Chicago Gay Rights Activist Attacked During Russian Demonstration

CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago gay-rights activist who was arrested in Russia by Moscow police during a pride demonstration last month is back home and talking about the experience.

American Andy Thayer, co-founder of the Gay Liberation Network, was one of more than a dozen demonstrators who planned to march in the Russian capital. They never got the chance. Russian nationalists attacked them first, and then the demonstrators were dragged off by police. 

Thayer watched a video of the incident with CBS 2’s Mike Parker and called the actions by the mob and police “infuriating.”

“A transgender activist was kicked four to five times on the pavement and another activist, a lesbian activist, was hospitalized for about four or five days,” Thayer said.

Thayer said he was grabbed by a man with close-cropped hair and a camouflage outfit. He believes the man was one of the “neo-fascists” he said were attacking demonstrators.

The arrests near Red Square came on May 28, shortly after the European Court of Human Rights criticized the Russian government for refusing to allow gay-pride demonstrations.

Among those arrested was Dan Choi, the former U.S. Army lieutenant who challenged the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, and Louis Georges-Tin, the French founder of the International Day Against Homophobia.

In a video shot inside the cramped police van that hauled the demonstrators away, Choi is heard complaining that had been hit in the ear. After being held in the hot crowded van for three hours, the Americans and the others were simply let go.

Thayer said this was his second arrest in Moscow. The first was in 2009. He said he’ll go back again, regardless of the danger.

“This is the way civil rights have always been won,” he said.

On paper, homosexuality has been legal in Russia since 1993, but there are no laws forbidding discrimination against gay people.

CBS 2 sought comment from the Russian Embassy in Washington but did not receive a reply.

  • Mr. Justice

    Perhaps you should stay in the United States and not poke your nose into the business of other countries. I am sure the Russians did not want you there and you got a taste of their police power. I have been to Russia and found the people to be very friendly. However, the police do not take any garbage from anyone. So, next time, stay at home and shut up you big whiner.

    • A Human Being

      Answering the invitation of Russian activists and traveling all that way to stand with them is an inspiring act of courage. Calling the struggle for equal rights “whining” is ridiculously stupid.

  • J

    Try China next time! Do you really think any of these countries care? Stay in the U.S. and be thankful for what you have.

  • Bill T.

    They don’t tolerate any tom foolery by sick puppies like we do in the US.

  • Pothead

    So true. Russia and China don’t like you bone chukkers.

  • Pothead

    Thayer says he’ll go back again. I guess chances are pretty good that he was gang raped in jail.

  • Next Darwin Award Winner

    Everyone knows that Russia has always had such a deep and rich history of respecting the freedom of expression! And her history of resolving issues by democratic means has always been at the forefront globally.


    What’s next for Thayer? A publiuc burning of the K O r a n in downtown Mecca? How about putting on a play insulting Kim Jong Il in Pyongyang? No, I’ve got it! Organize an orgy in St. Peter’s in Rome!

    Now I can see why we Americans are so beloved worldwide.

  • southside

    He should take his protest to Syria, Libya and Iran next. They will be so receptive.

  • Ryne

    Thayer apparently is turning the bigots on. They have nothing better or more productive to do than to follow his publicity whenever it pops up. Go masturbate else where. God forbid a gay man ever shows some strength and hutza, “straight” society becomes outraged

  • Laurel Lambert Schmidt

    Mr. Thayer has shown great courage in his stand for gay rights here and in Moscow. There is no reason why we should disparage his non-violent efforts to protect those who have suffered discrimination, except our own prejudice.

  • Matt G

    Bravo Andy, inspiring solidarity!

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