Quinn Fighting To Cancel Raises For State Workers

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (CBS) — Gov. Pat Quinn says he will fight to cancel pay raises for nearly 30,000 state workers, and he will go to court, if necessary, to do so.

Quinn says the Illinois General Assembly has not provided enough money to approve the raises, so they cannot be provided.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Dave Dahl reports

But the 2 percent raises are required in the contracts between union workers and state government. The state’s largest public employee union is not happy.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Dave Dahl reports, AFSCME Council 31 is contemplating its next move, which may involve a legal challenge.

The action by the governor, revealed last Friday – the first day of the new fiscal year – at least has united disparate groups against Gov. Pat Quinn.

Calling for changes to the compensation and pension systems, Illinois Policy Institute chief executive officer John Tillman said, “This is not about ideology; this is about mathematics.”

Tillman said making the cut was the right thing to do, and he points out Quinn has now reneged on his word to both the Illinois public – in approving a 2 percentage point income tax increase – and to his employees.

And in trying to weigh the competing arguments that “there’s a written agreement” and “there’s not enough money,” AFSCME Council 31 spokesman Anders Lindall says to consider that the money for the workers’ raise involved amounts to about two cents per $1,000.

  • Citizen of Chicago

    Can we recall or cancel Madigan, Cullerton and Quinn? They lead us for 20 years right into this mess! We need a federal investigation into how they keep getting elected when everyone says they did NOT vote for them! Start cutting some of these social programs and free money to the store front reverands enough is enough already! Everybody has to cut not just the goverment workers pay and pension!

    • My thoughts

      HA..Quinn, drops to his knees faster then Barney Frank in the mens room, once those union boss goons walk in….he’ll try and toss it to boss “hog” madigan but Mr C will make suregov. whimpy will be the fall guy as little lisa dances ito the goverenship ….what a corrupt mess IL. has….

    • KE

      You are absolutely correct! Cust the social programs and free money to all the “special racial groups” — parents who pop out kids need to start being socially and financially responsible. You might WANT to have 11 children — but at &8.50/hour at a part-time job — you CAN NOT AFFORD THEM. The Citizens of Chicago, the State of Illinois and the US citizens are tired of paying to suupport YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES!!! If you WANT 11 children and there is not enough food — TRY NOT EATING! LIFE IS A TRADE OFF!!!

  • AD

    Quinn wants to stop 2% raises for stste workers but increase pay by huge amounts for his own appointed people in his office. Guess they are the only ones that work or deserve increases per Quinn. So sickening.

    • KE

      YOU might want to look again and redo the math with regard to Quinn’s staff and the overall payroll and benefits. You might be surprised how WRONG you are about things. See how much of the staff has been cut and how much more work the fewer workers have had to shoulder due to that “redistribution of work” — and the savings are ENORMOUS once you stop paying the health benefits and pensions for each and every one of those “now gone employees” — the saving are unbelievably HUGE and the work staff is more streamlined in their tasks. Other State Workers, especially the unionized, still have way too much fat do to the unions

  • dennis

    we will soon find out who is running the state, either the unions or the dysfunctional bunch in the state capital.

    • KE

      In Chicago, it is the UNIONS. In the State the POLITICIANS.

  • yea right

    Gov Quinn’s resume in order of importance.

    1: no death penalty
    2: Gay marriage
    3: income tax hike
    4:Dream act
    5: Blame everything on the working people (no raise for you)!!!

    It’s always the working folks.For the last two years retirees on social security were told they have to get bye without raises. No money available. Who got a raise? Welfare and food stamp recipients got a raise both years. Keep voting the way you do my fellow illinoisians. The whole state will be detroit soon

  • AD

    If quinn eleininates 2% raise of 30,000 he can give more $25,000+/- raises to his buddies. Works for Quinn

  • Darlene

    “Gov. Pat Quinn says he will fight to cancel pay raises”

    What a guy!

    Yep, he gave out generous pay increases to his “friends”–one of them is a former news chick. One “friend” got a generous pay increase because that “friend” is doing two jobs merged into one!

    Can’t get rid of the fat cats, they are the ones who contribute the most $$$$ to campaigns.

    And calling us “the everyday people” or whatever he said. How condescending. We’re nothing but the little guys.

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