Teen Mob Hits Walgreens On The Mag Mile

CHICAGO (CBS) — The teenage robbery mobs are at it again on North Michigan Avenue.

Some 50 young people barged into a Walgreens at Michigan and Chicago on the Magnificent Mile on Tuesday afternoon. They took bottled drinks and sandwiches off the shelves, then ran off, CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot reports.

A police report says authorities were able to nab three of the thieves.

Walgreens says the store is working with police, helping investigators with video from the store security camera. 

The Mag Mile earlier this year was hit by similar mobs of young thieves. Attacks on commuters and bicyclists have become violent, and police have stepped up patrols.

  • g-man

    Don’t you worry all them cameras will get them bad boys

  • ejhickey

    I knew it! cain’t trust them BLUES!

  • macho

    That’s because they are to busy directing traffic and fighting crime at your nearest chill spot.

    • Dave

      Or your local donut shop. You know, CSI Dunkin’.

    • Ronnie

      Visit the Council of Conservative Citizens to learn the truth about crime in America that the liberal media doesn’t want you to know.


  • Stacey Robertson

    I understand what he said. I too live in Arizona and the churches go out of their way for the teens. My son and his friends go every night to “Skate Night”. Imagine hundreds of teens at one location biking and skateboarding on ramps, jumps, etc. This too is free for the kids. Sure they sell pop for 50 cents, etc but there are no problems or fights. After it’s over, if the kids want to stay, they have a mass for them. The people that organize this I’m sure have better things to do on a Wednesday night but they are committed to the kids. Chicago could learn from Arizona.

  • Stacey Robertson

    Oops, every Wednesday night.

  • Centurion

    No cops? Thats because they are assigned to protect Ald Burke.

  • ejhickey

    agreed. this is not emmanuel’s fault. he stepped into a mess created by Daley.

  • Tony

    Yes, they are blue. As in Democrat.

  • Tom Davidson


    • m&m

      why are all the flash mobs african american? Miami, Philly, South Carolina, Long Island?

      • Ron

        Yea you think.. There is no concealed carry in that state. So the crooks know they are safe..

      • ghettoculturehater

        Seriously, the race of the mob wasn’t even mentioned as usual and since it wasn’t mentioned I assume them to be blacks or hispanics. When I saw the title of this article sadly what sprang to mind was “probably a bunch of black teenagers who listen to gangster rap”. Problem is these people have tribal mentalities, they roam in packs like dogs because that is their impulse to do so.

      • MyGod

        Its probably one mind behind this and one plan. This could be well a coordinated effort of something bigger that we won’t see coming because we can’t conceive of them planning anything. Maybe…they’re a FIGHT CLUB? Maybe they’re minimum wage revolutionaries? The white mobs have started in UPTOWN chicago on Sheridan last week. You know white youth…if they follow gangsta rap and rappers, they’ll take it just as far. Lets lock them up with Catholic Priest. That’ll teach them to pull their pants up.

      • Tonia

        Are all the flash mobs african american or just an angry people who have been oppressed so long that now they are acting like the white man acted when he wanted something he stole, lied, and cheated now that the tables are turned and it is happening to the white group its a problem but when blacks are being attacked its okay and it gets swept under the rug let the blacks start talking about bearing arms against the precious whites there’d be hell to pay and you know it so please just please.

      • Derek Elliot

        Because it’s Obama Time. They believe that they can get away with it. And why wouldn’t they? Our Attorney General, Holder, admitted the he will only concentrate on white on black crime. He sets the precedence for other law enforcement officials.

    • Dan

      One day, a store owner will open fire and hopefully lay to waste a fair number of these thugs. That would help.

      • joe thomas

        that already happened he is in jail

      • it's_almost_time

        One day – if the authorities don’t wake up and smell the coffee – EVERYBODY is going to open fire on these savage thugs. When people lose hope that the government is going to solve the problem, they will undertake to solve it themselves, because doing nothing is NOT an option. This is called vigilantism, and it is ugly. What we have today is the end product of the Welfare State, coupled with the destructive philosophies of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness. We-The-People are almost infinitely patient, but we are not stupid – we will not sit by and allow the savages to kill us and our kids. God help them when the worm turns, and God help the Democrats and Socialists too. We’ll get ’em all.

    • ranroddeb

      Obama supporters in training for next year. Can you say election cancelled due to marshall law?

      • ranroddeb

        Or how about Eric Holder’s poll watchers in training.

    • mark

      Glad I don’t live in the arm-pit called Chicago. Next time they pull this prank Walgreens needs to lock all the doors and call the police.

      • Fekhten

        Lock the doors and torch the place.

    • RHO

      I guess this must be what hope and change looks like. How much more Obama can we stand?

      • Tonia

        You will stand as much obama as you have to and for as long as you have to blacks have dealt with the nixon, reagon and bush years and did you hear us complaining like a little baby man up I say.

      • mreno

        Wow thats a leap even for me a republican. 22 years of Daly had nothing to do with it!! Its the Obama years.

      • Rhea

        Obama and Daley have nothing to do with it. It’s a bunch of kids who’ve been able to get away with robbing businesses and individuals just because they can. They know the cops won’t catch all of them, and there’s no way for anyone to stop or trap them all at once. What would have been neat is if Walgreens did a full lockdown (until police arrived) while the thieves were still inside.

      • Mr. Sensitive

        What does Obama have to do with this idiot? Criminals of all colors been around before Obama was even thought of moron

    • marci

      If we had known what we know now, we would have picked our own cotton.

      • Mr, Sensitive

        Marci you’re an idiot. So is it okay to condone slavery even if blacks weren’t like this? I’m reporting you for your racist post.

    • Theresa Fleming, Director of Moms For America

      We used to visit Chicago every single year. And we went to this Walgreens many times. Not only was Chicago a wonderful city to visit, it was very safe and we loved taking our children. But sadly, we absolutely would not visit now.

      Allowing crime and mob behavior to exist is a choice and while I am sorry to see Chicago leaders make that choice, we won’t be visiting the city again. At least not until they can prove that they have the crime, and their “mobs” under control

      • JimBo

        Oh No/!
        Whatevs girfriend………

        Allowing crime and mob behavior to exist is a choice and while I am sorry to see Chicago leaders make that choice, we won’t be visiting the city again. At least not until they can prove that they have the crime, and their “mobs” under control

        Whoa that is one A$$inine remark.

  • John

    Wait a minute, didn’t Geithner say a couple of weeks ago that he would catch these thugs. LOL. Blues are going crazy. No jobs, no money, no life leads to thuggery. Load up guys and lightem up.

    • Dave

      No that was Rham-a-lama-Ding-Dong.

    • R F Carpenter

      Moral decay, ignorance and racism (black racism) leads to this type thuggery…. not unemployment…… This didn’t happen the in Great depression… WHY? Different moral character… plain and simple…..

      • Punatic

        You hit the nail on the head. Moral decay, and not unemployment are behind this type of criminal activity.
        I would bet you that the great majority of these hoodlums are from one parent cages.
        Starting with the Great Society of LBJ females learned very quickly that they did not need to have a burden in their cage traditionally known as a “father” for them to get money from the government. To them government is “Big Daddy”.

      • My GOD

        I hate to tell you, but this did happen during the great depression. I suppose we thought it was funny back then. It was as bad as the book “LORD OF THE FLIES”. In fact, the Civil War started because corporations(called plantations then) lost their labor (slaves became free, plantations fell into ruin) and the confeds simply said bring them back, started a war, and we kicked their bootys. Did anybody get the race of those Guardian Angels?

    • Joette

      “No jobs” == does this really lead to thuggery?? Does anyone honestly believe that these people would actually hold down a job??

      • Jo

        No, in a word. They would NOT want to work-it is EASIER to STEAL. They should charge the parents(if any are home, and NOT absentee) I would bet the parents of many of these THUGS, look the other way when the merchandise shows up in their home-that way, the parents figure-I DON”T HAVE TO BUY IT FOR ‘MY LITTLE THUG’- IT’S THE USUAL “ENTITLEMENT MENTALITY- OF WHICH

      • Tonia

        yes these people can hold down a job and many more if you let them but since you do not want to believe in fair play and honesty among the races unless they are lily white this is what is breeded but of course you would not see it that way you will continue to believe that lie that your forefathers have told because it safer to God bless.

      • it's_almost_time

        No. Most of them are positively unemployable. No skills, no work ethic, noway, no how.

  • Tony

    Ever think of trying to put a different party in charge? The same one has ruled that dump for years, hence it’s now a dump. I guarantee things would change for the better.

  • sleepyzZ

    It’s called appeasement. They are still being trained that they deserve something for nothing.

    • Indiana Grandma

      Agree!! More money and “programs” are NOT answer.
      Where is self-control, truth, and honesty. Where is personal responsibility? Where is the shame for theft and destruction?
      It has been bred out of the “community”. For generations.
      Chicago is the most beautiful city in the world, but one of the most dangerous now. Too bad.

  • Karlsan

    I agree, Mark twain said this about that…”If you take a dog in off the street and feed him, he will not bite your hand. And that’s the principle difference between a dog and a man”.

  • Joe Johnson

    slugs are not the best option for a gang like this; you need riot sized cans of pepper spray! Light em up, make it so unpleasant they wont do it again, and while they are stumbling around the cops can catch them all, and if an innocent bystander gets hit its not a long term big deal….

    • Dan_o

      Not sure about that. Personally, I’d prefer the pepper spray to the slug if I were the thug. I would go with a traditional shot shell, though, instead of slugs.

    • Red Burton

      A sawed-off 410 shotgun with bird shot shells would work well in that situation and leave a lasting impression on the intruders.

    • Tea Isstronger

      Real bullets fired from real machine guns is what is needed. Until Blacks see red blood flowing out of black bodies laying in the street on the evening news, this will end.

    • Riot Shotgun

      00 buckshot all the way.

    • Law Abiding Citizen

      Shooting and neutralizing them sends a more forceful message given the disparity of mob force.

      Oh wait, this is Chicago.

      They deballed law abiding citizens.

    • Finbar

      You make sense, Joe Johnson. And I forgive you for the “Black Sox” thing.

  • John

    Rahmbo, needs to call in Rambo to take care of the thugs. LOL. Yesssssssssssss sir.

  • J.V.

    These Mobs are just carrying out the economic message that your new mayor, his political party, and the current U.S. & Venezuelan presidents have been preaching for decades. Just get with the program or your new Thug, I mean your new mayor, will have his young recuits visit your home or business, too.

  • Willy Brown

    Let the shop owners have guns so they can shoot the low life sob’s .

    • hannahAr

      Can you imagine the media outcry if one of these young thugs gets shot? Brother Jessie and Al will have to march, with all their mindless sheeple carrying FREE THE KILLER signs.

      • Dave

        Shoot them too.

      • Jaded Swine

        Tonia, your writing skills are awesome! Great use of English grammar; your mastery of punctuation is superior as well. It’s always important to hear from the ignorant and the uninformed. Thanks for taking the time to grunt and share your bigoted opinions. Oh, don’t forget to blame a white person for all your shortcomings since hard work and discipline just isn’t part of your “cultural” repertoire.

      • Tonia

        first of all we do not march just to free a killer its about marching for the proper punishment for the crime, when people like you are on judges benches and senators and such black men do not have a prayer they will get ten years for stealing water and a sandwich if a white man did it he would get 0 or 1 year punishment if that so let ‘s be real black people have to march just get treated the way the constitution says humans should be treated no other race has to do that especially the vanilla cream.

  • darogers

    HIzzoner is right on it this. No, really. STOP LAUGHING!!!!

  • clay


  • Chris

    The problem is, Chicago isn’t fighting aggression with ANYTHING!!! Nothing is being done!! Everyone just stands there and watches while these dirt bags from the hood mess everything up. Not really sure why you thing aggression is being used to fight this, I wish!

    Illinois needs conceal carry. We’re sitting ducks out here, and we can’t defend ourselves! The crooks know it, this is why they are so brazen about it. We are the ONLY state left that doesn’t have conceal-carry. Time to get with it.

  • JB

    Yet, you folks in Illinois just keep voting democrat.

    • NCMike

      My thought as well. Same thing in Detroit, Buffalo, Cleveland, you name it. After 50 years of Democrat broken promises and lies, wouldn’t you think somebody would figure out they shouldn’t be re-elected? Like Ron White says, “there’s no cure for stupid.”

      • Sharon

        Yes, they continue to vote democrat until the cities become politically correct, government sponsored cesspools of crime… then they move South.

      • Tonia

        I do not see where republicans have done such a great job but made the rich richer and the poor poorer so if you are rich no wonder you say what you say so there it is in a nutshell fools of a feather will flock together .

      • basman56

        Don’t get your hopes up. Democrats are so stupid they will keep voting for more of this anarchy until the cities are ruined! Even more than they are already. Good job Democrats! You really know how to govern cities…INTO THE GROUND!

    • edubb

      Does it really matter neither party is doing anything…..

  • John

    sirandrew, you said something a lot of people are to damn scared to say. They should have kept them locked up or in a place of there own. Away from sanity.

    • Tonia

      Fisrt of all john we did not ask to come here your forefathers had decided that they were not going to work their land themselves to big I guess so they decided to go and get some people to work it for them they did not ask they just took so we were in a place of our own and we were very sane until your people came and did what they do best STEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh if you would like for us to return come with the fare to send us all back to whence we came dear you have a blessed day

      • rc


        It’s so refreshing to read a voice of reason, wriiten in good English to boot.

      • Rhea

        I like how you assume that all white people had forefathers who imported or owned slaves. Guess what, Tonia? Most Caucasians in this country are descended from people who either immigrated North before the Civil War (such as the Irish) or who came with the “new immigration” of early last century (Eastern Eurpeans, Italians, etc.). German and Scandinavian farmers in the Dakotas, etc. didn’t own slaves either. I also love how you assume every person speaking out here is white. Not all of them are. I’m half Native American, and my ancestors sure didn’t own anybody. And we know that there is NO excuse at all for a bunch of people to rob and beat others for things they want. Nobody is to blame but themselves (and their families if they raised them without values). I’d advise you to think about what I just wrote, but I doubt you will. You’re too racist and have an agenda, and you’re sticking to it.

      • Rhea

        Oh, and by the way. We Native Americans didn’t ask for ANY of you to come here, be they white or black. This was our country first, and soldiers of BOTH races killed and oppressed my people. However, what’s done is done, and all we can do is build ourselves up and do our best to live decent lives and raise ourselves and our families up in this world (and be good people while doing it).

      • Mr. Sensitive

        Tonia you are truly stupid. Do you even know what you’re talking about?

  • J.V.

    You have described the successful result of the teaching the emotion of self-esteem in public K-12 schools the expense of not teaching real academic education.

  • your Neighbor

    Teens, huh… any other profile identifiers that might describe the (obvious) suspects.? Ummm, Ummmm, Ummmm.

  • jb

    While they haven’t posted any pics of these ‘youths’, I can make an educated guess as to what they look like and I’m willing to bet they all vote democrat.

    • Jim

      Yes they are all kids from unwed blacks who the democrats keep paying the mothers to keep pumping out kids that she don’t even know who the father is.

      • Tonia

        It seems jim as if you have missed several episodes of jerry springer because all I see are whites girls running off the stage after they have had several precious white men on stage who says they are not the father maybe its the black kid huh after all of your moaning and groaning she has a half and half serial killer and democrat. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • James

      You are kidding; right? You actually think they vote?

      • Tonia

        Yes james some of us do vote and you should be glad its the right ones because the rest of them would probaly vote to eradicate vanilla if you get my drift!

    • sick of this

      This rotten ill raised black kids have been abandoned by parents who never gave a hoot about them. I am sorry to say that in watching them it makes me believe in abortion. I feel awful saying that but they are almost rodents

      • Tonia

        I hope you believe in abortion when that white serial killer has chopped up plenty of white bodies across the nation especially if its someone in your family I hope abortion is still feasible then and from what I understand of serial killers they are white and some come from two parent families in order for anymore serials to be born maybe we should annihilate the white race since that’s where productions start do you agree sweetheart?

    • m kaat

      amen, brother

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