Walter’s Perspective: U.S. Attorney Has Too Much Power

June 28, 2011

The Blagojevich trial is over now, but we’ll be hearing its message for a while – “Wise up, you crooked politicians! Stop using your power to stuff your pockets!”

We’re hearing it from the jury and the U.S. Attorney – especially the U.S. Attorney: “Play games with taxpayers’ money, and you’ll follow Blago into prison.”

That message is so loud, it’s drowning out all others, including one that we ought to hear from the trial, which is to be wary of the power of a U.S. Attorney.

I think it’s too much power, with too many millions of dollars.

And too many hundreds of investigators, prosecutors and the FBI.

And too much control of the grand juries.

And too many ways, and too much muscle for twisting the arms of witnesses.

And too many judges in favor of the prosecution.

It’s almost impossible for a person accused of a crime to beat the U.S. Attorney.

It’s good that the U.S. Attorney in Chicago got Rod Blagojevich. It’s scary that it’s easy to get anyone.

  • tom Sharp

    Only this guy could find a way to attack the prosecutor in the Blago case where dozens of “witnesses” lied under oath and to the public, seemingly with impunity. Here is a secret for Walter and all other misinformed lovers of the American Justice System: Winning is, by far, the most important thing, truth and justice don’t even make the top 3 on the list!

  • Bob

    He’s right , the judge clearly favored the prosecution in the Blago trial.
    Blago’s broke now but, I wonder ……………..

  • John

    What I want to know is why an “impartial” news professional is even offering any opinions. I remember a time when the news people just REPORTED the news. We don’t need to hear their biased opinions too. Let US decide our opinons for ourselves. If I wanted to hear something as significant as Walter, I would have farted.

    • Mike

      Where have you been for the past 20 years? Walter’s perspective has been a common feature on both CBS and before that when Jacobson was on FOX. And this “time” you remember when people just “REPORTED” the news, was that back in 1968 when Jacobson was originally a reporter for CBS?

      • John

        Oh so that’s OK then? Because Walter has been allowed to do it all these years it’s OK? I don’t think so. I know he’s been doing this. And I have never liked it. The press is SUPPOSED to be impartial. That’s their job. Frankly I thought his Perspectives make him sound like a moron.

  • bobschafer

    Sounds like old Wally is part of the problem, and not the solution. Here we have a man of integrity who is willing to wade through the slime we have in “leadership” positions in Illinois, and Wally thinks he has too much power? What about the representatives, senators, and governor who continue to game the system for themselves and their friends? Peter Fitzgerald should be remembered as the greatest US Senator this state has ever seen!

  • J. Labowitz

    It certainly did seem like a vendetta on Fitzgerald’s part. I’m not defending Blago–wrong is wrong and dumb is dumb. In our advanced electronic age, how could he not know he could be recorded. Today if one claims they won a spelling bee in 3rd grade, and it isn’t true, someone will have a film, a recording etc. to prove them wrong. He should have known this and NY Rep Weiner should have known this too. Blago deserves to serve some time, but I hope it won’t be 10 years.

  • Mike

    Jacobson is right, in a time where so many are worried about deficits and government spending, the freedom this prosecutor has to spend TAXPAYER funds is scary. I’m glad the jury found Blago guilty this time because I’m afraid if they didn’t they were going to continue to re-try Blagojevich until some jury found him guilty.

  • cani getawitness

    Walter hates investigators like Fitzgerald because they put his brother away in Florida in the late 1980s for being a child molester and pee-pee waver. His brother was a teacher in Port St. Lucie Fl. until he got caught flashing his privates to grade school kids.

  • IL Mom

    IL Mom….YES Walter…..Two trials….Why have Jurors?

  • IL Mom...

    IL Mom……Grow up…..Why is it ok to have a Judge and other Law Officials to negate the First Trial? The fact is, you small minded people , is the First Verdict from the First Trial was taken away from our former Gov……Think about the fact that the first trial was indeed ignored and it was decided to hamper with our former Gov’s CIVIL LIBERTIES you FOOLS…

    • John

      If you understand the law, the 1st trial was never “negated.” The jury failed to reach a verdict so by law the judge has to pronounce a mistrial and the attorneys re-file.

  • FR

    So how many mis-trials does a person have to go through. The government has unlimited money (ours) and man-hours but a defendant doesn’t.

  • IL Mom.....

    IL Mom…..Yes@FR……Sooo how many mis-trials Dear John? Dear John, what if it was you Dear John? Your feelings of CIVIL LIBERTIES would be in check then John……

  • working man

    More Power to the U.S Attroney. Lets clean house.

    • Mr. Justice

      I agree. Clean house. Now go after Daley, Rahm, and all of the other puking liberals in Chicago that trample on our civil rights.

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