June 28, 2011

The Blagojevich trial is over now, but we’ll be hearing its message for a while – “Wise up, you crooked politicians! Stop using your power to stuff your pockets!”

We’re hearing it from the jury and the U.S. Attorney – especially the U.S. Attorney: “Play games with taxpayers’ money, and you’ll follow Blago into prison.”

That message is so loud, it’s drowning out all others, including one that we ought to hear from the trial, which is to be wary of the power of a U.S. Attorney.

I think it’s too much power, with too many millions of dollars.

And too many hundreds of investigators, prosecutors and the FBI.

And too much control of the grand juries.

And too many ways, and too much muscle for twisting the arms of witnesses.

And too many judges in favor of the prosecution.

It’s almost impossible for a person accused of a crime to beat the U.S. Attorney.

It’s good that the U.S. Attorney in Chicago got Rod Blagojevich. It’s scary that it’s easy to get anyone.

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