Cowley: Dunn Is ‘Obviously Mentally Beaten’

(WSCR) Adam Dunn’s struggles have been well chronicled this season. Normally one of the most consistent hitters in baseball, Dunn is nowhere near the pace to hit his season averages.

“He’s obviously mentally beaten, in talking to him and hearing some of the quotes, on days I’m not there, about how he just doesn’t understand this,” Joe Cowley, of the Chicago Sun-Times, said on the Danny Mac Show. “But then there’s things that I hear him say, that I still shake my head.”

Despite his struggles, Dunn has admitted that other than a two-day break in action, he hasn’t watched any more film than he usually does, and hasn’t taken drastic measures to change elements of his preparation or swing.

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“You know what a good suggestion for him would be? Go to Arizona and hang with Paul Konerko in the offseason,” Cowley said. “And go to the training facility that Konerko goes to. Watch the work that Konerko puts in.

“Or go down to Florida and watch A.J. [Pierzynski], and the work he puts in, with his trainers. I mean, you talk about durability, I mean, when is the last time A.J. Pierzynski was on the DL? And that’s a position where a lot of guys are soft and go on the DL.

“So I mean, there’s things he can reach out for, unfortunately they might not be until the offseason. So for three and a half months, he’s going to have to wear it.”

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  • Cameltoe Rancher

    Is it still a Sox town here, Joe?

    And are you still waving the flag to let the drug cheats in the HOF?

  • Patrick Mauro

    The late Harry Carray used to say certain batters look” hitterish.”
    Kornerko and AJ take baseball very seriously because it’s their job. They love it.
    When those two are at the plate, I think of ole Harry…

    Dunn as NEVER looked hitterish…he looks way out of shape…This is an emergency for the White Sox and Dunn.

    When will Ozzie, Kenny and this hitter get it?

  • StupidPeopleFTW

    In other breaking news, Cowley is a moron.

  • paulh

    As a lifelong Cub fan I can tell you this; Dunn did NOT forget how to play baseball over night. First, he came back way to soon from the appendix surgery. I had the same procedure 5 years ago (ruptured appendix) and the laproscopy procedure works well but leaves you VERY sore for weeks. I assume Dunn, who has always been recognized as a great team mate, just felt he needed to try to help a.s.a.p.. Booing won’t help. He’s a good guy and being a Cub fan, rarely remark on Sox stories – but, it IS a shame to see a good ballplayer going through such a prolonged slump. If and when he comes out of it – LOOK OUT! Hey Adam, wait for at least a couple more weeks.

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