CHICAGO (WSCR) There have been plenty of memorable moments and intense games during the relatively brief history of the White Sox-Cubs rivalry. However, this year’s series may be lacking a little of usual anticipation.

“Well I believe that, certainly, the fans are still happy to play one another,” Steve Stone said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “Look, it’s very much of a down year for the Cubs. As far as the Sox are concerned, to this point, I think they have to be disappointed in what they’ve accomplished, being three games under .500.”

Because of the high expectations the White Sox have yet to reach this season, and the Cubs sitting 10 games back in the division, fans of both teams haven’t had much boasting to do. But that can all change once this series starts.

“Is there buzz? Yeah, I think so,” Stone said. “I think the players want to beat the other team. I think the fans certainly want to have bragging rights for the year.”

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Both teams have struggled all season, but are coming into the series in the midst of decent stretches. The Cubs have won four of their last seven, including three of four against the Brewers, and the White Sox have won three of their last four series.

“If these teams were at the top of the division, both of them, I would say that there would be a lot more excitement among everybody associated with this,” Stone said. “But I still love interleague play.”

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