Neighbors: Bridgeport Streets Have Turned To ‘Unofficial Parking Lots’

CHICAGO (CBS) — Something strange is happening in the Bridgeport neighborhood on the South Side and it has some residents puzzled and angry.

Residential streets have suddenly become unofficial parking lots for commercial trucks and huge limousines.

Although commercial parking on those streets is illegal and neighbors say the vehicles are an eyesore, it continues.

CBS2’s Mike Parker reports.

John Tominello has lived in Bridgeport all his life and is angry about how the area is turning into a lot for commercial vans and trucks and huge limousines.

CBS 2 cameras saw huge vans and limos parked illegally along Normal at 25th Place. Not one had been ticketed.

One man we encountered nearby told us the situation was no big deal. Moments later we saw him drive off in one of the illegally parked vehicles. He was the driver.

We tracked down the owners of one of the coaches R&J Brothers Travel and Tours in Westmont. “I have to talk to the driver,” the owner told us, “and tell him to never do it again.”

Then there was the 18 passenger commercial van parked down the street from John Tominello’s house.

Producer Ed Marshall spoke with the young driver who told him, “This is ten minute parking for my friend.” When the No Parking sign was pointed out, the driver said, “Yeah. I just park for ten minutes.”

The owner of that van, who also runs a south suburban restaurant says the young driver is employed to pick up restaurant employees and brings them to and from work each day.

John Tominello says he sees that same van parked near his house daily.

“I want them to get themselves a parking lot where they’re supposed to park instead of my house,” he says.

  • Fed up

    Residents need to file a written complaint to code enforcement, copy traffic control for police department and fire departments. Send them a written notice on a weekly basis, making sure to note “2nd request…, 3rd request… Etc.”, and reference previous written requests. Squeaky wheels get the grease. Be sure to give them the make, model, color, description of vehicle and the license plate with any detail of the drivers and when the illegal parking is occurring. Pictures and video are also helpful … both of the illegal parking and resident testimony of complaint. After 3 notices, escalate to the Mayors office directly.

  • more fed up

    hey fed up, isn’t that what we pay the police for?

  • debbie

    what about the mini bus on 31st and wells that blocks off the whole corner for his private parking spot that is wrong why should he get a whole corner for his personal use when i have to walk 2 blocks to get to my house after i get off at work at midnight.

  • WOZ

    snip the stems of all four tires on all the offenders vehicles and guess what? i bet they wont be there the next night!!!!! you can do this with a pair of lineman’s snips,10 dollar investment to solve the problem forever!!!!!

  • still fed up

    today, friday, complained to 9th district about commerciaol van parked over night right in front of where story took place, registgered to suburbs, restaurant van, no sticker. . the officer drove past, never got out of his van, never checked for sticker and did not ticket. still fed up

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