CHICAGO (WSCR) Since taking over the White Sox before the 2004 season, Ozzie Guillen has produced 1,211 wins, two divisional titles and a World Series, not to mention endless rants and controversies.

But despite the controversies, Guillen seems to have never lost control of his players or control of the team.

“I think what happens with a manager, is that he has to be respected by the players,” Steve Stone said on the Danny Mac Show. “He doesn’t have to be liked. … This might surprise you, but not all of his players like Tony LaRussa. But you have to be respected, that’s very important.

“So with Ozzie, I think he has the respect of a lot of his players. As far as the aura is concerned, he’s a guy who will tell you, if you ask him, exactly where your standing on the team is. He’s not going to do a great deal of playing around. I think he says things for effect, and at times, maybe the timing could be a little bit better when he decides to raise a controversial issue.”

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Earlier this season, when the White Sox were returning from a road trip, Guillen made comments about the way Latino ballplayers were treated. He cited the fact that Japanese players like Ichiro Suzuki and Kosuke Fukudome are given translators to help them communicate in the U.S., a luxury not given to young Latino players.

And more recently, before the series against the Cubs, Guillen reportedly said he would leave the White Sox after his contract expires in 2012 if he didn’t feel wanted.

“I’m not sure that the contract, at that point, should have been inserted in, at that very moment,” Stone said. “But that being said, you take the good with the bad. Ozzie is a very colorful guy, and I think he’s been very good for the White Sox.

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