CHICAGO (CBS) The Chicago Cubs Single-A affiliate, the Peoria Chiefs, will have a LeBron James 2011 NBA Championship Replica Ring Giveaway on June 16. The replica ring, much like LeBron’s, is non-existent.

The promotion will be on the same night the Chiefs salute the six NBA Championships won by the Chicago Bulls.

The Chiefs are also looking into whether or not they can skip the fourth inning of the game to honor James skipping the fourth quarter of the each NBA Finals game.

“We aren’t sure if the league will allow it,” team President Rocky Vonachen said. “But if LeBron doesn’t need to show up for the fourth, maybe we won’t either.”

In addition to the rings, the Chiefs announced they will also give away a replica of James’ non-existent Finals MVP Award.

“Really this is just us getting back to the real world and waking up today and trying to solve our own personal problems,” said Vice President of Ticket Sales Eric Obalil.

Fans will also have the opportunity to learn the Heimlich, to help prevent themselves, or those around them, from choking in a big situation.

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