(CBS) White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen has called them “piranhas”. Now he’s calling them “sardines”. Either way, he’s not beating the Minnesota Twins.

“These are the little sardines here. They are (bleeping) sardines,” Guillen said after his team lost its sixth straight game to the Twins Thursday. “They are sardines. You see a bunch of look like a circle, a bunch of midgets out there. But they can play.”

The Twins have proven they can play, beating Mark Buehrle and the White Sox 1-0 Thursday afternoon at Target Field. It was their 28th loss to the Twins in their last 35 games against Minnesota.

“That kid who is the leadoff guy (Ben Revere) … pretty good,” Guillen said. “When you’re missing (Justin) Morneau, (Joe) Mauer, (Jim) Thome and (Jason) Kubel and you’re still winning some games, you have to give those guys credit. They never sit back and say ‘We’re missing the big boys.’ They continue to play.”

Guillen then praised manager Ron Gardenhire, who improved his head-to-head record against Ozzie to 75-58.

“I think that’s the reason Gardy is the most underrated manager,” he said. “He won manager of the year last year. He waited 10 years to win that thing. I think Gardy makes those guys play and play right. He gets the best out of his players and they will be in the pennant race with along with a lot of people.”

The White Sox have now lost 24 of their last 30 games in Minneapolis.

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