Guillen Slams Sean Penn In Tweets For Backing Venezuela’s Chavez

CHICAGO (CBS) — White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen continues to be annoyed with Sean Penn, over the actor’s continued defense of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

Yahoo Sports reported the feud goes all the way back to March. Penn had appeared on “Real Time with Bill Maher” and criticized the use of the word “dictator” to describe Chavez, Yahoo reported.

In response, Guillen issued the following tweet: “Sean Penn defended Chavez is easy when you have money, and no leave in out country. Shame on you, Mr. Penn.”

But Penn is still defending Chavez. He published op-ed column appeared this past Sunday in the Huffington Post, in which he criticized economic sanctions against Venezuela, given that the country is in abject poverty.

“Oil is its primary export and the exceptionally devastating impact upon its people should be of specific consideration,” he wrote.

He added that Chavez was democratically elected and that the American media and many members of the U.S. Congress misrepresent him.

Guillen did not take kindly to this either.

“Sean Penn, if you love Venezuela please move to Venezuela for a year,” he tweeted on Tuesday.

He also tweeted that Penn move specifically to an impoverished city such as Guarenas or Guatire “to see how long you last,” and called him a “clown.”

Yahoo Sprots’ Ian Casselberry quipped that Penn and Guillen should “do a reality show together. Put Penn and Guillen under one roof in Guarenas for a month or two and let the cameras roll.”


    Bill Maher. Remember when he used to appear in front of the “red brick wall?”

    As a side note, Stewart and Colbert are great, but their station’s advertising is appauling. Literally. They constantly run ads for revolting “cartoons.” Or, the latest American Pie 12: Baking Class

    • FletchGuy

      Bill Maher has always been a joke. As far as the cartoons thats what Comedy central was founded on so if thats not your thing your watching the wrong station. definately do not get your news from a channel based on comedy.

      • StupidPeopleFTW

        It’s better than getting it from Fox News

      • FletchGuy

        Lol if you rely on Comedy central for your news then you have issues all together. it’s funny but far from a reliable news source. i never stated where to get it but its pretty much basic common sense you don’t get your news from comedy central. thats about as stupid as saying obama is a smart president who has a clue on what he is doing. Both would make no snese.

  • rabbit

    Chavez is a semi-dictator. Yes he conducts elections, but the election process is horribly skewed, and the policies he implements are often totalitarian.


      The funny thing, is that gasoline is, like, 30 cents a gallon down there. Maybe, with the current crisis, it’s at 60 cents.
      A car, probably, costs way too much for most, though.

      • FletchGuy

        The reason ifor the cheap gas is that they drill thier own oil. America could be in a similar boat but due to idiotic drilling restrictions and the lack of refineries in the US we pay top dollar to other countries for thier oil. We do stupid things like buy our own natiral gass that Canada angle drills for under or lakes for a 4 times the cost mark up. unless our government learns to be self sufficient we will always be the loosers.

  • Spoon

    Nothing like political commentary from Sean Penn and Ozzie Guillien…

    • Alfonso

      I think Ozzie has a much better perspective of what it’s like to live under a dictator than some spoiled actor who has been brainwashed in some liberal arts university with liberal philosophy. Philisophical socialism is totally different than the real thing. The real thing in NOT pretty. Sean Penn is mouthing off about something he knows very little about. I’m Ozzie has a real honest view of what it’s REALLY like.


      Precisely, Spoon! Next up, Tom Arnold and Don Shula discuss the Middle East.
      FletchGuy, it’s tough. We learned to maintain a balance of trade after World War II. The Camaro was (is?) a maple leaf product. But the other side never plays fare.
      I was thinking about it. President Obama is like a contestant on Chopped.
      He was given a basket with these four ingredients:
      Bubble Gum
      a box of saltines
      and seaweed
      and told to turn it into a main course.
      Good name, FletchGuy. “What kind of a name is Poone, anyway?”

  • Alfonso

    Penn never comments on the fact that Chavez has taken control of the press.
    Many opposition voters are turned away at the polls so Chavez can win. He’s
    not “legally” elected Mr. Penn. Chavez has also taken over oil companies, mining companies and grocery store chains. He’s locked up his own loyal generals once they realized what he (Chavez) was trying to do. He trumps up charges against anyone who is a serious opposition threat to him. Yea Penn. Go live in Venzuela for a year. Everybody wants socialism until they iive under it. You are right on Guillen. Penn is a Psuedo intellectual liberal idiot. All philosophy. No reality. Typical actor.

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