Man Hopes His Live Surveillance Cameras Help Fight Crime

CHICAGO (CBS) — A long time Humboldt Park resident is increasingly worried about gang activity in his neighborhood and is doing something about it. He’s set up live video surveillance around his property and hope the next time there’s trouble, he’ll have the evidence.

He talked to CBS2’s Mike Parker.

As he walked through his neighborhood, Bruce Barnes said, “We’ve had 15 shootings, we’ve had four people killed or injured within 15 blocks of this house. There’s no excuse for that.”

Barnes has had enough. He just bought and installed a sophisticated video system for the area around his house. A total of 8 cameras stream and store moving images on his computer. He can even watch the output on his cell phone, wherever he is.

He’s more than a little spooked. He recalls what a 19 year old gangster told him last Wednesday. Barnes says he was told to “move out.”

“We were calling the police on them and chasing them off the corner. They couldn’t sell their drugs and they couldn’t conduct their gang activities.” Barnes says he regarded that as a threat.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Bernie Tafoya reports

Last year he photographed dozens of apparent gang members congregated outside his house during the annual Puerto Rican Day Festival. He says a Chicago Police detective “admitted that this intersection and the Puerto Rican Festival are a magnet for gangs all over the country. It’s a Disneyland for gangs in Chicago each year.”

Chicago Police appear ready for any possible trouble. All day Tuesday, top police brass held strategy sessions at the Humboldt Park Fieldhouse. They were preparing for the start of this year’s festival on Friday.

Bruce Barnes has offered to pipe his live, real time video directly to the 14th Police District or to the 911 Center.

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  • Tony

    Now that you’ve alerted everyone to the fact that he has surveillance cameras all set up he’ll probably have his house trashed by the gangs. If not that, the way things are going, he’ll be told it’s an invasion of privacy and he’ll have to take them down. In which case, the gangs will run amok and kill some innocent bystander and nobody will have a clue as to who did what. More outcry from the people living in that neighborhood but the police claiming they have no clues to go by and so their hands are tied. Vicious circle!!! Welcome to the newest member of the 3rd world…Chicago, Illinois.

    • Smile

      There is no way that man’s security cameras will ever be taken down as an invasion of anybody’s privacy. There’s a lot you don’t know about a lot of things and your message proved it.

      • Ron Campbell

        Obviously, you missed the sarcasm in Tony’s comment…
        Let the big boys post, hmmm?

  • dag erickson

    If the POLICE said it is the DISNEYLAND of drug activity, we wanna see the arrests they did and what actions were done. We don’t wanna think that the POLICE is in collusion with the drug dealers.

  • Man Hopes His Live Surveillance Cameras Help Fight Crime | Local Area News

    […] A lengthy time Humboldt Park resident is increasingly worried about gang activity in his neighborhood and is doing some thing about it. CBS Chicago […]

  • Tony Fernandez

    Definitely not news worthy. Nonetheless, CBS2 and some other sympathizing knockle-heads, found it necessary for all Chicagoans, including us “dirty-ricans,” gang-bangers from all over the nation, that there is hero, middle-aged, WHITE man, around Humbold Park on a crusade to STOP all that crime all these violent, ignorant, Puerto Ricans, with their dirty, un-insured cars are causing!!! WOW!!! Amazing. Racist?? Oh please, let’s not play the race card. Not news worthy but, it sure can incindiate good ol’ fashion racism….

  • ismael martinez

    Johnt, as usual there is an ignorant, dumb and stupid racist pig posting comments without knowing any facts.. Have you heard or seen any puerto rican gang bangers shooting anybody. This man said ricans because to him all hispanics look alike. The puerto rican community has been very quiet for a long time, of course it is o.k. to celebrate one day of the year. All nationalities have a parade every year in Chicago. All of them. Jonht get a life you miserable fool.

  • Tony

    Yes, there was some sarcasm involved in my previous post. I give kudos to Mr. Campbell for being able to recognize that fact. Obviously his IQ points are higher than Smile’s.

    But at the same time I have to say that I still wouldn’t be surprised if the man was told to take the cameras down. There are too many cases where cities are enacting laws making it illegal to videotape the police while they’re investigating an incident. (Prosecutors across the U.S. claim the videotaping violates wiretap laws — a stretch, to put it mildly.)

    Too many cities are worried about being sued for violating our constitutional rights and not protecting them. Read the following article if you don’t believe me:,8599,2008566,00.html#ixzz1PMd2YY00

  • Nani A Proud Puerto Rican Mami

    CBS should be ashamed for posting such racist garbage. We Puerto Ricans are here to stay. Stop blaming a race for gang issues and blame it on just ignorant people who choose to break the law. Crime happens everywhere but is most likely reported when a minority is blamed. Do some research before you place blame. Remember pointing fingers, points more fingers back at you.

    • CN

      Stop sticking up for gang bangers in Humboldt Pk and saying police only stop them for being Puerto Rican. I’m sorry but I don’t understand your pride. I see normal people dancing on Division St. with Spanish Cobras, whom are throwing bottles at passing car, after a gang shooting on Washtenaw. It’s like no one in that community cares about addressing their gang problem, other than blaming police.

  • Tony Fernandez

    To all my Rican brothers and sisters: RAISE THEM PUERTO RICAN FLAGS AND RAISE THEM HIGH! Be proud! We have every reason to be. Puerto Ricans have made and continue to make countless contribution and sacrifices daily, to include partipation in every major war from the civil war to the present!! The AIMS of this nation and every major city in the US, from San Juan to Chicago, the vision is the same, their goals and aims are ours, too! That is, to educate ourselves, work hard, provide a decent life for our families, promote peace, health, happiness for all and help others…those are our values. Too bad others wish to praise the worse. Let the racist eat their hearts out and; LET’S CELEBRATE AT HUMBOLDT PARK!!

    • ann

      I would not be “proud” to be living in a gang infested slum ghetto neighborhood.

  • Junior Martinez


    • CN

      You mean L/K, MLD and S/C fest? Worst fest ever. Way to show pride by killing each other.

  • Cpd Jib Jabs

    Let’s see. Disney Parade of LIghts; never any shots fired… St. Patricks Day Parade (northside and southside); never any shots fired…Pride Parade; never any shots fired…Chicago Summer Fest; sorry, never any shots fired….Wait this must be it, 40,000 people attending the Rock Around the Block on Lincoln Avenue? NOPE!! Never any shots fired.

    I can go on and on, but the following parades have shots fired, multiple arrests and the occasional stabbings EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

    Puerto Rican Fest
    Bud Billiken

    Nothing Racist about it; just facts.

  • Jim Carino

    Let’s wait until the “celebration” is over and look at the fatalities and see if they are PR or not. Don’t here of any deaths at the Bud Billiken Parade or on St. Patrick’s Day?!?

    P.S. PR’s is so great, go home! Fly American Flag and support our troops!

    • MoMoney

      Suppose you are still waiting, ha? 60651 is a very BIG are, knockle-head!!

  • CN

    Thank for putting me on the news CBS. Saw the news van filming us while you were eating at Humboldt Dr. and North. Hope you know that vender never gets checked by the city. Also the fest doesn’t start on Friday. It started Tuesday, the 14th of June, and ends this Sunday. Way to get the fact BTW.

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    […] Chicago’s city-owned cameras watching public places 24/7 didn’t stop crime.  So why do we think his private cameras would do any better? Besides, these cameras will wind up recording a lot of black and Hispanic criminality.  Therefore, […]

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