over the weekend. Also in the headlines recently is a pair of robbers who have been attacking people with pepper spray in the North Side’s Lakeview neighborhood.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Lisa Fielding reports

Acting police Supt. Garry McCarthy was also on hand at the Monday night discussion to talk to the residents of Chatham.

“The bottom line is that we need a collective spirit to change the way young people behave,” said McCarthy.

He said the problems that occur on the South Side affect every side of the city.

“My goal here is to take this thing to a whole separate level,” he said. “This isn’t a police problem, it’s a community emergency. And I will work with anybody that’s interested in solutions.”

McCarthy joined Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez, FBI Special Agent Robert Grant and other law enforcement officials.

Many residents agreed that more foot patrols are needed throughout the city.

“We also need to restore the trust between residents and law enforcement,” Grant said.

  • Mason

    As an African-American male, this absolutely SICKENS me!! I live in the Gold Coast and see these thugs, ALWAYS either black or hispanic, walking around with their baggy clothes and pants hanging off their a55es and I KNOW that they don’t live here..every resident knows! They come here from the Southside and Near West for one thing Only: to rob and steal! I completely support Profiling by Chicago Police! Stop these a55holes and interrogate them! Threaten to arrest them, or worse, if they’re ever caught back in these productive neighborhoods attempting to cause trouble!

    I have NO sympathy for these fatherless, direction-less thugs who prey on others because they’re just lazy and don’t want to work for their money, preferring to steal for it instead! NO MORE using a lack of education, poverty and whatever else they think of as a crutch for their behavior. And of course, whenever one gets shot and killed, all you hear from the Family is how “good” and “not in any gang” they were…yeah, right. If were able to remove ALL black and hispanic males between the ages of 15 – 25 from the city, crime would drop by so much, Chicago would vault into the Top 5 safest metro cities in the U.S. virtually overnight!

    EVERYONE: Let’s kick these thugs out of our neighborhoods before it’s too late! When you see them, PLEASE call the police and Report “suspicious activity”!

    • kayaker1

      Every weekend proves that Chicago is a place where you can get away with murder, literally. Some weekends there are 20 +- murders and these deaths are barely reported. People who want to get away with crime and murder come to Chicago to do just that which includes politicians and gang members. Rahm, and their ilk come here not to stop crime to ride it like a wave to their next position of power because they know they can get away with it in Chicago. I guess the City of Chicago sheep keep voting the way they do because they have been convinced that 20 murders a weekend really isn’t that bad. Ho-hum Boring! What is Oprah eating today? As long as we allow these crooks to operate at will, they will. As long as you keep voting to look the other way and allow others to run roughshod over you this is just another annoyinying but not important Chicago crime story and there will be another and another and another……….. Character and honesty to a Chicagoan means little. The majority will allow the crime to continue and even flourish. Disagree with me? Call me names if you wish. Prove me wrong! You could, but you won’t.

    • Hanna

      Mason, you are part of the problem not the solution. You are either a coward or a racist, and I doubt very seriouly you are black. You ignorantly assume that any black male in the gold cost neighborhood is there to rob or steal. How the hell do you know that. You see a black person and you think they want your little money? What is “these productive neighborhood”. If you are a black “man”, you should know there are neighborhoods on the Southside that can stand toe to toe with the GOLD COAST neighborhoods. You then go on to state , by the way, how educated are you?, all balck and hispanic males between the ages of 15 and 25 once removed, crime should drop. Well Mason, what about white collar crime, white gangs, drugs being brought into the city from other countries. Yes, you are a Uncle Tom, simply because you think that you are safe living in a white neighborhood, and you are worse than any racist with your self hatred.

    • tom

      Myn friend lets not start a lynch mob. however, if these punks are caught red handed they should be made to sweep the streets and do other menial work for the welfare they are obviously on.

    • patif

      Mason-You are a very brave man to state what is on the minds of many citizens.My son is a social worker and will tell everyone that a pack of male teens walking down the streets are nothing but trouble and looking for it. If you see these groups (GANGS) while you are out, YES, call the police on your cell, right away.

      • Hanna

        Mason is not brave, he is a coward. He is either a lying white man or a Uncle Tom who promotes self hatred. To myhouse,
        “pack of male teens” = black thugs”
        What is a pack of white men who bring this country to financial ruin. What is a pack of whte men who ship drugs into this country.? Don’t get it twisted, most of the racits leaving comments are more dangerous than the gorup of males the story is about. Many comments promote a race war, bring it and make sure you are on the front lines, cowards

      • Devon

        @patif, Even better advice, if you see one of these gangs coming your way, either run like hell, or start shooting !!! Happy Hunting.

      • myhouse

        “pack of male teens” = black thugs.

        diversity has failed. history has proven it, but the government we pay to protect us, force the third world subspecies into our neighborhoods. tv is promoting it.

      • Lyndia

        This goes to show you that we need conceal carry in this city and state.

    • TD Jackson

      Sir, I think that you are WRONG!! How do you know that they are fatherless, lazy? They might have parents who work tow or more jobs to just make ends meet for the family. I don’t think profiling is the answer. You say you are African American? what if they profile you child and detain them for a few seconds and they have made a mistake? How would that make you feel?

      • srdib

        td jackson< YOU ARE THE ONE THAT IS WRONG. of course they have parents, but where are they in bringing them up. these animals learn by example, plain and simple

      • Mr. Justice

        @ TD Jackson…… Are you stupid???? The illegitimacy rate in the back community is over 70%. That’s how we know these punks are fatherless. Stop being a puking liberal and see the facts. No, we are not going to allow this to continue. it is time for men and women to step up, stop relying on the government and police, and take action when action needs to be taken. If you see a group of 15 or 20 blacks/ whites, Hispanics, whatever, walking down the street, most likely they are not going to go play baseball. They are a gang of thugs. Call police and if they come at you, fight. Do not lay down and give them what they want, as the stupid new police superintendent said the other day.

      • Tyrone Jackson

        @ Mr. Justice I never said that they were fatherless!! I simply stated stop putting everyone into the same basket!!! I for one feel that everyone needs to lift themselves up and make it on there own and EARN their WAY to success, just like I did. My parents have been married for 50 years and made sure that we had what we needed to succeed in life and at a certain point told us that we now had to make it on our own!!!! I don’t relay on anyone but me!!! I am self made thank you very much. Look at what I was telling the original poster I did not say nothing needs to be done I said don’t profile people!!!!!

    • NWA

      Sounds to me like Mason thinks he lives in a nice neighborhood and don’t want the minorities there. Mason, people like you are commonly described as UNCLE TOMS.


      • srdib

        TO NWA
        MASON earned what he has, his parents raised a good son. what is your problem, nwa? you think he should have robbed and beaten and dealt drugs to get what he wanted?, nwa, you make me sick

      • Truth B Told

        Ah, once again, the racist NWA raises his ugly head.

      • uglybettyshomelybrother

        I would describe Mason as a citizen!! An Uncle Tom because he cares about everything he’s worked hard to get? Wow that’s a pretty racist comment

      • theo

        I think it’s common knowledge that blacks are most racist against other blacks who don’t buy into welfare, who enjoy working and improving themselves, actually want to go out into the world and get to know other people besides blacks, make money, succeed, etc. Along with “uncle Tom,” they’re called “oreos,” meaning black on the outside, white on the inside, and which is itself a really racist, envious term against both successful blacks and whites who have no problem with blacks who act like normal people, carry their own weight and get along with everyone else.

      • Alan

        NWA, Really? I love it when People like you or Sharpton, or Jackson have the balls to call anyone an Uncle Tom based on what you think represents an uncle tom. In your world if you are a black man that believes in Religion, two parent homes, education, accountability, non reliance on the Government for a handout you are an uncle Tom. What’s sad is you and the rest of the previously stated ilk are the real Uncle Toms. You have lived on the liberal Democratic plantation (Public Housing) collected Welfare from the liberals and all for an entire races obedience and vote to keep the liberals in power. You are the ones that sold your race out. You are the the type that tells everyone to blame someone else and that your plight in life is always someone else’s fault. You are the ones that voted strictly because of his color this Socialist and Chief into power and every policy he enacts does more damage to the black community then anyone else. You are the Uncle Tom and you are just to stupid to know you are

    • Tyreese

      @Mason, I have been saying exactly the same thing for months, and all I get is called a racist or a bigot. If many more black men like yourself would stand up and condemn these problems, only then can any kind of change occur. Good job, I hope more people follow your lead.

      • Hanna

        Mason is not condeming the problem, he is comdeming an entire race. Tyreese, If amazes me how a group of individuals are considered the entire race of a people. I would suggest that the majority of you “whites” take your few dollare and go out and discover America. Ignorance abounds in the white neighborhoods, and for the record, I have never wanted to run and hide in a white neighborhood. I would not change the neighborhood ( all black) that I live in for any white neighborhood, anywhere. even though whites are starting to move iinto my neighborhood….Making racist comments does not bring about change, it brings about more of the same. Mason and any person that agrees with his comments of self hatred are the problem.

    • Bernie Getz

      Hi folks …just moved here from new york, i love rideing the subways…see ya soon….

    • Regulas

      Well said

    • FRANK


      • dld

        I can’t wait until your generation dies off. Leave us alone.

    • dan

      I agree with you. If you don’t want to be profiled, hike your pants up and drop the thug friends. Clean yourself up, act humble, be courteous to others, and study hard. Practice speaking well. Look people in the eye. Help old ladies cross the street. Do all these things and you will be surprised how beautiful and fun your life will become — and you’ll end up rich too! It’s not that hard, you disgusting coward thugs.

    • anne marie

      `Mason, I think most people understand your situation. I don’t worry that when a dumb redneck gets arrested for having sex with livestock, that people are going to look at me and think I am as ignorant as he is, The best boss I ever had was a black guy who taught me so much about how to manage people in a business. There are groups of a**holes in every ethnic group. We understand that good citizens like yourself are even more upset that others about this aberrant behavior.
      Thanks for your good comments

    • Bill Charlton

      Amen Brother!

    • Joe G

      Blacks need to control there own communities. Maybe identify the problem thugs and make them disappear. Without involving the police or courts. For most blacks, going to prison is a right of passage, not something to fear or be ashamed of.

      • SmellDaJava

        Backwhen I was a kid, 35ish years ago I lived/worked in the northwest suburbs. My boss was a black man. He invited a bunch of us to a party at his house. He was on the far southside. Nice modest middle class homes, well kept neighborhood, etc. He saw my face and asked if I was surprised. I said yes, nice looking place. He explained he and all the neighbors made sure it stayed like that. If some kid started acting up they’d talk to him. If that didn’t work they’d talk to the parents, and there were two typically. The parents knew if they and the child didn’t make a correction, the neighborhood ‘watch’ would. A ‘blaket party’ of sorts would be formed. My old boss implied if someone was really bad, they might even vanish – long term.

        Nothing like good old fashioned community policing by ones own!

    • JenC

      Much respect to you sir for saying what you’re saying. I Live in an Atlanta suburb and for the last ten years been trying to stop the thug groups in my street that harras and do mischief and worse all the time. I am white and my neighborhood is all black by now. I wish I had nice African American neighbors like you that make sense and not excuses. The last Good people we were friends with moved out 6 years ago for the same reasons. Sick of youth thugs. Across the street a black father used to be a Chicago Cop and his son is one of the pack of teens. Instead of dealing with his son’s behavior and associates he hangs with, he yells at me when I have to call the police, telling me to move away! I can’t move can’t afford it. I see Chicago going down a bad road too. Very sad!


      We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence. Again and again we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force.

      I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

      Shame on anyone not living up to MLK Ideals, Freedom, and lack at this time a true Content of their Character based on actions they know not what they do, and can hurt their lives for a long time with a criminal record.

    • Stephen Burke

      AMEN, Brother, I live in Tennessee, where we have conceal carry permits, crime in Memphis (carjackings, aremed robeery and personal affronts) dropped significantly after a few thugs were dropped in their tracks. If we don’t recognise WHO and What type persons are committing these assaults, it will only get far worse, especially in gun free environments like Chicago

    • Melvin

      Who ever said that there wasn’t any Black Conservatives in Chicago? For one thing, I know its politically correct for Black Americans to call title themselves African Americans, but to me, you just a plain old American as is myself.
      But what we are being witnesses to, is the culmination of a Liberal social experiment that did not turn out as Liberals have intended. How many generations have we had pounded into our heads, it’s every female teenagers right to have a baby. The government even facilitated this mindset with government social welfare programs the perpetuated this type of free sex, no responsibility.
      By all appearances Black Americans were used by the Democrat Party to keep them in power, and Black Americans on the plantations across this Country. Plantations being the inner-cities.
      Mason look at ever single major inner city, Detroit, Chicago, Columbus, they’re controlled by the Democrat Party and the inner city are squalid slums worthy of a Palestinian refugee camp. Don’t take my word for it, check for yourself. Allot of Black Americans need to check for themselves because they will begin to see that the current Black Civil Rights leaders are not looking out of the best interests of impoverished Black Americans, they’re looking out for themselves.
      The NAACP is operating in a sixties mindset and having all their lavish dinners and shows, and awards banquets and what banquet to these fatherless kids get to go to?
      Black America needs to reawaken, because you have been sold a junk bill of goods by your own Civil Rights Leaders.

    • MichaelN

      Norplant as the solution for women/girls when they have their first child and then apply for DCFS, food stamps, Section 8, etc? Throw in drug testing, too?

    • StaticKlingon

      Content of character. The man said he wanted that to be the determining factor.
      I’m good with that. Pull the plug on generational dependence on welfare and insist that they work their butts into the ground for food and shelter like the rest of us. My birth signaled the beginning of a lifetime sentence to hard labor. I serve with pride and I don’t owe anybody a damn thing.

    • unacat

      Thanks, Mason. Dvonte, Trovolus and Derod’te………the ho’s need to stop naming they babies with prison friendly names that obviously do not trend well on job applications or resumes. Cage these beasts where this type of behavior is acceptable.

    • mirted

      You are brave to speak out on this. Just wait for someone from one of the Black/AA
      organizations to call on you for being so non-PC. These same organizations and politicians have, over decades, consistently taught that the rest of society owes them something because of a history of slavery, and that every problem they have is “whitey’s” fault. Even if it were totally true, it doesn’t provide one avenue forward. Finally, most of the crime, violence and intimidation these folks commit is on the others of their immediate neighborhoods. Tolerance and money still won’t solve the problems…

  • Wilma

    Mason, my African-American brother, you SICKENS me. Your comments are angry, demeaning and ignorant. Attitudes of this nature is one of the reasons we have a subculture of individuals in our society. It is not as simple as you propose: that we further take away the rights of all because of a few and isolate and threaten those who visit productive neighborhoods. Believe me if you remove ALL black and hispanic males between 15-25; rest assured that this will open the door for elimination of another age group. Finally, my brother they will be knocking at your door to eliminate you next. Exclusion is our problem now in neighborhoods of color. Our solutions must be focused on improving the quality of education, allowing access to opportunities for all and having compassion and empathy. I hope you continue to be successful because it is God’s grace and mercy, not you.

    • keng

      You are delusional…. The black community subculture is caused by people like you who foolishly think that “education” is the key. well the time for that has pass. It is time for a new system of harsh punishment and real accountability for the perpetrators and their parents as well! There is no excuse for this sort of behavior at all.

      • searreigh

        Keng, you are correct. Blacks are only educable to the 8th or 9th grade level. Only 16% of U.S. blacks have an IQ equal to or over the White average of 100. Their violence comes from the frustration of KNOWING that they are intellectually inferior.

    • Pothead


    • darrad

      You seem to think that it requires action by the government for someone to educated themselves or to find opportunity. I have never had any assistance from anyone and I am successful. The culture of reliance on someone else to make you a success needs to be ended. Take responsibility for your own life, both the good and the bad.

      • Hanna

        Where in Wilma’s comment did she mention Government assistance. She spoke about improving education, which is a right for white kids the same as for black kids. darrad, unless you were home schooled, then government dollars put you thru grade and high school. My tax dollars. Money put into whte neighborhoods, government money, should also equally be put into black, hispanic schools. She spoke about allowing Access to all. That would mean, the same opportunites for all. Do you think white people should have access only? It certainly soulds like you do. Wilma is 100% correct!!

      • billyd

        Wilma, this country’s been pouring money into your communities since the advent of Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” programs in the 1960’s. That’s almost half a century. At least two generations. And you think that what is needed is more money?? Physician, heal thyself.

      • jhrusky

        Well said, Darrad, well said!

        This culture of entitlement is the reason we continue to spiral downward.

    • srdib

      how stupid are you really? how can you educate those that will not attend school? the parents dont MAKE them attend. look at the truancy in the city. these animals would rather steal, rob and beat innocents that to work for a living. where do they learn it? who are the role models? other animals, thats how they learn. drug dealers, gang bangers, thugs, thats the role models. why arent the “men” of color standing tall and teaching by example? its either be a sports star or drug dealer. what a frigging shame. 2 years in the military, the only answer.

      • hanna

        srdib, that beast that you call mother, must be very proud of you.. On the block i grew up on, 2 males went on to become doctors, one a preacher with his own huge church. One a mechanic whit his own car shop. One a drug user and one a alcoholic. So the same success and failures in my neighborhood is the same in any other neighborhood.. Let me tell you about the military. My father served in Vietnam, he got out and took a job at the CTA. He owned his own home and he had apartments buildings. He bought a luxuary sports car, which he loved. We were riding down town one day, and a white police walked up to him and started shouting to drive forward, when my father stated he could not because this fool of a police was standing in the way, the white office started calling him boy, and used something in hlis hand to scratch his car hood. My father and millions of other black males are role models and it is because of them that you don’t have millions of black males doing other things and only a hand full.

    • John

      It was a hypothetical Wilma. Look it up.

    • JenC

      Wilma this type of thinking has caused the problem with youth. You talk abut God’s grace. If you are so in to God maybe you need to ask yourself why so many teems commit crime to get THINGS. My family lived during WWII in Germany and after and were dirt poor but they never robbed anyone. Robbing and hurting others people is wrong regardless what the excuse. Even people with zero education if they are truly God Fearing would not do this. You and your the Good Time religion that has twisted values and makes excuses for those that brake the ten commandments are the true problem. Either practice and preach the ten commandments or stop using the name of God to blame the victims of the crimes your youth commits. YOU HAVE FAILED THEM! Your churches can’t even get your children to obey any of the ten commandments, Stop blaming schools, blame your church take a bible and go out on that street and preach the ten commandments.

      Here are just a few
      5 “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you.
      6 “You shall not murder.
      7 “You shall not commit adultery.
      8 “You shall not steal.
      9 “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

      • Melvin

        Your absolutely correct JenC. Remember back when Black Americans were tight with the faith? Now our public education system for years now has, and with success removed the faith from the classroom, and the home. This Black madness is a result of removing the faith.
        Ever since the Democrat Party took control of the Black family during LBJ’s Great Society and war on poverty, this junk has happened.

    • Melvin

      Like I told Mason, your attitude is what perpetuates this Black madness across our inner cities.
      You cannot keep blaming White Folks for your own inner city failures.

    • Right

      You are an idiot, Wilma

    • mirted

      Mason is much more likely to be eliminated by one of your culture. The stats are undeniable. Keep blaming your culture’s problems on everything else. Keep loving and voting for the politicians who have promised mo” money to raise you up, while they amass fortunes on your back and govt. grants and favors. See where rev. Wright lives, for example. It’s not where you live (unless you are a white liberal) See how fast your culture stays where it is.

      Why not try something different? If you live in those neighborhoods, aren’t you tired of it?

    • Rick

      Wilma, You dont have a clue…

  • Jim

    Michigan Avenue was once a magical place to walk after dinner. I stopped going down there years ago because it bacame nothing but Hustle Avenue. Ever corner has someone hustling for money or selling cd’s or some kind of trinkets. Aggressive panhandling is the norm down there.Now you have these flash gangs/mobs blitzing citizens. This is what happens when you downsize you police department and replace them with traffic aids.This is what happens when you tell your police not to be the police and threaten them if they try to do their job. This is what happens when you have a Mayor for 20 plus years who has no backbone and sells the city off bit by bit. This what happens when you reduce the level of you society to the thugs that are causing the problems. This is Chicago, designed by the democrats who have had control for decades. Chicago politicians have always been more concerned about offending the criminals than helping the true citizens. Welcome to Chicago, the Fall of the Roman Empire.

    • Dan

      You folks seriously need a liberal concealed carry system.

      • SmellDaJava

        Alas, CCW will never happen in the Peoples Republic of Illinois.
        Only state (I believe EVEN uber-liberal Wisconsin came around) with NO form of CCW in the nation.

        Of course though, Chicago and C(r)ook county run the whole state. People ALMOST wised up and elected Brady for guv’nor (Dillard would have been good too) but duoof Quinn squeeked by, so we’re stuck with him until he probably goes to prison too!

  • Sickofit

    Wilma you are dumb. Teachers cannot solve this problem. MAMAs and BABY DADDYs are at fault. Why is it these people think all they have to do is make babies and everyone else is responsible for the way it turns out??????????

  • Mr. Justice

    @ Jim…..Your comments are right on. Because of Richard Daley and other puking liberals they have caused this problem. Due to the “gun ban” that was in effect for almost 30 years, only the bad guys had guns. It is time for the law abiding citizens to stand up and take charge. If a few of these thugs get shot and killed by a citizen, they will begin to think twice. Unfortunately, our society and culture has become a “nanny state”. You know, sucking off the big nipple of the government and not standing on one’s own two feet. Deal with the problem yourself. Regarding, Booby Rush, he s a punk himself. Don’t forget he was part of the violent Black Panthers back in the 60’s and early 70’s. How you ignorant people vote for a man that has no integrity, is beyond me. The Democratic machine put Chicago into this problem, and now it is time for hard working Americans to get back on the right track.

  • NWA

    CBS2, some of us do have things that are relevant and we would like to say them. Thank you


  • The Truth

    Here’s an idea, Bobby Rush…just as there are random, DUI checkpoints set up on many summer weekend nights…support the idea of random checkpoints that allow police to search the occupants and the vehicle for contraband, to check immigration status, to check for warrants, to check for license and registration…and since so many issues are stemming from the south side, support more of these to be located on the south side! And don’t come crying when there is a “disproportionate” number of blacks getting busted, because that’s just how it is.

    • A. Saxon

      Excellent idea. Unfortunately the blacks would cry racial profiling, and the Mexicans would cry racial profiling, resulting in nothing being done to solve the problem. It’s time to forget about worrying about racial profiling and take out the trash. We all know who is commiting most of the crime, so stop them and check them out. We all know who the illegals are, so stop them and check them out. It’s time to just do what needs to be done, sooner rather than later !!!!

  • Fgfm Uptown

    Nice to see almost every comment section on this topic turn into a racial sewer!

    • Pothead

      Those people live in a sewer. And what is in a sewer ? SHEEEEEEEE-IT !!!!!!

    • Kerry

      What do you mean by, racial sewer. Nobody forced all of these black guys to commit such vicious crimes on the innocent. People are just sick of idiots defending these guys because they are black, regardless of what they’ve done.


      “We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For” –

  • Mike

    @Wilma- You say that attitudes of Mr. Mason’s nature are the reason we have a subculture of individuals in our culture. I disagree. It is not merely his attitude, but rather the actions that cause his attitude to be what it is. I do think that Mr. Mason’t views were harsh, so harsh that I honestly question whether he really is African American, or simply merely stated that so no one here would label him a racist, but lets look at the facts: We had a group of young Affrican American Men transplant to an area dominated by whites and affluent members of other races for the sole purpose of causing harm. How is that not a hate crime? If I went to the south side with a gang of white people to simply beat up people I came accross (which would mostly be black) then my crime would be labeled a “hate crime.” Assuming Mr. Mason really is Black, then he is simply tired of having his immage (as a black man) be tanished by these thugs. Open your eyes and look to the actions before chastising people for having strong opinions about said actions!

    • Tyreese

      Thank you Mike for stepping up. Hpe to see more follow your lead.

  • Jmason

    To bad anything the police do about the gang. Somebody call it Racial. and the gang will get away with. Soner or later someone goinng to get kill. The city going the way so many other as gone. AND EVERYONE LOSE. Becasue what need to be done well be call Racial.

  • M.

    A friend of a friend of mine had his jaw broken by these thugs. He has not come foward yet despite my insistance. This individual watched another individual get punched right before he was attacked. They were not robbed, merely attacked for “fun” -or whatever reason you come up with. This is the behavior of animinals and should not be tolerated. There are many more people who were victims then just the 6 that the news is reporting. These guys need to go to jail for a very long time. It takes a sick mind to want to just attack random people for no particular reason.
    Now, if we want to bring race into this -which is sounds like most people here do- then please tell me why a group of black kids went to a white neighborhood just to rob them and beat them up, and why it is a problem if the white people have a bad taste in their mouths about this? Obviously not all black people are bad, not one is saying that, but the ones that are should not be defended by the African American community simply becasue they are black!

  • Treeman

    The problem is black people in general, they scream about racism hourly, yet all the people attacked are non-negro. I don’t see roving bands of white kids wilding it up, beating negroes on the street and kicking them in the skull.

    Diversity is our strength? Not for whitey, thats why whitey flees. Wow is this raciss? No, its realism. Blacks commit more crime than any race on earth, yet everyone is too afraid to call them on it.


      #1 Criminal is The Usurper-In-Chief

    • Smiley

      This is some trippyass stuff. We whites are running out of places to flee. We are going to have to stand and fight from now on. Lets start giving these punks real bad experiences when they tred on our streets. You know the same stuff that makes us afraid to go into their communities.


    The problem has nothing to do with Black people all of you are very confused and it is understandable. Thugs can be any color and exists everywhere. What the people of Chicago and everywhere around the world need to do is ban to gather against THUGS and thus mentality, and behavior. It is unfortunate that the Irish started it, then the Italians the South Americans brought it into mainstream and now the African American young men aspire to live that life because of how the rappers idolize that thug persona. It is important to forget about color and recognize hard working decent people from thieves and people that want to harm others. It is a fact that many of these kids “fatherless” but they need help, guidance and good role models. The police should help them and work with the community and its young men instead of always being in conflict with them. CHICAGO= poor crisis management and very divided and sad community. I would never want to even visit such a problematic and ugly place.

    • Uzi

      Thugs can be any color but they are not. Rioters up and down the East Coast from Boston to Miami over the Memorial Day Holiday were blacks. Rioters in Chicago then and now are blacks. The rioters in the Alabama theme park are blacks.

    • Tyreese

      @RACISM, Are you high or drunk? The problem is black people and people like you who defend them. These vicious black ass gangsters are not kids, they are hardened criminals of the worst kind. The police should help them and not be in conflict with them? Are you kidding? The only solution to the black homie problem is more police, more prisons, and longer prison sentences.

    • TiredAssArgument

      Racismalie, a couple of words of advice. Buy a bullet and rent a gun. Better yet borrow one of each from your local thuggery. I am embarrased to consume the same oxygen as you. To simply assume that education without stern public punishment will solve any challenge is simple insanity. The thought that corrective actions applied to an individual will alter socioty is idiotic. Stern public punishment for crimes against a socioty will send a message. Does it reduce the value of the individual? Absolulty. But the idividual made that choice when they challenged the socioty.

  • JCFitz

    “The bottom line is that we need a collective spirit to change the way young people behave,”

    Your “collective spirit” is the problem. You have allowed your community organizers to ruin the inner city. You might ask yourselves why the police aren’t targeted by your gangs of cowards. It’s because they carry guns. Now that it is too late to change the culture you have fostered, you might consider a campaign to train and arm every responsible citizen. You would see an immediate drop in crime.

  • Swampy

    Unfortunately, many of us older folks saw this coming decades ago. We are now reaping the fruits of a few generations of babies having babies. Responsibility is not a concept that was passed down or taught. Morality went out of style when Rap came in. The new morality is called Entitlement. I feel sorry for the minority people who are good and moral in these communities who are trying to raise a family, who live in fear of these predators. One thing that I have never understood is why the minorities put up with this type of activity-no white neighborhood would. Find the poorest in the poorest state and you’ll find no such gangs existing. If the police did not take care of business in a white neighborhood, I assure you the good people would. You do not have to live like this. Stop looking for the government to solve your problems-it ain’t gonna’ happen! YOU can solve your communities problems yourselves! Find some like-minding friends and organize. Do it for the next generation…

  • PatriotRider

    Allow concealed carry and this won’t happen…

    • streets

      Concealed carry for just you? Flash mobs will be able to join in on the concealed carry, also. Pulling a gun on 20 kids, you don’t think they’ll be able to wrestle that gun away from you?

      • Uzi

        Mobsta’s can’t get permits, they cannot pass the background check used by the NICS compliant, “shall issue” permit to carry states. Shoot 2 or 3 and the other 17 or 18 will be running away as fast as they can. One never needs to kill the whole mob, just the first few in line.

      • Mr. Justice

        @ UZI….You are absolutely correct. Conceal Carry for law abiding citizens and we can’t put a stop to this violence. In case people don’t know, criminals target others where there is “no police presence”. That is why they are able to get away with their crimes. However, if we have Conceal Carry, here in the communist state of Illinois, the law abiding citizen would then be able to stand up and fight back against these thugs. The people of Chicago have no one to blame but themselves for this crime problem. YOU voted for Daley and his cronies, you supported the illegal “gun control agenda”, so you can all just live with it. IF you want to change things, tell your stupid State Senators and Representatives that you want Conceal Carry here in Illinois. OH, AND BY THE WAY, ALL OF YOUR STATE SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES, AND ALDERMEN, ARE ALLOWED TO CARRY HAND GUNS. Are they any different than you or I? No, they are not. Most of them are as immoral as the thugs on the streets. TAKE BACK YOUR 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS !!!!

      • JCFitz

        You may have a point about licensing for concealed carry in Chicago. The problem there is a government run by stupid people. Chicago would probably offer gun carry license discounts to flash mob thugs out of a concern for diversity. Where I live the sheriff will not issue licenses to minors or thugs. You might consider his policy profiling. Our sheriff only allows trained, responsible adults to carry. As to your other concern (“Pulling a gun on 20 kids, you don’t think they’ll be able to wrestle that gun away from you?”), the outcome would be far different than you imagine.

      • srdib

        all you have to do is fire into the pack of animals, watch them scatter.

      • Sardonic_sob

        Someday, someone may kill me with my own gun. But he will have to beat me to death with it, because it will be empty.

      • Realistic


        It is this suicidal tone and agenda that will never cause CCW to pass. When you talk like this, people think you’re crazy, which you probably are.

      • Rick

        STREETS….No you are wrong cause I soon as I see them coming my clip will be empty… I’m a great shot.. I bet my paycheck if these kids had guns they couldnt hit the broad side of barn. Holding a gun side ways with you hand on your jock only kills innocent bystandards.

    • srdib

      open carry, not concealed, let these animals see who is carrying

      God bless America and God bless Smith&Wesson

  • watash60

    We should sterilize all families (mother, father (if he can be found else cut the benefits in 1/2), children) living off any type welfare (food, housing, homeless, living, …) for over 6 months. This would eventually lead to an end of poverty, crime and make the future better instead of perpetuating the problem as we’ve been doing since the 1960’s

  • Hank Warren

    Diversity, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  • cta rider

    This flash mob stuff is terrorism and should be treated as such instead of a pat on the wrist. It is a dangerous mob action fully designed to terrorize and nothing less.

    Kids know where to find their captive audiences: bus, train, cars stuck in traffic, at stop signs. On Memorial Day I saw a good sized flash mob of boys and girls in the 8th district. 2 days later I saw a much bigger all-male flash mob in the 8th district.

    CTA bus drivers should not stop and allow a flash mob to get on their bus. Eventually the CTA will be cited for willfully transporting flash mobs from one area to another. It’s discriminatory but is that what you want as you mind your own business on the CTA?

  • paul

    No… they will run away like the cowards they are.

  • Aquabluesrq

    Why Are people so quick to cry racism? Really let’s think about this. From the beginning of time we’ve been conditioned to avoid danger. I don’t approach a cute cuddly lion, tiger, or bear because the have proven themselves to be dangerous. Same goes with race. Sorry , it’s just the way it is and has nothing to do with racism. If a large proportion of a race conducts itself in a violent manner, I have every reason to be suspicious in order to protect myself from harm. What sucks is that good people are caught in the middle. Of course these good people have no one to blame but those who have made a bad name for their race, religion, etc. It’s just like certain dog breeds getting a bad rap when a certain proportion attack. Few people would have concerns about walking up to pet a beagle, a Pitt bull however, another story. It doesn’t make a person racist. Sorry. I have every right to protect myself from harms way, and if that involves using race as a qualifier then oh well. It is what it is. Until white haired old ladies prove themselves dangerous I will remain unsuspicious in their presence. And for what it’s worth, I am suspicious of ANY person who carries themselves like a thug white, black, Asian, etc.

  • crisis

    conceal and carry..if threatened, shoot the bad guys. problem solved..but this corrupt city refuses and or makes it very hard for those who follow the rule of law to protect themselves

  • mojo

    This never would have become a problem if the PC Politicians had allowed for concealed carry. Chicago will suffer because honest citizens can not protect themselves from terrorists such as these.

  • Aquabluesrq

    It’s time to end welfare for irresponsible people. If you can’t prove who the father of your child is. Sorry. About your luck. If you can, time to pay up daddy! Why do we pay people to procreate? Especially when most end up in prison? This has to end. I’d rather pay for mandatory depo for any woman taking government funds. Im surprised Aids isn’t a bigger epidemic since obviously people are failing to use condoms. Also, if children continuously get in trouble, mandatory bootcamp. No more money to horrible parents. Having and raising children is not an occupation unless you are a surrogate or foster parent. Get a real job and use a condom and maybe future generations will have a chance. This goes for all races. Unwanted children only leads to trouble!

  • slobber

    The following, which occurred the night of Obama’s election, is probably the start of all this violent behavior. This is what the thugs are thinking, too::

    “Celita Hart, who is black, yelled ” ‘White b*tch, fu** you McCain–you white police can’t do nothing anymore.'” With that, she reached through the window of a squad car and slapped a white male officer in the face, according to Assistant State’s Atty. Lorraine Scaduto.

    The incident occurred after police responded to a crowd of people celebrating Obama’s win on the corner of 69th Street and Western Avenue. Hart, of the 7100 block of South Rockwell Street, was charged with aggravated battery of a police officer and was ordered her held in lieu of $10,000 bail.”

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