CHICAGO (WSCR) It’s a safe bet to say that, at times, Ozzie Guillen can be a distraction. Whether it’s Twitter messages from him son or calling the Minnesota Twins “a bunch of midgets,” there’s rarely a dull moment, but he also has the unwavering loyalty of his players.

So coming over from the Ron Gardenhire-led Twins, reliever Jesse Crain knew he was going to be in for an adjustment.

“The only thing I ever saw really was the stuff in the media,” Crain said on the Danny Mac Show. “And you know, last year there was a lot of things with Kenny Williams, and they had that show and everything, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

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“But after being over here, you know, the media is separate to how he treats his players and the respect that he has for his players and the situations he puts them in. And I have nothing but respect for him. He’s treated me great and I love playing for him.”

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