Weis To Take Post At Chicago Crime Commission

CHICAGO (CBS) — Former police Supt. Jody Weis has a new job that will keep him in Chicago.

The Chicago Crime Commission announced Tuesday morning that Weis will be named as the new deputy director for the organization.

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Weis is set to appear at a news conference Wednesday morning, where he will talk about his plans to address crime in the city, and, the commission says, “enhance Chicago’s image and social viability.”

He also plans to focus on addressing the root causes of crime in the city – which the commission identifies as gangs, guns and drugs.

Weis resigned March 1 when his contract as police superintendent expired. Former Supt. Terry Hillard took over on an interim basis, before new Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s pick, Garry McCarthy, assumed the post.

Weis took over as police superintendent in 2008 after 22 years at the FBI. He was appointed after Supt. Phil Cline resigned in the wake of a scandal sparked by Officer Anthony Abbate, who was caught on surveillance video brutally beating a female bartender half his size at a bar on West Belmont Avenue.

But soon after Weis took over, he drew sharp criticism from rank-and-file officers, who felt he wasn’t on their side.

Among Weis’ most unpopular decisions among the rank-and-file was subjecting Officer Bill Cozzi to a new federal prosecution and prison time after the officer had already been convicted and sentenced to probation for beating a man in a wheelchair.

In September of last year, hundreds of rank-and-file officers marched outside of Police Headquarters, 3510 S. Michigan Ave., demanding that Weis be let go.

But Weis always maintained that the streets were safer after he took over, and pointed out that homicides were at their lowest level in 45 years last year. He also had his supporters in City Hall.

  • Tom

    Bad idea. The shadow of Weis will now hang over the police department. And I hate to sound ill informed, but what exactly does the Chicago Crime Commission do and what authority, if any, do they have.

    • KE`

      You all still do NOT know what you all stand to benefit from Jody Weis. I lost respect for the Chicago Police Department when they decided to go against everything that Weis stood for becuase they considered him an OUTSIDER! STUPID, STUPID, STUPIID! And a perfect example is to look what he accomplished on the streets on Chicago EVEN WITH EVERYONE who is supposed to SUPPORT HIM did nothing but attempt to make that man’s life miserable and casue him to fail

  • jim

    Bla Bla Bla Tom, The rank and file are never happy-Not enough pay, not enough benefits such as furloughs etc. not enough overtime, not enough cops on the street bla bla bla. Not happy with Weiss, bla, bla, bla.

    Just wait until our new super starts making the tough decisions like getting all the dead beat scammers off the injured reserve to bump the number of cops on the beat-the rank and file will start beefing about him too! I know a cop who banged a thumb while handcuffing someone and that got a nice 4 week break from the streets. Bla bla bla!

  • tom Sharp

    No doubt after an exhausting search for the best and the brightest! And the patronage goes on and on oh oh oh oh…

  • NWA

    How many of us dislike our boss? Let’s see a show of hands. Ok, what’s wrong with that? If we got too gather and stormed our boss’s office with signs that read, “I hate you” and “you go, you go now,” I think she would have punished everyone in the office and fired the ring leaders. C’mon, everyone hates their boss, aren’t we suppose too?


  • Jim

    What a surprise, another layer of government to waste our tax dollars…

  • (Sgt.) John Northen (Ret. CPD)

    WBBM-TV neglected to report that there is incontrovertible evidence that Jody “J-Fled” Weis is a lying COWARD who is despised by the CPD rank-and-file. GOOGLE “COWARD” and “WEIS” for over a million entries.

    Compare his statements on two talk radio shows 11 months apart. April 8, 2010 on “Big John and Amy” (WIND-AM 560) versus March, 2012 on “Roe and Roeper” (WLS-AM 890). In the former, he states he was aware of the (fatal) shooting only 45 seconds away but decided not to respond. In the latter, he denies any knowledge that a shooting even occurred despite the fact that WBBM-TV reporter Kristyn Hartman did the infamous “gotta run” interview on April 2, 2010.

    • Tom

      John=What is the Chicago Crime Commission? Thx.

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