Three Charged With Robbing, Beating UIC Student On CTA Bus

CHICAGO (STMW) – Three teens have been charged in connection with the early Sunday attack of a UIC student who was beaten and robbed aboard a CTA bus near the West Side campus.

Police on Wednesday night announced 18-year-old Akeem J. Manago, 17-year-old Christopher Jackson and a 15-year-old boy have been charged in connection with the robbery after they were identified as offenders with the assistance of CTA video footage.

They’re accused of robbing a UIC student aboard a No. 12 CTA bus at 1300 W. Roosevelt Rd. at 12:05 a.m.

The student was sitting on the bus when a group of males got on the bus, according to an alert from the University of Illinois at Chicago police. One suspect struck the student with a glass bottle on the back of his head and took the student’s iPod.

And just 25 minutes earlier, a victim was struck multiple times on a CTA bus in the 1300 block of South Racine Street before the offenders got off the bus and fled with a cell phone, an alert from Harrison Area detectives said.

It’s unclear whether the three charged were involved in that earlier robbery.

Manago, of the 1200 block of West 14th Street is charged with one count each of aggravated battery in a public place, armed robbery, felony unlawful use of a weapon, as well as misdemeanor counts of firearm without a valid FOID card and possession of ammunition without a valid FOID.

Jackson, of the 4300 block of West Gladys, is charged with one felony count each of aggravated battery in a public place and armed robbery with a dangerous weapon, police said.

The 15-year-old is charged with one felony count each of armed robbery with a dangerous weapon and aggravated battery in a public place.

Jackson and Manago are scheduled for bond hearings on Thursday. Court information for the juvenile was not immediately available.

On Tuesday, police issued a community alert seeking the offenders in the Near West Side attacks.

The offenders were described 8 to 15 young black men between 14 and 20. They are approximately 5-foot-5 to 6-foot-1, 140 to 180 pounds. They were last seen wearing baseball caps, some with braided hair and some with short hair. They were wearing shorts and t-shirts, the alert said.

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  • frank

    the jails are filled with ppl like this black on black crime is up and its not going down LOCKEM ALL UP

  • teacher Jan96

    They are a waste of flesh and blood. I’m sure their parents will claim that they are ‘innocent’. These type of criminals need to be thrown in a snake pit !

  • ron

    These animals wouldn’t last 2 days in China. I just read a story about a college student who was just executed because of a hit-and-run and murder he committed. This loser hit some poor young woman who happened to still be alive but instead of helping her he stabbed her to death so that he wouldn’t get in trouble. That pos was executed in less than a year, lol. That’s the kind of swift justice we need here in this weak, liberal country. Until we get that kind of justice here these animals will continue to commit their horendous crimes.

  • chicagoguy

    We won’t be carpet bombing the neighborhoods these kids come from, no matter how much some folks would like that.
    The big question is how does a civilized society deal with savagery? This is urban vermin and it’s a public health problem. Some vocal support from civic and community leaders is vital….where are they? Leadership on a public and private plane is lacking so far. The publicity-seeking religious leaders here have kept a low profile so far. It’s time we called them out.
    The nasty comments don’t help, but marginalize the writer. That won’t get closer to the solution.

  • clay

    For all the people leaving ignorant comments, the day when you are the victim of a crime like anything like this is coming….REAL SOON!!!

    • Pothead

      I hope they come to Bridgeport. We’re armed and ready. TRUST ME ON THIS.

    • Smash Crasher

      What’s the matter you BLACK RACIST PIG. Can’t stomach the fact that your race is the most sub-human form of useless life on the planet. Jackwads like you live in denial. Your race is pathetic. You race is pitiful. People like you and your diseased spawn should be eradicated from the face of the earth.

      • g-man

        I second that !!!!!

  • Lyndia

    You got a lot of nerves.

    • Pothead

      I have one nerve left Lindya and your stepping on it. These subhuman african animals should be excuted.

      • Pothead

        Sorry Lyndia, I see I mispelled your name. I have a problem with the African language.

  • chicagoguy

    It’s especially bad when some of the victims decline to file police reports because they have no faith in the criminal justice system, and don’t want to get involved in it. The “system” has yet to prove itself to the citizens. Seems like it exists for itself.
    The question still hangs in the air, “what can be done about this?”.
    Declaring ‘open season’ on the perps just isn’t going to happen.

  • John Brown

    I am always taken in awe at the racist remarks made on this page. Do you all say that about kids that kill their mama, daddy and dog. They are usually white. The savages are the ones that stole this country from the Indians and called it their own. Those were savages and thieves. What these young men did was not right however the name calling is displaced. Look in the mirror hairless apes!!

  • Reneé Lee Greco

    Where is Jesse Jackson, Sharpton & company?

    • spartans

      Too busy making money!!!!

  • Black Advocate

    I can understand why a boy named Akeem Jemima Manago would be at risk for criminality – can you imagine the hopeless burden of that name- but why would a Christopher Jackson be in the same boat?

  • Glen Beck

    Rumors has it the brothers have united with the illegals and Jefferson Park is next on the list followed by the real money in Barrington

  • Mohammed bin

    Black Advocate, why would Akeem Jemima Manago, “be at risk for criminality”,
    because he sound muslin? How much is the price of oil?

    • Whitey

      America gets most of it’s oil from Canada. I hope you learned something today….dummy.

  • Leroy Goldberg

    Gee, I hope the picture of those two boys won’t encourage racial profiling…….LMAO!

  • tyron jackson

    I wonder when in their life they gona find out stealing from others is not the way to live…. i guess never, almost everything around them engaging them to do this, such as rap music, gang members around them… most of the teens in the s. side belive this is the way to live, and its very sad to watch kids wasting their life… most of them don’t have no one to look after, daddy in jail for last 20 plus years, mama crack addict, their 10- 15 kids running around the streets stealing peoples ipod, because white ppl got it they don’t…

  • Pothead

    Wet their lips and stick them to a wall for a few years as punishment.

    • Tyreese

      That’s hilarious, HaHaHaHaHa. Smoke one for me, Mr. Pothead !

  • M. frye

    “Emanuel Vows ‘Full Force’ Of Law Will Bring Street Thugs To Justice”… is this another “never let a crisis go to waste” for Rahm??? Perhaps anything goes in Chicago because that is the example set by its leaders. It’s hard to believe anything “good” comes out of Chicago – looking at the top spot in the U.S. is led by Chicago mentality – and look where we are now!!!

    • Mr. Right

      We are where were at now because of little Georgie Bush.

  • enuf is enuf

    Three Charged With Robbing, Beating UIC Student On CTA Bus

    Man Shot, Wounded By Police In Garfield Park

    Four Attack, Rob Man On Brown Line Train Near North Side

    Two men shot during South Side confrontation

    Garry McCarthy: Officers seek to break up flash mobs before they form

    4 wounded in afternoon South Side shootings

    3 charged with robbing 2 on CTA bus

    Victim mugged on Near North Side CTA property

    Vigil held for teen killed in gunfire outside birthday party

    Mob attacks pose first challenge for Rahm, McCarthy

    Another Attack Reported Downtown

    McCarthy: 29 Arrests Already

    Guardian Angels Target Flash Mobs

  • enuf is enuf

    I forgot to add,thats just todays headlines. It’s gonna be a long summer here in the windy. Maybe Rahm will post the income these folks are getting from their work.Just for openess in govt of course. With those police officers salaries you couldn’t pay me twice the money to do that job.

  • Marty Luther King

    I hope everybody understands that as long as Democrats are in power, this will keep happening. You get what you vote for. Give yourself the ability to exercise your 2nd amendment rights by NOT VOTING FOR DEMOCRATS. Let the animals in the black community keep blindly voting for them. The rest of the law-abiding citizens know better. I have a dream. I have a dream that one day I will be able to laugh and put a bullet in the head of the thug who comes up to me and tries to take my wallet and cell phone.

  • Tyreese

    That’s even funnier, HaHaHaHaHaHaHa ! Keep up the good posts.

  • wiseguy

    it’s so easy to spew racial garbage out those sewers u call mouths ay pothead and smash crasher..?

  • wiseguy

    from behind a computer screen i might add..

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