2 Men Dead In Separate I-80 Motorcycle Crashes

COUNTRY CLUB HILLS, Ill. (STMW) – Two men died Saturday in separate motorcycle crashes on Interstate 80 in the south suburbs.

One crash occurred about 5:30 p.m. in the eastbound lanes of I-80 near Cicero Avenue, an Illinois State Police District Chicago master sergeant said. That intersection is located in southwest suburban Country Club Hills.

Vincent Austin, 37, of 6509 Pasture Side Trail in south suburban Matteson, was pronounced dead at 5:46 p.m. at Ingalls Memorial Hospital, a spokesman for the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office said.

Traffic on I-80 and nearby I-57 were reportedly snarled following the crash.

Earlier in the day, a 38-year-old motorist from downstate Madison was killed in a separate motorcycle crash on I-80 near southwest suburban Joliet.

The crash occurred on westbound I-80 about a quarter-mile east of milepost 127 in southwest suburban Troy Township, according to the Will County Coroner’s office.

Thomas M. Thiele was pronounced dead at 9:06 a.m. at Provena St. Joseph Medical Center in Joliet, according to the coroner’s office.

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  • CartographersNeeded

    Since when is CC Hills in the SW suburbs?

    • tiredofchicago

      Country Club Hills is a SW suburb…Geez!!!

      • CartographersNeeded

        You’re an idiot! CC Hills is what is referred to as a south suburb, check a city/suburb map.

  • Fez

    My Fiance and I drove right through this horrific seen just minutes after it happened. What a terrible sight…

  • Kakuna Miller

    @ Fez – Did you see what happened? I knew him. =o(

    • spoildlady

      sorry I don’t know if we knew him..what was his name ? My husband saw it and he said he will never get that image out of his mind

      • Kakuna Miller

        Vincent Austin…. went on the street by Eazy.

      • jbeanz

        I am a nurse but this was just horrible. I came from the other side of the eway to come help! Wish the outcome was different but the people that helped were amazing. From people blocking traffic, to going to help the victim many came together in a time of need. My heart goes out to the lady with the victim at the time and anyone who knows him…. may he rest in peace

  • fez

    I didn’t see it actually happen, but I saw the debris from the crash. We drove by and there we only one squad on the scene. There were civilians directing traffic and others seemed to be searching. Ill never forget what I saw on the ground…it still makes me shudder.I hope Gos is with his family through this difficult time.

    • Tee

      @ Fez OMG I knew him personally…this is unreal

      • Kakuna Miller

        Very Tee. =o(

  • kc

    How very sad and tragic. I drove past the seen while investigators were still on the scene. Watching the officer photogragh that motorcycle…I can’t describe how I felt. I got chills and just prayed for the victim. Even though I didn’t know the outcome and didn’t know the individual, I still was very sad and had tears in my eyes. I pray for him today and that he is with God. My prayers and heartfelt sorry go out to his family during this tragic time.

  • New Nurse

    Im praying for the family and the young lady that was with him i was also @ the scene when it took place I thank GOD for everyone who stopped to help this is a day i will never forget may your soul RIP

  • Tee

    We are all taking this hard, I still think im dreaming

  • LC

    I knew him personally and still in disbelief, he will be missed and was loved by a lot of people, to the ones that saw the accident did anyone see how it actually happened

  • me

    I knew him personally and he was such a nice person, I will keep his family lifted in prayer. This is unbelievable,

  • bonnie

    Rip my friend words can’t express how much I will miss you!

  • Nap

    This was my brother. I live in another state. Can anyone tell me about what happened before the accident? What seemed to have caused the accident? My brother introduced me to motorcycling. I have 12 years of experience so he probably had 15 or more years, he was a very experienced rider. From what I’ve heard already, it sounds like he just crashed out of the blue. This makes no sense. I really need to know what happened. For all of you that stopped to help… Thank you!!!

    • Kakuna Miller

      My thoughts are with you Nap. I just would like to let you know the RR had a vigil today for him, and there was a nice turnout. It was heart wrenching to see his friends break down while talking about the love they had for him. Know that he was loved, and will be missed.

    • himynameisashley

      I saw on a different site that someone in a car was following him. It said he was veering to the left and right and he lost control and hit the guardrail. I’m sorry for your loss I know word’s cannot help the pain.

    • jbeanz

      There are no words that can describe what you must be feeling at this time! My prayers go out to you and your family! Know that your brother was not alone during this and there were many people there to help and pray.

  • moses

    I knew Easy. He was from a bike club call Road Rage. A very nice guy

  • Jorge

    I’m a trucker and I travel on that road frequently. I know that there is some construction on that road and I often see the remaims of deer and raccoons. I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better but it sounds like there were some first class people on the scene doing what they could. My heart goes out to you and your family.

  • himynameisashley

    My heart goes out to his family. This was a horrific scene to come up to. Yes he was wearing a helmet but I’m guess the impact was so severe it knocked his helmet off. It was laying in the opposite lane. Helmet’s don’t alway’s save live’s. Don’t get me wrong they do help but in this situation it didn’t matter if he had one on or not. But I have noticed lot’s of people were asking if he was wearing one.

  • JAMMin

    Sorry but both of these guys were probably travelling way too fast than conditions warranted, they both lost control of their bikes and crashed and died. Maybe if they weren’t so careless they’d still be here today

    • CHEEZY

      JaMMin… How disrespectful for you to comment of how careless someone was being when you were not there and do not know all of the facts!!!! Vincent was a man, father, son, brother and very dear friend to a lot of people. He had over 15years of motorcycle experience and no where did u read that he was being careless & or speeding!! Your mother should have taught you that if you don’t have anything good to say don’t say anything at all!!!!

      • Kakuna Miller


    • Grace

      I dont like your comment.. you werent there.. you dont know.. I lost my bf he was the morning cyclist that died.. he was a season and safe driver.. dont be so sure of yourself unless you knoe the facts… and YOU IN THIS CASE DONT!!!;.. this was a good day to pay homage to the troops.. it wasnt a bike race…get your story straight or dont comment at all!!!!!!

  • Lorenzo Stafford

    that’s messed up cant believe this i just found this out vince one of my teammates i work with prayers to your family

  • wendy B

    JAMMin who are you to make that comment?? Where YOU there?? What a sick comment to write about those 2 men!! I knew Tom Thiele, he was a great man!! Everyone who knew him will miss him dearly!! I80’s roads are aweful!! You are an aweful person to write that knowing that there are many people mourning the loss of both Tom and Vincent. Innocent people ride on bikes obaying the law and still get into accidents. What an aweful thing to say!! God bless you both Tom Thiele and Vincent Austin. My prayers are with both your families.

  • grace

    thank you wendy…. thank you…

  • Lloyd "Napsta" Austin aka Nap

    Hello all I am Nap, Vincent’s brother. I’d like to share something with you all, especially JAMMin. Two-wheeled vehicles sometimes experience something called a “speed wobble” or “tank slapper”. It happens when the front wheel begins to oscillate, a number of things can cause this. When this oscillation starts it causes the bike to move quickly from left to right. This cannot usually be stopped by the rider. Usually the steering-damper stops it or the bike rights itself as the force is too much for the arms to stop. Things that can cause this are road imperfections, to high/too low tire pressures, suspension settings, road debris, plain old bad luck, to many things can cause this. I too have experienced this phenomenon at high speed on rack tracks and at normal freeway speeds. Here is a good look at this happening to someone. I thank you all for your support. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtjQ4SK4GXk

  • LC

    Thanks for the information nap, your brother was loved by plenty of people and will truly be missed…

  • kc

    I don’t believe any explanations are necessary. It is beyond cruel and down disgusting to blame these 2 men and suggest that they brought it upon themselves. How can you JaMMin look yourself in the mirror. These are human beings that leave behind loved ones to mourn them. How do you sleep at night? Nobody deserves to die in such a horrible manner. I pray for Vincent and Tom and all those that loved them. Remember the good times and those that truly matter. Do not let someone so ignorant bring you down. Stay strong and let the love and joy Vincent and Tom brought to your lives always fill your hearts!

  • Olajawon

    RIP man, im one of his fellow Comcast Workers from 112thstreet, its so very hard to hear, he was a great guy, and god pls wrap your arms around his family and friends

  • wendy B

    Nap, thank you for that information. My prayers are with you, your family, Vincents family, and all your friends. I’m sorry this happened to your brother. My friend Tom was awesome. He’s been in our family for 25 years. I can’t believe he is gone. I just can’t believe it. God bless you all. I don’t know Vincent but my heart is very heavy for him and all of you who loved him.
    KC Your words are true too!! Definately remember the good times and keep the love and joy that Tom and Vincebt brought in our lives keep us strong and fill our hearts. That is very beautiful KC and so true. God Bless you all!!!

  • Polar Bear

    I am vincent cousin and I just wanna say rip to him. @ nap you know “Easy” will be missed and always in our heart. Everyone please disreguard JAMMin’s comment of stupidity. Easy was a long time vet rider and something terrible happened that day. We was not there to know what happend. We are all human and the bible tells you DO NOT JUDGE” So I just wanna thank everyone for your prayers and R.I.P. EASY WE LOVE YOU.

  • SARA

    I was on my way to Indiana and could not believe the traffic…..then I realized there was an accident….then I saw people searching for a body…..then I saw a mangled bike and started to cry…that image will forever be in my head….may he REST IN PEACE

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