Rash Of Car Break-Ins Along North Lakefront

CHICAGO (CBS) — Police are warning of a rash of vehicle break-ins along the north lakefront.

Thieves have been operating along the lake between Foster Avenue and Addison Street – a stretch that includes two beaches, Montrose Harbor, and the Sydney R. Marovitz Golf Course. Montrose Harbor has been the thieves’ primary target.

Drivers around Montrose Harbor think the thieves might be getting a little help from paid parking receipts which show exactly how long you plan to be gone.

“It’s very easy for someone to sit over here and wait for you to walk away from your car,” Angela Northrop said.

Police say the thieves break into parked cars and take anything they can find. If the victims have left credit cards in their cars, the thieves use the credit cards right away, then throw them out, police said.

No description of the thieves is available.

Police advise motorists to lock their vehicles upon parking them, carry only identification and credit cards that are necessary for the day, keep all valuables secured in the trunk or take them along upon leaving the car, and notify others about the thefts.

Fotis Perizes has been the unfortunate target of thieves twice. The first happened while his car was parked at Recreation Drive, where many drivers say their cars have been hit.

After that, Perizes started parking closer to home on Irving Park, but on May 26, he discovered it had happened again. The thieves went through his glove box and made off with his radar detector and phone charger.

“I said to myself, I can’t believe it happened again,” he told CBS 2’s Mai Martinez.

 Anyone with information is asked to call Belmont Area police detectives, at (312) 744-8263.

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  • Joe Patroni

    Crime like this is going to go up in Cook County. Cook County implemented “Restorative Justice” so that offenders can sit down and tallk with victims. They also have a new program of court diversion for felonies, got rid of dozens of prosecutors and attorneys for children. To me this is coddling criminals and forces taxpayers and businesses out of Chicago and Cook County.Why should they invest in Cook County?

  • Hachipisali

    We have scientific truth and evidence for many things, but not everything. It is in our inherent nature as humans to seek out the truth, weed out the bad squirels, and bury the nuts- so to speak. We need to listen to new ideas, but remember the old truths, sometimes the fortune tellers are correct and so are scientists. President Ronald Reagan said in a speech to the United Nations- “Perhaps, we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize a common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences, worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.”

    • NWA

      What! Did you even read the story before you posted your comment? What the hell does “scientific truth and evidence for many things, but not everything” and, “Ronald Reagan” have to do with knuckleheads robbing automobiles?


  • bonzai

    I think for once criminals should be kept locked up, and not this time and half, early release buwlchit, start enforcing rico laws.

  • Jenny

    You knew it was just a matter of time before the criminals would figure out that a parked car with the time you plan to return equals a pretty good chance they won’t get caught. Another wonderful legacy from Daley.

  • krissy

    white people leave everything in their car for thieves to say “break in and take me”..cosmetic cases (looking like a wallet), cell phones, book bags, radios, navigation systems, cameras…..and the list goes on!! lock your stuff in your trunk

  • JeanSC

    Motorists could have an auto “go bag” for all the stuff they don’t want stolen, to take with them when they park; and if they lock stuff in the trunk, put it into a locked container and chain it to part of the car if they can.

    • NWA

      Hey, Ron Popeil might want to hear from you? Mo’ Money! Mo’ Money! Mo’ Money!


  • Duante

    I would be willing to bet big money that these are the same afro-American teens that are causing the trouble in the daytime. Criminals can work a double shift too.

  • Taxpayer 2

    First of all, where are the black cameras? Try getting some cameras out there immediately. Do some stings every now and then in the hot areas.

    Second, where are the undercover cops or undercover security guards? Try getting some of them out there as soon as possible. If we can fight wars over yonder, we certainly can stop crime here at home.

    Third when these criminals get caught, start off by cutting their fingers off! Then take them to some island somewhere far off and let them rot. These fools will begin to think twice before they commit any crimes Time to get tougher with all criminals. Let them be their own examples.

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