Church’s Sex Abuse Reforms Denounced As ‘Minor’

CHICAGO (CBS) — The Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests is denouncing plans by Roman Catholic bishops to update sex abuse guidelines, saying the update is nothing more than a public relations move.

It has been nine years since the American Catholic Church came out with reforms intended to address priest sex abuse. And this week, a nationwide meeting of bishops is planning to reform the reforms–ostensibly to make them better.

“These proposed changes, frankly, are very disappointing.’ said David Clohessy is the executive director of SNAP. “They’re few, they’re extremely minor.”

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Clohessy says the group wants real reforms – like action against church employees, everybody “from custodian to cardinal,” who knows about abuse by priests but does nothing.

A spokesman for American Catholic bishops has said the policy has been working. Newsradio 780 has asked the Chicago archdiocese for comment on proposed reforms.

  • The nudnik

    “The policy has been working.”

    Uh-huh. As in Philadelphia, where it worked SO well that the DA indicted the priest in charge of placing priests in parishes for ignoring molestation by his colleagues?

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  • Tom

    I can argue the policy has been working. There has been no surge of abuse in recent years. Most of these cases are 25, 35 and even 50 years old. Not all of the cases are legitimate and unfortunately never reported by news media. Overall, the abuse was committed by a small number of priests. That is not to take away from the suffering the victims have endured and I pray for them but it’s also not fair to assume that the church is ignoring the problem. The priest in Philadelphia, thats one. There are 46,000 priests in North America alone. Not all reforms are going to work 100% of the time. Just look at our government. At least the church is trying to fix the issue. Something to remember. When Jesus walked the earth, one apostle denied him, one doubted him and another turned him in to the authorities for money which ultimately lead to his death. Some of His apostles were not very nice people when He choose them. Would it be safe to assume that almost 2000 years later there will be some bishops or priests who don’t have the best interests of the church or it’s people at heart? It would be naive to think otherwise.

    • Patrick O’Malley

      You’re lying and covering up. You are a modern day Catholic.

      Why don’t’ you tell the truth about Philadelphia, where Cardinal Rigali said there were “no priests credibly accused of abusing minors” in ministry, then suspended 37 of them a week later.

      Read the first 6 pages of the Philadelphia Grand Jury Report at to see how horrible Catholic priests can be, and how their church protects them.

  • Jack Burns

    It’s time for the Snappers to get over it. Ancient history. Modern day, teach your boys when they are approaching that age, a priest should never do certain things, and it is simply not right for a dude to have sex with another dude. The history, is what it is. Forget it. Don’t have sex with priests. Have a lovely day.

    • Sarah Simmons

      HaHaHaHa. Jack, you’ve hit the nail on the head. It’s about time they forget about history, and move on. I’m surprised anyone had the balls to say it. Excellent post !!!

    • John Redmon

      I’m with you too, Mr. Burns. These SNAP goofballs are becoming more and more irrelevant. The bottom line, “Don’t have sex with priests”.

    • Patrick O’Malley

      You Catholics are heartless, horrible human beings.

  • Patrick O’Malley

    “A spokesman for American Catholic bishops has said the policy has been working.”

    Bishop Finn in Kansas City blatantly ignores a memo about a pedophile from a school principal for over a year, and the pedophile is finally caught, and they think they have no problems. They are a church that lies to the public after raping thousands of children. Horrible.

    The Catholic church raped thousands of children in the US alone. They blatantly lie about current safety, despite this month’s news.

    You decide if this is your religion.

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