Does Chicago Have The Most Critical Fans In Baseball?

CHICAGO (CBS) The excitement White Sox fans once had for Adam Dunn seems to have completely disappeared. Now, before he even gets to the plate for an at-bat, Dunn is showered with boos from the White Sox fans in attendance.

“The fans, they come to see the players do good, but sometimes they want to look at something negative and boo the guy,” the Cubs’ Alfonso Soriano told Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times. “That’s nothing new. That’s the way it is here.”

Dunn’s situation is similar to what Soriano experienced after coming to the North Side as a big free signing prior to the 2007 season. Before signing with the Cubs, he had stops with the Yankees, Rangers and Nationals. Soriano told the Wittenmyer that the fan scrutiny here in Chicago is like nowhere else.

“It’s the worst,” Soriano said. “I played in New York, but the fans are worse here. But at the same time, I understand. Fans can get frustrated because they want the team to win, and they want the players to hit. At the same time, the game’s not easy.”


    It just seems that way. But, there is a laundry list of reasons why we deserve it.
    Take Comiskey II: A state-funded project that is seldom at capacity, and was outdated the minute Camden Yards opened up. More funds cleaned it up, I’ll give you that.
    Take Game 6 and beyond.

    But, we show up–that’s the key. Atlanta won 12 straight divisions, two (three?) pennants and a Series. No one cares anymore: That’s critical. Colorado has the novelty of a new ballpark and a pennant (how that happened. . . . ) They can also point to John Elway posters around local sports bars.

  • Larry Horse's Arse

    Atlanta, FLorida and Tampa have the most indifferent fans.

    I’d say Philly for most critical.

  • tom Sharp

    What a joke quoting Soriano, the worst Left-Fielder in the history of baseball making almost $20 million a year about unappreciative fans. He’s lucky they don’t throw bottles at him. When you charge people $100 to sit and watch minor league quality baseball that pays the “performers” tens of millions to stumble around the field, you should expect the boos.

  • Mac

    Soriano is an idiot. Tell him to go play left field in Philly for a week and report back about how many times he gets hit with batteries.

  • DAVE

    I read comment boards from every MLB team. When I first started reading them, I thought “they sound just like Chicago [Cubs] [Sox] fans!”

    From what I’ve read on many message boards, fans complain about their team, fans always say “get rid of [name your player]”, get rid of [name your manager]; same as the Chicago fans. Fans are fans.

    New York’s media is especially harsh. They will do an entire front-page splash on their victims.

    • Larry Horse's Arse

      excellent comment about the NY media
      I totally agree
      Boston is 2nd roughest media market

  • Citizen for a Livable Chicago

    Athletes, Over paid, over rated, a waste of your money and time. Chicago politics, a better spectator sport, the players over rated, over paid, to much power, who kiss babies one day and steal their piggy banks the next.

    • Larry Horse's Arse

      what the eff is taking the Blago jury so long??????

      • SPAULDING!

        Free lunch? I wasn’t a fan of the second trial (please, oh please, don’t let there be a third).
        I see, maybe, one more conviction. Probabtion.

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