CHICAGO (WSCR) The White Sox may have won on a balk on Monday night to get back to .500, but the talk on Tuesday is revolving around Adam Dunn, and his encouraging night at the plate.

Dunn was 2-for-4 with a two-run home run and only one strikeout. His eighth inning home run brought his season total to eight, and he’s still batting a miserable .171, so it’s not quite fair to declare him out of his slump.

“I think it’s too early to go down that road,” former White Sox and current analyst Bill Melton said on the Danny Mac Show. “I think the biggest plus is what he talked about…, to get the results, the fact that he’s seeing the ball. And that’s usually what happens when you get so messed up in your mind, mentally. You’re taking pitches right down the middle. You don’t know why you don’t pull the trigger. You don’t know where the ball is.

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“And apparently something they dealt with was some sort of a balance, Greg Walker spotted in some film, where, you know, his head could have been turned the wrong way at times, he didn’t have a trigger, if he had it, it was off, which allows you to pull you’re head a little and you’re really not seeing the pitches.

“It’s one thing to swing through them, when they’re fastballs down the middle. It’s another thing to foul them off. … You only have to pull your head a little bit, and you know, once you start your hips, your shoulders go and then your head goes. They’re all tied in together.”

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