CHICAGO (CBS) — Could White Sox outfielder Carlos Quentin be headed to the Atlanta Braves? Speculation says it’s possible.

The Boston Globe reported Tuesday that the White Sox recently sent assistant general manager and pro scout Dave Yokum to watch Braves pitcher Brandon Beachy, and “we’ll see if there’s any match, and whether the White Sox would ever consider dealing Carlos Quentin.”

CSN Chicago reports right fielder Dayan Viciedo has had a stellar performance record in Triple-A Charlotte, and Quentin could theoretically be traded to make room for him.

The blog said earlier in the season, it might have made sense to trade Juan Pierre or Adam Dunn and bring in Viciedo, but Pierre and Dunn’s performances have both improved as the season has gone on.

Thus, the speculation that Quentin could find himself on the trading block. speculates that the White Sox likely wouldn’t mind eliminating Quentin’s $5 million salary, and a trade for Beachy – and an opportunity to bring in Viciedo – could make it all worth it.

However, FoulBalls says: I think it’s highly more likely that the White Sox would be willing to part with Quentin than the Braves are Beachy at the moment. Yeah, the Braves could use another bat in their lineup to fight for the NL East title or wild card spot, but I’m not sure they’re looking to bring in anybody with a price that high.”

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